You’ve been taken down so far below
To the dark depths of your pathetic soul
Plaguing you still …after all of these years
You’re left with nowhere to go.

The memories haunting, the sound of her voice
Still echoing inside your mind
You’re given no choice, you can’t escape
Held captive after all of this time.

Her life goes on, untarnished, unharmed
And yet, you’re here still pining away
Living each moment over and over
Thoughts of her sabatogging your day.

What marks the spot, an X or a WHY?
Like a warn out record on the stereo
What gives strength to our weakest desires
What makes you stoop so low?

The object of favor, the lustful desire
So undeserved and so easily misplaced
The charm, the obsession…. nothing more
Than a girl with a pretty face.


Image from Google Images: theonettiencube32.wordpress

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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