Stop pressuring, stop bullying
Back up ….you’re in my way
I’m doing what I want to do
Don’t tell me what to say.

Do what you want, I’m not your clone
Do things all on your own
Stop demanding that I come along
Leave me the hell alone.

Stop blaming me, stop shaming me
You don’t have the right
To belittle and look down on me
To instigate a fight.

You never learn, at it again
Been down this road before
Over and… over and…over again
Always wanting  more.


Photo by Google Images:


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

12 thoughts on “STOP BULLYING ME”

  1. An important message on the importance of setting boundaries and keeping them. Your poetry is beautifully written in rhythm and rhyme while projecting the super crucial meaning. Good job, Patty! ❀

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  2. I just saw this post in Reader and I love it. As a survivor of bullying and advocate for the bullied, I cannot stress the importance of self-care and that’s what setting boundaries is- self-care. We must love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves because if we don’t, who will? Thank you for posting, Patty. And keep setting those boundaries! Blessings!

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