Meatball sliders
Parmesan cheese
Olives and crackers
Whatever you need.

Fried chicken tenders
Salad galore
Who made the pickles?
Are there anymore?

A potluck party
Friends gather  around
Check out the desserts
You won’t gain a pound.

Wine, soda or water
Juice freshly squeezed
What else could you ask for?
What else could you need?


Image from Google Images:  unitybuffalo.org




Marooned and sadly forsaken
Abandoned after the storm
There were reasons for hesitation
There were signs, you were told, you were warned.

Take heed, pay attention, take cover
You’ve got to learn to protect yourself
Don’t give in to the pain and the suffering
Reach out, find a way to get help.

Everywhere that you go, there are memories
The love that you had didn’t last
Your mistakes and all of your choices
Are nothing more than a part of your past.

It’s time to erase all the sadness
Forget everything you’ve been through
Get up and get over the heartache
Start over, find a way,  start anew.

You need to let go of the longing
Things will never be the same, again
Let go of the feelings of sorrow
It’s over, it’s done, it’s the end.

A  cold and manipulative opportunist
Trolling for the next one in line
Easily and innocently overtaken
It’s was simply a matter of time.

A victim, innocent and unsuspecting
You were convenient, such easy prey
You fell hard , you succumbed to the madness
Forget that it happened, find a way.

There’s  nothing left to hold onto
Conveniently she packed up and moved on
Face the fact  that it’s over, forget it
Though it’s tragic, be thankful she’s gone.


Across the courtyard
Thru the sliding glass
I watch you at night
As you walk passed.

No curtains to draw
No shades to be closed
I can’t help myself
I should, yes… I know.

Can’t look away
Like a voyeur
I can’t help myself
I stand and stare.

Your hair somewhat long
You look handsome and  lean
I watch you do yoga
You have your routine.

You come home from work
Take off your tie
Your suit jacket in hand
You disappear from sight.

30 minutes or  later
You appear once again
You roll out at your mat
Your meditation begins.

Your kitchen in view
You start to prepare
Your dinner is made
Meticulously with care.

With wine glass in hand
Once dinner is through
You pick up your book
Every night, it’s what you do.

You read for awhile
You’re  there on your own
No girlfriend or  pets
You live all alone.

At just before ten
The lights are turned off
I imagine you sleeping
In your bed, in your loft.


Image from Google Images:  paradiceuk.co






Step back, stay away
Please leave me alone
I can’t bear to listen
I want to be left alone.

The lies,  the excuses
They’re  too much anymore
I’m tired and I’m weary
What are you here for?

Walk away from my doorway
Get back in your car
You aren’t welcome here
You pushed things too far.

Nothing left to make sense of
No need to explain
Your story’s been told
Heard it time and again.

Just back up, turn the corner
Please be on your way
There’s nothing more for you here
There’s nothing more left  to say.

No vendettas or ill wishes
Just wiping the slate clean
Tending to my heartache
No further need to intervene.


Image from Google Images:  independent.co.uk


Brutal and vicious
The harm we inflict
Callous and cruel
We lay it on thick.

The smiles and the grins
When someone is suffering
We’ve mastered the tools
There is no recovering.

With deadly force
And a battery ramp
We slam it on home
Lick the final stamp.

What causes the chaos?
What promotes the fear?
How could we  ignore you,
Ignore all your tears?

Heartless and cold
Knocked to the ground
Stepped over, stepped on
We’ll push you right down.

No kindness or love
We’ve learned to hate
We build our walls high
To make America great.



Image from Google Images:  reuters.com


The howling wind
The blanketing snow
Impassable roads
With nowhere to go.

The blazing fire
The crimson glow
The warmth of coffee
The drifts below.

Nature’s storm
Fierce and cold
The lake now frozen
The storm so bold.

Nary a traveler
Sets out alone
To battle the winds
For they’re safer at home.

The animals unseen
Now huddled together
No chance you will find
Any out in this weather.

Through the night
We’ll hear the wind
The storm now passed
The day will begin.

Chipmunks will scurry
Squirrels run about
On top of the snow
Their chartered route.

The deer now brazen
Looking for berries
Those ice covered morsels
In snow still are buried.

The ice on the branches
Weighs heavy with snow
They glisten and sparkle
As the wind gently blows.


Image from Google Images:  leowefowa    amazon.com


A bonus, a discount
Is not meant for you
They’re given to the rich
Who are never past due.

No rights and no cuts
No benefits in kind
Nothing gets shared
To those left behind.

Paycheck to paycheck
At minimum wage
No chance to break even
Not a cent left to save.

Where is the incentive?
You muddle along
You work 40  hours
Your struggle prolonged.

The rich get richer
The poor left behind
The middle class flounder
Still waiting in line.


Image from Google Images:  starfm.com