She must be up to something
There’s a cage outside her door
I didn’t see it, yesterday
What do you think it’s for?

A man came by, he dropped it off
He went inside her house
I saw him through her window
He was sitting on her couch.

The cage door was kept open
The food sitting on our plate
Was now pushed up inside the cage
The man said, “Now, we wait”.

The lady looked quite worried
A sad look upon her face
She looked like she’d been crying
I heard him say, “It’s getting late”!

I watched him get into his truck
His hair was long and grey
He made me feel uneasy
I was glad he drove away.

For just over a week or two
We were fed inside the cage
Wondering why we had to eat
Enclosed, contained that way.

One day, while eating dinner
We heard the cage door close
We were trapped inside this prison
Why this happened, I don’t know.

We were taken to a clinic
They took good care of us
They cleaned us up and treated
All our scratches and our cuts.

TNR, an act of kindness
The reason we were there
Someone took the time to show
That they truly cared.


The crackling sound of thunder
Streaks of lightning in the sky
The rain pounding on the window pane
The dog begins to cry.

She cowers in the corner
She listens to the sounds
Terrified…. she hides her head
The rain keeps coming down.

I try to comfort and console her
But she feels safer on the floor
She doesn’t want to be held
She goes under the bed, when it pours.

I watch her shake and tremble
She looks so pitifully sad
Wish there was something I could do
I feel so incredibly bad.

I call out her name to soothe her
Then calmly and quietly say
“It’s just the rain my little one
Relax, you’ll be okay.”


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Minutes from the guillotine
I wait by the broken gate
Another soul has lost their way
Some choose to call it fate.

Beware the path you follow
Don’t blindly make your way
Don’t believe everything
That someone else might say.

Given all that you’ve been through
You’d think you wouldn’t wonder
Why you’re here, what’s going on…
Why all the rain and thunder?

You don’t have all the answers
There’s more for you to do
To find yourself, to know your place
The work’s cut out for you.

You’re not above the rest of us
There’s more than meets the eye
The inner soul, the heart and mind
Are where the answers lie.


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Raised by wolves, I say
Unable to fit in
Declaring from the mountain top
I never lose, I win.

Proclaiming…I don’t need anyone
I’d rather be alone
I’m cold, I’m curt, I’m ruthless
My heart is made of stone.

Raised by wolves, I say
No gratitude or shame
No remorse or guilt felt here
There’s someone else to blame.

Spare me your advice on life
I’ll figure it out myself
I never look to anyone
I don’t require your help.

Raised by wolves, I say
A stark, cold reality
A world without compassion
A blatant hopeless tragedy.


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Beyond my expectations
Well beyond my grasp
A lingering hesitation
Feelings that won’t last.

A distance… miles between us
So very far away
No remorse, no guilt or shame
It’s always been this way.

You have all the answers
Questions seldom asked
Above all of the rest of us
Who you consider last.

No one dares to get too close
You just might sting or bite
Above the fray and oh so frail
You stay just out of sight.

Raised by wolves, so ignorant
Devoid of couth and manners
Detached, shut down , so withdrawn
You’re all that really matters.

No empathy for others
A lack of true emotion
No use in making small talk
No need for this commotion.

My feelings trite , now cast aside
No use for truth or affection
A tattered, damaged, dark, cold soul
In love with your own reflection.


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Needing to purge
Refresh and anew
Becoming, evolving
What can I do?

Wishing and hoping
I peer through the glass
Fearful obstructions
Will not let me pass.

Way too much clutter
Obscuring my view
Afraid you will see me
What will I do?

Stark naked and cold
Bearing it all
What if I stumble?
What if I fall?

So much to consider
So much to ignore
Too many possessions
Don’t need anymore.

Boxes, containers
Stacked high in a row
Temperature adjustments
Through rain or through snow.

Clinging and grasping
Maintaining my grip
Clothes out of date
They no longer fit.

Just can’t let them go
I have wants, I have needs
I can’t go without
My bracelets, my beads.

I wait in my car
By the front entrance gate
One more storage item
A small wooden crate.

Locked up and secure
I hold the key
A room full of boxes
Belonging to me.


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The gnawing memories
Plaque me at night
They pull and they nag
They sting and they bite.

They continue to haunt me
They won’t let go
I try to escape them
They’re shallow, they’re low.

They appeal to my fears
Attach to my soul
I’ve run out of time
Now, I’m growing old.

The clock has run out
My days in the sun
Have faded, have withered
I’ve been outdone.

No chance to recoup
What I have lost
I knew the risks
I knew the cost.