via Daily Prompt: Present


It’s time for you to let it go
It’s never going to change
He’s never coming back to you
It’s just more of the same.

The present is eluding you
You’re missing all that’s there
He’s moved on and so should you
He simply doesn’t care.

You’re wasting time and energy
His heart is dark and cold
Stop banging on the same old drum
This story’s getting old.

Wake up, come to your senses
Or life will pass you by
Stand up and be counted
Don’t let him see you cry.

No one wants to hear it
They’ve heard it all before
He walked out and left you
He’s gone, walked out the door.

After all the lies and pain
All that you’ve been through
Don’t let him think he won out
And got the best of you.

Pull yourself together
He’s a lying psychopath
He’s not worth your time and tears
Don’t give him the last laugh.


Image from Google Images: floatinglemons.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “WAKE UP”

  1. So much truth in this one. Beautifully said. I hope that you and many can take your words to heart and move on. Life is to be lived fully, not missing what we cannot have. God does have a plan for all of us and it doesn’t always match ours. 🙂


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