Mindfulness and kindness
My mantra, my guiding light
A spirit to exemplify
Be it day or be it night.

A symbol of enlightenment
Shared and offered true beliefs
Helps to fill the emptiness
And makes my life complete.

My Buddha, just a statue,
Brings me comfort, soothes my mind
Helps to ease my burdens
My lifeā€™s purpose, to be kind.

The water from the fountain
Helps me to relax
The sound so peacefully tranquil
Helps to get my thoughts on track.

I aspire to a mindful lifestyle
To help others in time of need
To plant a garden of kindness
All you need is just one seed.

Just one random act of kindness
A hand to hold onto
Will help to ease the pain that’s felt
By others just like you.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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