Splatter on the pavement
A life comes to an end
No safety net, no pleas for help
No chance to start again.

Too much, too many struggles
No one to talk you down
Emptiness and heartache
Is all you’ve ever found.

Looking for the answers
No bullets in your gun
Sent you to the rooftop
You have nowhere to run.

The ledge barely a foot wide
Enough to step onto
Ten floors above the street lights
No one is there for you.

Nothing’s really worth it
Tired of knocking on the door
No one there to answer
Time to settle up the score.

The wind blows, the current’s strong
You wave and flail about
Too tired, too much to deal with
You wanted a way out.


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You spiral down a dark black hole
No one can pull you thru
Nagging thoughts of worthlessness
Slowly destroying you.

The memories that plague your mind
Repeating endlessly
You can’t stop the noise, the pain
You long to be set free.

Let go, move on, he’s been and gone
He’s long forgotten you
You’re foolishly remembering
A nightmare you lived thru.

The chains that bind have pulled apart
They’ve weakened over time
Wake up, don’t let him in your head
It’s time to clear your mind.


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The music stopped, you looked around
You found yourself alone
No hand to hold, no one there
Your heart chilled to the bone.

Left in shock, hard to believe
Your world’s come to an end
An unexpected change of plans
No chance to start again.

Promises and plans were made
Now crumbled, turned to dust
Empty words now echoing
Were meant to gain your trust.

Out of the blue, no warning signs
A simple change of heart
Found someone else more interesting
Your world’s now torn apart.

Too much , too soon …you didn’t know
She came on to you…. so strong
A whirlwind and a thunderbolt
She played you all along.

She mirrored every fantasy
Could satisfy your needs
Then cut your throat, while you slept
Stood there and watched you bleed.


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Hosted by Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda
Today’s prompt: Use the words “dangerous thoughts” in a piece of poetry or prose.

Dangerous thoughts
Plaguing your mind
Insidious lust
Consumes you each time.

Each time you are with him
You lose all control
The depth of desire
To do as you’re  told.

Overcome with emotion
The longing persists
His lips touching yours
You just can’t resist.

The pain and the torment
The want and the needs
Before it’s all over
You’ll be on your knees.

It’s not about love
All he wants is control
He’s after much more
He’s come for your soul.


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Don’t leave me, just yet
You know, I’m not ready
I watch on the monitor
Your heart beats…. unsteady. 

Out on a limb
Afraid and alone
Don’t go, I’ll be lost
Can’t find my way home.

My hand held in yours
As a frightened young girl
You were my everything
You are still my world.

No one there to love me
No one left to care
No one will protect me
When you’re no longer there.

All my mistakes
Some big and some small
You cast them aside
You’ve forgiven them all.

It won’t be easy
When you are gone
I’ll sit in the garden
Remembering, our song.

I’ll hear the music
Listen to the words
Look at the flowers
Watch the hummingbirds.

I’ll wear your cap
It matches my skirt
The one that I wear
With your favorite shirt.

Flooded in memories
The years spent together
Don’t want to let go
And lose you forever.

So just, give me a moment
A minute or two
Just need to tell you
That….I’ll always love you.


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Brace yourself for impact
She’ll soon be coming back
No exit plan or rescue
A savaged planned attack.

A blatant confrontation
Onslaught of cold abuse
Callous lies and torment
That are heading straight for you.

On missile lock, you’re in her sights
No chance to break the spell
Before she’s done, she’ll turn your world
Into a living hell.

Raise your shields for incoming
Do everything you can
Diversionary tactics
Should be ….part of your plan.

Pick up speed, full throttle
Bank left and to the right
Bob and weave, in and out
Grab hold and hang on tight.


Image from Google Images: F-16 FALCON. IMAGE SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES.


A splatter on the pavement
Abstract with shades of blue
My heart engulfed with feelings
Though nothing I can do.

Time passes in an instant
The noise inside my head
Echoes in a chamber
The things you once had said.

Believing every promise
No intention to fulfill
Left alone, bewildered
A loss of faith and will.

A random chance encounter
A glimpse at what could be
The threads in close alignment
Two ships collide at sea.

The smoldering of ashes
The last remnant left behind
You start anew recharged and free
Could I have been so blind?

No looking back for answers
Forgotten, you’ve moved on
No need for painful closure
Replaying what went wrong.

A picture perfect portrait
Enclosed by shards of glass
A feral, cold reminder
Of love that didn’t last.


Image from Google Images: reuetrsinstitute.po0litics.ox.ac.uk