We have a devil in our midst
Devoid of conscience and of shame
Things are far worse than you know
Far worse… than what they seem.

Children taken from their mothers
With no plan for their return
Taken at the border
Their whereabouts… we’ve yet to learn.

Reporters and officials
Senators from different states
Told that they can’t enter
Stopped at the door, stopped at the gate.

What is it they are hiding?
These kids are sleeping on the floor
Locked in cages like animals
Abused, kidnapped and more.

Given foil blankets and a pillow
Considered all they deserve or need
Not holding him accountable
For his ignorance and greed.

Cruel and inhumane
Barbaric and filled with hate
All to foster his agenda
To make America great.

He’s destroying our proud nation
No regard for human rights
A zero tolerance policy
Separates the brown from white.

He’s a racist and a bigot
A narcissistic psychopath
He stands before us smiling
With arms crossed he starts to laugh.

He thinks we’re really stupid
We did elect a big buffoon
But, something needs to happen now
It needs to happen really soon.

We need to save the children
This is a democracy
We’ve got to stop the cruelty
We’ve got to set them free.


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Bias and deception
Stoking hostility
Selective exposure
Staging camaraderie.

Uncaring, unfeeling
The stats speak for themselves
Too many people see no cause
No reason to offer help.

Ignorant and blind
Cruel as molten steel
We’re governed by a man
Who simply doesn’t feel.

On a daily mission
To separate and divide
Lacking family values
So many hateful lies.

Children left, abandoned
Orphaned and brutalized
Taken from their mother’s arms
Condemned and criticized.

He is a heartless psychopath
Values power, lust and greed
Has no regard for human rights
No honor or dignity.

We are living in a country
Devoid of love and shame
Such cruelty and evil
The pride of the “Trump” name.

He’s not slowing down
With Congress in his pocket
They have turned their backs
What can we do to stop it?


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That’s it, just turn and walk away
Pretend that you don’t see
The trauma and the child abuse
The hate and hostility.

Crimes against humanity
Are happening before your eyes
But no one stops the brutality
No one stands up to his lies.

Babies being left alone
The will of a brutal, evil man
Taken from their mother’s arms
I just don’t understand.

Taking children from their parents
Is nothing less than kidnapping
Why are we just standing by
Watching while it’s happening?

Impeach, arrest and imprison
The one responsible for this
Take him into custody
This is my heartfelt wish.

Open your eyes, please take notice
These are crimes against humanity
We are living out a nightmare
Allowing such insanity.

We’ve got to turn this around
Make it end, please make it stop
Please someone do something
Sound the alarm, please call the cops!


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Come and sit right next to me
Put your paw upon my knee
Lay your head in my lap
Please cuddle up with me.

Come and sit with me awhile
I’m tired, we walked a mile
Nothing like unconditional love
To make you want to smile.

Always there with bated breath
Tail wagging, so happy to see me
You greet me at the front door
I feel loved, loved so completely.

When times are rough, I turn to you
To love and comfort me
That sweet look in your eyes
It’s like you know just what I need.

You know my moods, my ups and downs
The good days and the bad
You’re always there right by my side
The best dog I’ve ever had.

When you were just a puppy
The last one of the liter
No one seemed to want you
But I said, “that one, I’ll take her”.

I don’t regret a single day
Of the time we’ve spent together
You’ve made me feel so happy
Guess we’re two birds of a feather.

Come sit with me, I’ll hold you tight
Thru the rain and thunderstorms
I’ll comfort and protect you
Keep you safe, keep you from harm.


Please tell me you will stop him
He is devoid of any emotion
Children taken from their parents
Hearts are being broken.

Babies crying, toddlers screaming
They want to see their mothers
Stripped out of their loving arms
Put in a room with all the others.

Caging children… like animals
Mothers contained and standing trial
Promised they will see their kids
In just a little while.

Reality they are charged and sent back
Back to their homes
They leave behind their children
Who are left here on their own.

Gangs and rapists wait for them
They’re welcomed with open arms
They left their homes because of fear
The fear of being harmed.

Death sentences for those who flee
Who’ve tried to get away
Leaving their children parentless
So trump can get his way.

What has become of human rights?
We are being governed by a demon
Someone please stop this madness
Open your eyes, look up and see him.

See this guy for what he is
A brutal, cruel and evil monster
Capable of taking children
Away from their pleading mothers.

We’ve got to save the children
We’ve got to come together
Reunite them with their mothers
Take care of one another.

Zero tolerance is what he says
I say stop putting up with him
Condoning what he’s doing
Is immoral, it’s a sin.


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Moving ahead
Full speed and full throttle
Don’t lag behind
No reason to dawdle.

Get it together
Pull up those bootstraps
Get into gear
No time for mishaps.

Stop procrastinating
Stop making excuses
Stop all your whining
Stop being a nuisance.

Getting ahead
Being productive
Is more appealing
It’s far more seductive.

Meet up for coffee
It’s time to brainstorm
Come up with a plan
Time to sound the alarm.

No time to be idle
To feel useless and bored
Make the most of your time
That’s what life is for.

Be up and be happy
Devise a new plan
Ignite and inspire
As only you can.

You have a gift
Make the most of the present
Don’t waste a day
Enjoy every second.


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Wringing my hands
Losing my mind
Pounding my fists
Wasting my time.

Losing control
So out of touch
No going back
It’s all just too much.

No words to explain
These feelings inside
You don’t understand
These tears that I cry.

Falling apart
Coming unglued
Nothing to say
To get thru to you.

What is the point?
You don’t really care
You walked away
You’re no longer here.

What do I do?
Now that you’re gone
To get back on track
I’ve gotta move on.

I waited too long
I waited for you
To walk thru that door
But it’s over, we’re thru.

I’ll find my way back
It’s going to take time
I have to accept
That you’re no longer mine.