Bunny Rabbits, hard-boiled eggs
Chicks and jelly beans
Filling up my basket
With lots of chocolate creams.

Easter egg hunts at Grandma’s house
My sister and my cousins
We looked under and around everything
All by myself, I found a dozen.

Pictures taken at the mall
I sat on the Bunny’s lap
I asked if he would please take care
And, make sure my eggs weren’t cracked.

Sunday church, my Easter dress
Shoes and purse to match
I even wore an Easter bonnet
And a “Happy Easter” sash.

After church, we had dinner
What an amazing holiday feast
Ham, potatoes, green beans and more
Praying for those who had the least.

Blessings for the soldiers
Who fight for us each day
Blessings for the innocent
That God chose to take away.

Blessings for Firefighters
For EMS and the Police
All of them who risk their lives
To keep us safe, to give us peace.


Image from Google Images: 123greetings.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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