Down as low, as you can go
You scrape and lick the bottom
Blood and mud drip from your lips
You reel them in, then rob em.

A con, a cheat, a worthless snake
Slithering in one night
With no thought of helping others
No regard for what is right.

You stirred the pot, you fired them up
When no one else was looking
No one thought you stood a chance
But, your evil plan is working.

Sadly some let down their guard
Never dreamed you’d get the votes
But they were wrong, you came on strong
Now, they’ve lost all hope.

A truly illiterate president
Who can barely read or write
Acting out impulsively
Moving further to the right.

Breaking every law we have
From nepotism to emoluments
Obstructing justice in clear sight
Ignoring our legal documents.

Taking children from their mothers
Putting them in cages
Who thought it would ever come to this?
A president… who is a racist.

Love of party over country
A sad and tragic tale
A democratic country
Whose freedom was for sale.


Image from Google Images: snakeowner.com


Always a Savage
Never a swan
You take what you want
Till it’s all gone.

You eat with your fingers
You eat with your hands
You spit and you snort
You don’t give a damn.

You won’t give a penny
To help someone else
You turn your back
On those that need help.

Self centered and cruel
A horrible man
No matter what happens
You won’t lend a hand.

An ogre, a monster
No love in your heart
You live in a hallow
Kept cold and kept dark.

A taker, a thief
A crook in the night
It’s plain and it’s simple
You’d melt in daylight.

Lured to the surface
Tricked and cajoled
Brought into the sunlight
Covered in mold.

You fell to the ground
We watched you bleed
You lost all your power
You fell to your knees.

You slowly melted
Into a mass
Of black tar and acid
That burned all the grass.

The smell and the stench
That filled the air
Permeated your clothes
And, your filthy hair.

Once you were gone
We all celebrated
We are now free
We’ve been liberated.


Image from Google Images: scubasanmateo.com


Can’t let it go
False accusations
The constant challenge
And, all the questions.

The why and how
I didn’t say
The finger pointing
That starts my day.

Always right
You come on strong
To great lengths
To prove me wrong.

Simple things
An interrogation
Turning into

Never wrong
What does it matter?
Who needs all
This angry chatter?

Stop the constant
Urge to fight
Always needing
To be right.

Ain’t it lonely
At the top
Can’t you find
A way to stop?


Image from Google Images: en.wikipedia.org


A show of weakness
The kiss of death
One scent of doubt
They’ll be nothing left.

Stay one step ahead
Or she’ll leave you, too
Don’t be surprised
When she walks out on you.

Boredom sets in
You won’t see it coming
You’ll be blind sided
She’s amazingly cunning.

She’ll leave the room
In mid conversation
She’ll find someone else
She has so little patience.

The dismissive remarks
The hurt and the pain
When she is finished
You’ll feel so ashamed.

There’s no going back
Once she is done
Once you’ve lost your luster
You’re no longer fun.

If she does call
Don’t pick up the phone
Remember she’s cold
Cold to the bone.


Image from Google Images: mirakee.com


You stood there at the doorway
There was nothing more to say
Your heart had just been broken
He was sending you away.

He buttoned up your overcoat
He kissed you goodbye
He said  he’d always love you
Until the day he died.

But, you weren’t as ambitious
As he needed you to be
Your bank account was empty
Too little there …. you see.

He  needed something more than
You could do for him
He was power hungry
Your future ….. rather dim.

You took the elevator
Walked out and hailed a cab
Drove cross town to the west side
Felt dejected and oh so sad.

He called you one  year later
You met for dinner at your place
Should have known just what he wanted
By that look upon his face.

You made love for hours
Then he left you …. like before
Nothing changed , nothing to gain
He walked … right out the door.

Your heart remained broken
It would never …. ever mend
He had no intentions
Of getting back with you, again.

You went up to the rooftop
Walked over to the edge
Three fights up was good enough
You stepped off the ledge.



Pushing thru the dark clouds
Finding your way clear
Finally getting over him
No doubt, no pain or fear.

Years of meditation
Falling to your knees
Prayers for strength and guidance
All you need is to believe.

There is life on earth without him
True love and honesty
He filled your heart with darkness
What a tangled web he weaved.

Devalued, mocked and ridiculed
A master of the game
He played you like a violin
What you felt was guilt and shame.

A scavenger, a con, a thief
Who somehow found his way
Into your mind, into your heart
But, he’s not there to stay.

Picking through the remnants
Broken pieces on the floor
It’s time to let go of memories
It’s time to close the door.


Image from Google Images: fdnysmart.org


Look into the mirror
Comb through your hair
Powder your nose
Decide what to wear.

There are creams for the aging
Gels for your hair
Botox and astringents
Applied if you dare.

Blue painted toe nails
Pink hair just for fun
Lipstick and liners
To wear when you run.

Powders and lotions
Roll on and take off
Special removers
With soft cotton cloths.

Cosmetic bags
Filled to the brim
Doing all that you can
To look good for him.


Image from Google Images: tenor.com