When was the moment
When you stopped caring?
No premonition, no income warning
Strange, you simply slipped away
Nothing left, nothing to say.

Cold as ice
Now out of reach
Should have left a note or sign
Had no idea, we were through
Didn’t know… you changed your mind.

Empty now
Plans shattered, turned to dust
Guess love’s more than I thought it was
More than red wine, and lust.

Now disregarded
Had to get out of your way
Couldn’t find just one good reason
Not even one…. to make you stay.


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Crushed, obsessed
No getting over you
Flood gates breached
Out of control
Nothing I can do.

Out of my mind
Sick and tired
Heart shattered, black and blue
Tired of wanting what we had
Tired of missing you.

Can’t let go
Holding on
No rhyme or reason there
Empty drawers and promises
That cold and callous stare.

Ice and stone
Lust and fire
Brought me to my knees
Never thought you’d walk away
Never thought you’d leave.


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Been and gone, let her go
She’s not coming back
Stop waiting for a call or text
Calm down, chill out, relax

There’s nothing you can say or do
No magic wand or potion
No pleading words, or promises
That door’s been locked, won’t open.

No matter what you try to do
Won’t ever be the same.
No chains that bind, could hold her back
She’s never going to change.

On the prowl, then and now
In search of someone new
The sparkle once delighting her
No longer found in you.

A broken heart, a hit and run
Shards lying on the floor
She never shed a single tear
Just walked right out the door.


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Splatter on the pavement
It all comes to an end
No safety net, no pleas for help
No chance to start again.

There’s just too much to deal with
No one to talk you down
Emptiness and heartache
Is all you’ve ever found.

Looking for the answers
No bullets in your gun
Sent you to the rooftop
You have nowhere to run.

The ledge barely a foot wide
Enough to step onto
Ten floors above the street lights
No one is there for you.

Nothing’s really worth it
Tired of knocking on the door
No one there to answer
Time to settle up the score.

The wind blows, the current’s strong
You wave and flail about
One step away from madness
You wanted a way out.


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You spiral down a dark black hole
No one can pull you thru
Nagging thoughts of worthlessness
Slowly destroying you.

The memories that plague your mind
Repeating endlessly
You can’t stop the noise, the pain
You long to be set free.

Let go, move on, she’s been and gone
She’s long forgotten you
You’re foolishly remembering
A nightmare you lived thru.

The chains that bind have pulled apart
They’ve weakened over time
Wake up, don’t let her in your head
It’s time to clear your mind.


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The music stopped, you looked around
You found yourself alone
No hand to hold, no one there
Your heart chilled to the bone.

Left in shock, hard to believe
Your world’s come to an end
An unexpected change of plans
No chance to start again.

Promises and plans were made
Now crumbled, turned to dust
Empty words now echoing
Were meant to gain your trust.

Out of the blue, no warning signs
A simple change of heart
Found someone else more interesting
Your world’s now torn apart.

Too much , too soon …you didn’t know
She came on to you…. so strong
A whirlwind and a thunderbolt
She played you all along.

She mirrored every fantasy
Could satisfy your needs
Then cut your throat, while you slept
Stood there and watched you bleed.


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Hosted by Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda
Today’s prompt: Use the words “dangerous thoughts” in a piece of poetry or prose.

Dangerous thoughts
Plaguing your mind
Insidious lust
Consumes you each time.

Each time you are with her
You lose all control
The depth of desire
To do as you’re told.

Overcome with emotion
The longing persists
Her lips touching yours
You just can’t resist.

The pain and the torment
The want and the needs
Before it’s all over
You’re down on your knees.

It’s not about love
All she wants is control
She’s after much more
She’s come for your soul.


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