via Daily Prompt: Parallel


When I watch the elite gymnasts on the parallel bars
I marvel at their talent and agility
So much work, so much dedication
Such amazing, strength and versatility.

They start when they are very young, a lifelong ambition
They are committed, focused and driven
Hard to believe, such little ones
Are so fit and incredibly conditioned.

Day to day with total focus, they will go to the gym
No matter what they feel or what they want to do
They continue to strive, with all they have
Hoping their goals and dreams will come true.

Thru disappointment, rejection, and all of the pain
Their concentration’s there for sure
Heartbreaking to know, the grief and the sorrow
That such young children must endure.


Image from Google Images:


YouTube Video
Gabby Douglas

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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