All the while that you were here
The signs were there ….. so crystal clear
I should have known …. I should have seen
All that we had ….was just a dream.

Nothing more than make believe
I should have known …. that you would leave
I held on , held on ….way too tight
You held me close …. right thru the night.

Always knew …. it wouldn’t last
Too much too soon ….. too quick too fast
All at once …. so overwhelmed
You walked right in …. straight out of hell.

The perfect smile …. the perfect kiss
I wanted more …. I wanted this
I didn’t care…. I couldn’t see
You had control …. control of me.

The draw , the grip …. the push and pull
You were so slick …. so fucking cool
The way that you …. could make me feel
Wasn’t human….. wasn’t real.

I had to know where this would lead
What you had planned …. to do to me
Down the twisted rabbit hole
I followed blindly …. your cold dark soul.

Beckoned , baited…. drawn  to you
Hard and fast …. what could I do?
Covered in your scent … your charm
About to face a thunderstorm.

All the while …. I should have known
The way you made me …. scream and moan
All the while ….. I did believe
You’d stay with me …. you’d never leave.

A demon wolf … a cold black heart
You came alive …. there in the dark
The rapture that you made me feel
Was just a dream …. it wasn’t real.


Photo from Google Images: shiftart.com


All about the money
Status, fame and wealth
Ignores the COVID VIRUS
Doesn’t care about your health.

Boorish and offensive
When will this madness end?
He can’t be re-elected
Can’t go through this again.

Constant finger pointing
Never taking blame
If he stays in office
Nothing’s going to change.

He’ll brag that…. he ‘s the vey best
No honor, guilt or shame
Lies, deceit and hatred
For him it’s all a game.

A bully and a schemer
A con, a crook, a thief
Nothing that he wouldn’t do
To get you to believe.

That he’s your king …. your savior
Without him …. there’s no wall
He’s got you where he wants you
He wants  to take it all.

He has no class or honor
He’s after all the gold
His heart is made of concrete
He’s vengeful  and he’s cold.

Our country is in peril
He really doesn’t care
He plans to win this race himself
And no …. he won’t play fair.

A dictator …. a wanna be
Inciting hate and rage
A spoiled and  tainted “man child”
Oh what a mess he’s made.


Image from Google Images: redbubble.com


Looky Loo’s will scratch and sniff
They like to look around
They come and go…. they touch and feel
Pick up…. then put things down.

They rarely buy …. there to see
What new items have come in
Walk through the store. …. in and out
They won’t be back again.

They window shop …. check things out
Not there to spend their money
There to fondle …. seek and find
But …. none of this is funny.

Sales are low …. profits down
Customers are needed
Ones that plan to buy something
Not look around …. then beat it.

Violated, used….abused
No serious intentions
Touching all the merchandise
The cause of so much tension.

The rent is due …. trying hard
To make it through the day
Need some paying customers
Not those that walk away.


Photo from Google Images: worldapparelstore.blogspot.com


Don’t take it out on me
Keep it to yourself
I see you’re in a mood
Why don’t you get some help?

I know you’re disappointed
Frustrated …. feeling low
You’re feeling trapped …. encumbered
You can’t get up and go.

Every day’s the same
It feels like “Groundhog Day”
But …. I am not the problem
I’m hardly in your way.

The object of your anger
The focus of your rage
Maybe it’s your heritage
Maybe just your age.

But …. I am tired of feeling bad
Getting the cold shoulder 
Dealing with your highs and lows
I need this to be over.


Photo from Google Images: sustainability.libsyn.com


Beyond the realm of normalcy
We flail in  the abyss
How could we have elected
A president like this?

A nightmare of such magnitude
Beyond my comprehension
Out of control …. out of his mind
He thrives on bold dissension.

Inciting violence …. no remorse
Promoting white supremacy
Refusing to denounce their charge
Cavorting with the enemy.

Vengeful …. cruel and evil
Craving dictatorship
Denouncing …. The Constitution
Lacking skills of tact and leadership.

Exposing us to danger
Doesn’t care about our safety
Deprives us of transparency
Can’t you see that he is crazy?

Wake up …. it’s our democracy
That’s hanging by a thread
How many more will he infect?
200, 000 plus are dead.


Photo from Google Images: canstockphoto.com


Should’a ….spent more time with him
Could’a …..been there more
Would’a ….. if he asked me to
That’s what a daughter’s for.

Hope he didn’t worry
He rarely did complain
He spent each day with my mom
Their routine was the same.

Up ate 8 , breakfast at 9
Their coffee and their toast
Did they know how much I cared?
I loved them both …. the most.

The ambulance, the stretcher
They started an IV
I saw the look in his eyes
I knew he did love me.

Once inside the ER
He was given oxygen
Sent off to the ICU
I stayed right there ….. with him.

Ups and downs, gowns and gloves
They said he’d get well soon
I watched as his status changed
He never left that room.

The should’a , could’a, woulda’s
Are driving me insane
I can’t seem to face the truth
There is no one to blame.

Our destiny …. out of our hands
Decisions from above
I know that he was truly blessed
I know ….  that he was loved.

Now my mom is all alone
I try hard not to to cry
We both feel the pain and loss
So hard to say, goodbye.


Photo from Google Images: holinesstoday.org


No one understands
I don’t know what to do
I feel so lost …. confused
So lonely …. without you.

Every afternoon
We’d sit and drink our coffee
We’d talk about the past
You knew everything about me.

Together for so long
For so many, many years
Now I’m here alone
How I wish that you were here.

I can’t take out the garbage
Pull the weeds or mow the lawn
What am I going to do
Now that you are gone?

The quiet of the house
The stillness in your room
Reminders  you’re not here
You were taken far too soon.

People come and go
Bringing soup and casseroles
Don’t think they understand
What it feels like to be old.

You did the grocery shopping
I did the lighter chores
We were quite a team
I couldn’t ask for more. 

Now I am dependent
I have to ask for help
It’s a humbling experience
Living here …. all by myself.


Photo by Google Images: vecteezy.com


The walls are closing in
Can’t find that inner peace
Can’t see three feet ahead
The forest for the trees.

Giving in to sorrow
Ravished ….. filled with pain
Nothing to look forward to
Nothing left to gain.

Thought you would return
But, I’ve been left behind
Nothing but a memory
You simply changed your mind.

Tried to keep my head up
Believed love would matter more
Than money, fame or status
Those things you’re looking for.

But, here I sit with photos
Trinkets …. treasures from the past
Helplessly remembering
A love that didn’t last.


Photo from Google Images: downtownmorristown.city


Whatever you do ….. don’t call me
I’m trying to forget
Please  don’t try and text me
I’m not over you …. not yet.

Some  books, your shoes, some photographs
Reminders you’re not here
A few things you didn’t take with you
Because you didn’t care.

Lying here on the floor
Helpless ….. paralyzed
No answers to the questions
Still deciphering the lies.

Knowing she’s there with you
You in your t-shirt and ripped jeans
Nothing I said made a difference
You were so cruel …. so freaking mean.

Now that the dust has settled
Knowing how I truly feel
Should I even try to consider
What we once had …. as real?

The ceiling fan above my head
The cool tile against my face
Does it make sense to stay here now?
Should I look for a new place?

Friends? I don’t think so
Not now…. I’d say not ever
You missed the open window
The ties ….. completely severed.


Photo by Google Images: pixabay.com


Can’t fall asleep
He’s at it again
Ranting and raving
Plotting to win.

Every night
Alone …. here with you
I’m wide awake
Don’t know what to do.

No problem for you
Passed out …. sound asleep
I’ve spent the last hour 
Counting black and white sheep.

The chaos within
The fear and concern
He’s talking about staying
Another full term.

He is  the cause
How many are dead?
He is responsible for
The noise in my head.

Won’t wear a mask
Thinks he’s immune
When will this be over
I pray …. very soon.


Photo from Google Images: healthywomen.org