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Feeling quite bewildered to hear the news today
Seems our fearless leader wants his own parade
Seen with his hand to his head in a military salute
Thinking he is patriotic is a fact we should refute.

It’s all about his ego, his need for accolades
Our veterans cannot benefit from such narcissistic ways
Weekends spent at Mar a Lago, obliviously playing golf
Will not help our country ever get our problems solved.

Does Muller have all he needs, to put this guy in prison?
Can he stop his intent on destroying our proud nation?
Emoluments, nepotism, money laundering and more
I can’t help but wonder, what are we waiting for?

No care, or concern for the plight of the weak
No help, or thought of those who are meek
Giving more to those who obviously need it less
Turning this country into one heartless, brutal mess.

It’s all about him, he’s not thinking of us
If his family can benefit, for him that’s a plus
Healthcare and welfare don’t matter to him
But if it benefits the wealthy, you can count him in.

Will good prevail over evil? I can’t help but have my doubts
Every day it gets worse, I can’t figure it all out
Will we ever recover from the damage that’s been done?
Seems we are in here worrying, while he’s out having fun.

I won’t salute a leader who has no regard for honor
As a veteran myself, his actions I do ponder
I’m shaking my head, trying hard to understand
How in the hell we ever elected this man?


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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