Remembering that first night
The night when we first met
I hung on every single word
Every  single word you said.

The chemistry …. the way I felt
Overwhelmed with lust and passion
Seeing you that first time 
Aroused a strong attraction. 

I would’ve done almost anything
Anything to be with you
I would’ve done almost anything 
Anything you said to do.

Overpowered ….. all consumed
I wasn’t thinking straight
Before I knew it …. you moved in
By then …. it was too late.

It took awhile to realize
I was in over my head
Regretted running into you 
That night…. the night we met.

Love bombed,  seduced and confused
Like a spider in your web
Trapped, tricked and paralyzed
A prisoner in your bed.

It took some  time to see the truth
You weren’t …. who I thought you were
By then you were gone… you left me
Left me to be with her.


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Where does all this hate come from
Deep seeded rage within?
What makes you want to strike … or mame
Commit such mortal  sins?

Boisterous, foul… seething with hate
Stop the madness …. for heaven’s sake
Glassy eyed…. you look  dazed.
Put down your sword … put down that blade.

Storming through our hallowed halls
You think you’re tough, that you’ve got balls?
Carrying sticks and baseball bats
While proudly wearing your MAGA hats.

In cold blood you killed a cop
You and your vicious, twisted mob
Breaking glass, breaking in
Inflicting pain and torturing.

Don’t you know …. there was no hoax?
They counted every ….. single vote.
What’s your problem?…. What the fuck?
Get back in your pick up truck.

What made you think … it was your place
To show up here …. to paint your face?
Did you come here all alone?
Hell no! You need to go back home.

The FBI will make arrests
Before you’re done …. you will confess
You did all this …. to serve trump’s cause
But all you’ve done …. is break the law.

He didn’t march along your side
When things got rough, he said “GoodBye”
He’ll denounce and he’ll deny
He’ll save himself, he’ll cheat and lie.

You went down a rabbit hole
You gave up your heart and soul
You followed blindly…willingly
Now you’re locked up and he walks free.


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I sit and wait each morning 
The path leads  to the beach
I watch you as you walk on by
So close…..yet out of reach.

You’ve never even noticed me
Sitting here upon this bench
A stalker …. a sad voyeur 
Feeling anxious…. feeling tense.

Into the water… off you go 
You swim all by yourself
If you were drowning ….I’d be there  
I’d hear you cry for help.

A shark attack …. can happen fast
One could tear you … limb from limb
Don’t get too close …. be careful
Best to stay away from them.

Your hair is wet …. you’re shivering
You reach for your beach towel
I watch you from a distance 
That’s how it is …. for now.


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Please don’t …. please don’t come over
It won’t help me …. it’s not right
I don’t want to have to see you
Don’t come over here tonight.

All you want to do is fuck me
And I’ll give in …. give into you
Once you start to try and touch me
We both know …. what we will do.

The chemistry between us 
Is so hot ….. so volatile 
You’ll start taking off your clothes
I can’t resist that charming smile.

I’ll say no …. but you won’t listen
You’ll kiss my neck and stroke my hair
You won’t spend the whole night with me
I’ll wake up …. you won’t be there.

You moved on …. I tried to find you
Years had past ….  you went away
It was by chance …. we saw each other
That I ran into you today.

One last kiss …. one night together
Another blow …. to hurt my pride
We both know …. you’ll only use me
We both know…. that you’ll just lie.

Keep your distance …. please don’t call me
No messages…. no  flirty texts
You want one thing from me only
We both know …. you just want sex.

There you have it …. plain as day
At last …. I see through you
I am getting so much better 
And I know what I should do.

Lock the door …. block your number
Pull the shades …. turn off the lights
There’s no way you’re coming over
It’s not happening tonight.


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She comes to the window
I give her some treats
She walks thru the alley
She lives on the street.

She’s soft and she’s fuzzy
She’s strong and she’s lean
A sweet little kitty
Never vicious or mean.

At times she is leary
Always on the alert
Seems very nervous
Doesn’t want to get hurt.

Her life isn’t easy
It’s a jungle out there 
There are bears and coyotes
Who wouldn’t be scared?

I made her a bed
A small wooden box
Ideal for a cat
A dog or a fox.

She sleeps there at night
Guess she calls it “home”
But, I hate to think
Of her out there alone.

Once in awhile
She will come inside
But, if I close the door
She’ll start to cry.

She sits on the couch
Like a beautiful princess
She feels safe enough
I’m so happy she’s with us.


Photo by Angela Galardi.


Who knew when I met her
That she was a con
That she would seduce me
That I’d be love  bombed?

She was so charming
I was tricked and cajoled
Who knew she was toxic.
Evil and cold?

She knew what I wanted
I was taunted and lured
If only I’d known
She was poison… for sure.

The sex and the passion
Clearly unmatched
She set the trap
And I was the catch.

She took what she wanted
Then cast me aside 
Once it was over 
I wept and I cried.

A ghost …. an imposter
A mere fantasy
A mistake …. pure fiction 
A sad tragedy .


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Hey, Baby! What’s been happening?
Where’d ya get that swag?
Hook me up … What’s the link?
That’s one sweet leather bag. 

Where ya been? Was texting ya?
Done copped some kryptonite
Busy later ? I’ll stop by
You be home tonight?

Where ya going? What’s your hurry?
Got no time for friends?
If you got plans to dis me, girl
You better  think again.

I’m your future …. I’m your past
You be thinking who you are?
You ain’t going nowhere, baby
Till I check out that scar.

Who did your tat? Looks good on  you 
I like that one the best
The way the snake curls round your arm
Then ends up on your chest.

That’s my girl!  Always thinking
I’ll see ya later on
Come on boys …. light her up
Let’s try out that new bong. 


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No safety net
Nothing’s for sure
No remedy here
No potion …. or cure.

Another encounter
Someone you just met
She made you blink
So quick to forget.

Nights in her arms
Kisses and hugs
Now the mere mention
Elicits a shrug.

A change of the guard
A new shiny face
Someone much younger
Is taking my place.

The pronouns might change
From “Honey” to “Babe”
How long can she last 
Before there are waves?

I give it six months 
Maybe a year
She’ll tell me …. it’s over
While sobbing …. in tears.

I’ll comfort …. cajole her
She’ll beg me to stay
Though I will be tempted
I’ll send her away.


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Broken glass
Broken hearts
Fractured skulls
No remorse.

Battered …. pulled 
Shoved and stomped
Crushing blows
Are what they want.

Filled with hate
Rage and fury
No regard 
For judge or jury.

Seething… grieving
Pumped … empowered

Lulled into
A false agenda
Fueled …. sustained
Will not surrender.

Cults and clubs
Will have its members
When it’s over
We’ll remember.

Who was there?
Who held the knife?
Who pulled the trigger?
Who led the fight?

Blood was spilled
Seeped and splattered
Those still standing
Know what matters.

Under arrest 
Told to stop
Cease and desist.

From within
Can never happen 
Here again.


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Just a habit … a routine
Guess you  needed something more
Someone new had caught your eye
You were  restless …. you were bored. 

I felt you pull away
Knew you were pretending
You were hardly ever there
I knew that things were ending.

You had met her on the train
Several weeks had passed since then
There was just no going back 
The two of you had become friends.

When she looked into your eyes
Guess you knew she was “the one”
I could tell something was wrong
When we both …. stopped having fun.

Everything I had with you
Was meant for someone else
Your smile… your touch…your tenderness 
The things that I once felt.

So hard to let you go
To watch you walk away
I’d do most anything….
Anything  ….  to make you stay. 


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