Don’t touch me …. if you know for sure
That you’ll be leaving me
Keep your hands to yourself
Don’t do it …. just let me be.

Why’d ya say the things you did?
We were better off as friends
You led me on, you turned on
Knowing full well this would end.

What am I supposed to do
Knowing that I’ve been lied to?
I need to find …. to find a way
To get over losing you.

You already found someone new
Someone that you just met
It didn’t take you very long
How can you just forget?

We had plans to buy a house
I fell in love with you
But, it was all a vicious scam 
I was simply being used.

Don’t touch  me ……  don’t put your hands on me  
For you …. it’s all a game
Don’t think you have a chance in hell 
Of ever seeing me again. 

Don’t call or text…don’t ever try 
To get in touch with me
What we had is over now
Please …. just let me be.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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