She’s looking for a bad boy
I’ve been down this road before
I’m so tired of being second best
Can’t take it any more.

He doesn’t have a decent job
His car is ten years old
He’s living with his parents
But, he has her heart and soul.

I treat her right… I’m there for her
He’s out drinking with the guys
She’s all alone on Friday nights
She sits at home and cries.

Monday nights … football and beers
Chips, hoagies and hot wings
She merely is an after thought
She’ll never see a ring.

She likes em cool … brash, rude and rough
Who knows the reasons why
She likes to be mistreated
Has no use for a nice guy.

Saturdays … he rocks her world
She hangs out alone with him
She’ll probably get to stay the night
Spend the night in his basement.

Make-up on …. expensive shoes
Nails , hair and a new dress
He’s hanging out in dirty jeans
You know he could care less.

I’ve got a reservation
At a posh, new restaurant
I’d pick her up, I’d take her out
But,  I’m not who she wants.

She’s got her heart ….set on him
He’s got it going on
No job, no real potential
Still she wants to tag along.

In twenty years …. she’ll look back
It won’t do her any good
She’ll recall mistakes she’s made
All the should’a ,  could’a ….. woulds!



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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