Saw you at the club
Watched you from afar
You were with your friends
I sat alone at the bar.

Was pounding down the shots
Trying hard to forget
Needing to move on
Not over you, not yet.

I can barely stand
Stand the thought of you
Thinking about you with her
Nothing I can do.


I’ve got to, got to, got to
Forget about you.

I’ve got , got to, got to
Get over you.

Late nights in your bed
That look in your eyes
All the things you said
Were nothing but lies.

Wanted you to call me
Kept waiting for your text
Guess I’m being ghosted
No calls or messages.

The music playing in my head
Playing all night long
Constantly reminds me
I hate that fucking song.

Still pounding down the shots
Trying to forget
Needing to move on
Not over you, not yet.


I’ve got to, got to, got to
Forget about you.

I’ve got to, got to, got to
Get over you.

Got to forget you, girl…… forget you, girl.


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Portrait of you ….tattooed on my arm
Your name across my chest
Thought that you were different
So different than the rest.

Tried to wipe the memories
Away with alcohol
Still looking at my cell phone
Still hoping you might call.

Inscribed in ink …. so permanent
Never thought you’d ever leave
Hung on every single word
Made myself believe.

All the lies …. the promises
A ruse …. the perfect scam
You plotted every move you made
From the start … you had a plan.

Maneuvers …. strategic …. oh so smooth
You’ve done this all before
You took all that you wanted
Then walked right out the door.

Left me with the perfect scar
Your face …. your name in ink
Overwhelmed, enchanted
I had no time to think.

Evil …. yet so beautiful
A nightmare in plain sight
A goddess in the mirror
Haunts me every night.

MY DAD … Chief Petty Officer

My father’s life wasn’t easy
He had worked as a small, young boy
Bringing home milk and vegetables
No time for children’s toys.

He was only seven years old
When he started working at the church
Exchanging his toil for pennies then
He never shied away from work.

One of many children
Did his best to help provide
Never complaining about his life
Not one to whine or cry.

As a young man he joined the Navy
With goals yet to achieve
Learned as much as he could
Never doubting his beliefs.

The war took him far away from home
It was a sad day when he was captured
The Japanese had attacked Corregidor
His leg now badly fractured.

They kept him in a prison camp
Fed rice, seaweed and tea.
No sugar, cream, or fancy cups
No thoughts of being freed.

He saw his share of horrors
Worked hard day after day
Three years held in captivity
His life slipping slowly away.

When the war was finally over
Those captured were set free
Thankfully my dad…. still alive
Had been sent back home to me.

My dad, my inspiration
Never bitter, never sad
Always optimistic
Always grateful, always glad.

He exchanged cards and letters
With a guard he’d met long ago
The man who held him captive
He had actually gotten to know.

They wrote to one another
Sent letters, gifts and cards
My father never held a grudge
Though he was badly scarred.

A bonze star and a purple heart
Among the many of his medals
He really was one of a kind, you see
My dad was someone special.


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You’re a mystery …. an  illusion
A dream …. a mere mirage
A figment of my imagination
A photo in my collage.

Picture perfect image
No blemishes or marks
You come alive at midnight
Best encountered in the dark.

Mesmerized …. enchanted
By your voice …. your touch ….. your charm
No need to be persuaded
No need to twist my arm.

Welcomed to your chamber
Your den …. your cave …. abode
Down beneath the surface
Where the air is clear …. but cold.

You wrap your arms around me
My heart begins to race
I can see that you are smiling
I can see your pretty face.

We are there for hours
Time suspended …. standing still
Doesn’t feel like we will ever leave
I don’t believe we ever will.

But, I awake to find the sun is up
Alone …. now in my bed
I recall the night together
Everything that you had said.

A memory…. a recollection
A dream I had …. came true
We spent the night together
I was at last …. alone with you.


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He’ll claw … he’ll bite … he’ll scratch
He won’t take this lying down
Won’t give up his evil plan
Won’t give up his golden crown.

His militia’s standing by
They’re prepared to hit the streets
They’ll be unrest and chaos 
As he sits alone and tweets.

They’ll show up …. prepared for battle
Spouting violence …. rage ….unrest
They’ll be no peaceful stand down
They will do just what he says.

He has threatened and foretold
He’s not planning to concede
He has nowhere left to go
There is no chance ….. he will leave.

A prison cell awaits
After all is said and done
If he loses to Joe Biden
If at last the race is won.

Hopefully …. once he’s imprisoned
We can try to just move on
Forget the past four years
Rejoice…. once he is gone.


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No carbs, no fats
No juice with that
No  chips, no dips
No creams or snacks.

What’s all this?
No fun for me
No cakes, no pie
No sweet candy?

Tired of waiting
So few results
Been at this now
For months and months.

Five pounds up
Five pounds down
Enough to cause
A full breakdown.

What to do?
What to say?
The weight I carry
Won’t fade away.

It’s stuck on me
Like glue, like paste
What’s left to do
What will it take?

Guess …. I’ll keep trying
That’s what I’ll do.


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Happy, Happy Halloween
To scary ghouls, who make us scream!
With terrifying sights and sounds.
Such horror lurks, below the ground.

Arise, prepare to shock and scare
The unsuspecting, if they dare
To walk alone from door to door
To beg for candy, treats and more.

The witches wait, beneath the moon
For kiddies who will pass by soon
The cauldron bubbles, the night is young
All Hallow’s Eve has now begun.

Looking for the perfect treat
A small one passes on the street
The smell of candy’s in the air
A traveler yes…. without a care.

Snatch him up, don’t let him go!
The moon shines bright, on those below
The ambers burn, so hot the cauldron
So sweet the flavor…. of little children!

A thankless boy, you best be not
For fear, you’ll end up in the pot!
A little boy makes, such fine cuisine
For goblins, freaks and other fiends!

Best to learn, to stay in groups
Don’t wonder off, your neighbor’s stoop
Say “thank you”, when a treat is given
By the dead, or those still living.


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Left alone …. stranded here
Knowing you no longer care
Hard to face the bitter truth
That I lost… yes, I lost you.

Been betrayed …. hurt and maimed
It was you …. who was to blame.
Never thought …. to be afraid
Of that sharp, steel …. cold, thin blade.

Yielded … held up to my throat
Not so funny …. not so dope
How’d I get there …. get there from here
None of this was ever clear.

I believed …. I trusted you
Never dreamed what you would do
Under pressure …. without air
Feeling lost …. feeling scared.

No not you …. it couldn’t be
The one who’d go …. walk out on me
Been  misled …. walked into this
It all started …. with a kiss.

All along…. all the while
Convinced …. bewitched by your sweet smile
Beckoned, charmed, tricked and cajoled
I gave up …. my heart and soul.

Still can’t believe …it could be you
Who’d walk out …. who’d say we’re through
Never thought you’d be the one
Who’d say it’s over …. who’d point the gun.  

One through the chest 
One through the heart
I should have known
Right from the start.

Blindsided … fooled …. coerced by love
I thought we had …. had just enough.
Pick your poison …. drug of choice
Enamored with your words …. your voice

All at once …. the lack of reason 
So satisfying …. so damn right pleasing.
Unsuspecting …. without warning
So attractive …. so disarming

You were here
Then you were gone
It didn’t last
For very long.


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He’s moved on
No need for closure
No reason left …. to give
It’s over.

A host of questions
Old emotions
Loss ….disinterest
Failed devotion.

The strain endures
Keeps coming through
Knows no limit
When he’s with you.

So cold and frigid
Blind and weak
So much you want
To say …. to speak

But not enough
Was just too much
It can’t be real
It can’t be love.

A Wolf
A snake
An evil demon
How could I not
Just once …. have seen them?

The innocence
The pain
The shame
The constant need
To hurt ….. to blame.

So insecure
Consumed with doubt
No wonder …. that he left
Walked out.


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It’s done ….. he’s walked away
He’s not going to reconsider
They seldom ever do
He’s already gone …. he’s with her.

Don’t waste his time or yours
Can’t you see that he’s moved on?
There’s no point in sitting there
Sadly waiting by the phone.

Stop punishing yourself
It doesn’t really matter
What the reasons are
When your heart is crushed and shattered.

Don’t stay awake at night
Tell yourself that you need closure
He’s not interested in you
He’s not planning to come over.

You have questions left unanswered?
No one cares about the reasons 
The outcome is the same
They won’t stop the wound from bleeding.

You think that he’s ….”the one”
But that simply isn’t true 
There’s something more that’s out there
Waiting there for you.

If it was meant to be
He’d be there with you
Don’t wait around and wonder 
What he’s thinking …what he’ll do.

Looking for a way
Hoping he might change his mind 
Is nothing less than tragic
A complete …. waste of your time.


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