A meager salary
Is all she received
For dusting, for scrubbing
And keeping things clean.

A scrub brush, a vacuum
Her tools of the trade
She dressed all in white
They called her, “The Maid”.

She carried a tote bag
Filled with old rags
She cleaned out their toilets
Their closets and bags.

She organized books, pencils and pens
Scrubbing the floors, the walls in the den
She did all the dishes, the pots and the spoons
Prepared lunch for two, everyday before noon.

Croissants and crumpets, two cups of tea
She served them their snack, precisely at three.
She rarely spoke, and was never heard
She kept to herself, never uttered a word.

At the end of the day, she headed for home
She lived by herself, she was always alone.
With Christmas approaching, she baked everyday
Wrapped all of their presents, for their holiday.

On Christmas Day, she served them smoked turkey
Stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy
While they opened their gifts , she cleaned up the kitchen
No one thought of her, not once was she mentioned.

Maybe she might, want to sit for awhile
Stop what she’s doing, before cleaning the tiles
Share just a bit of holiday cheer
With the people she cared for… each day through the year.

But no presents for her, no Christmas blessings
Just more of the same, she cleaned up their messes.
No Christmas bonus, no extra fare
Nothing was done, to show that they cared.


A CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY …reblog 12/15/17

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Gum drops and cookies
Hot chocolate and snow
Sprinkles and icing
Fun places to go.

Sledding and sitting
On Santa Claus’ lap
Wearing my snowsuit
My gloves and my cap.

Finding a tree
At least, six feet tall
Tying it up
On top of dad’s car.

Watching the snowflakes
Fall from the sky
The moon and the stars
The night passing by.

Rudolph and Santa
Know, where I live
I hope they’ll bring toys
And, my sister’s new crib.

My brother wants crayons
An X Box and shoes
I’d like an I pad
For just me, to use.

Decorations are up
We spent the day skating
Now, I watch from the window
Might fall asleep waiting.

Hoping, Santa’s big sleigh
Can land on our roof
And, remembers my brother said
“Shoes” and not boots.

So many children
Such a long list
I wish I could see him
If only a glimpse.

Rudolph’s my favorite
I watch in the sky
For a small red ball
Before, closing my eyes.

His nose is so bright
He’ll lead the way
You can see them flying
You might hear their sleigh.

Jingle bells ringing
Spreading good cheer
When you hear, “ Ho Ho Ho”
You’ll know, they are near.


GUM DROPS & COOKIES…. reblog. 12/24/17.

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Holidays bring sadness
Thoughts of love that didn’t last
Missing those that are gone
Memories of the past.

Putting up the Christmas lights
Thoughts of holly, and Christmas trees
Listening to Christmas Carols
Wishing you were here with me.

The Christmas melancholy
Pervades the holidays
Wishing to change my mood
My thoughts, so dark and  grey.

Happiness is a state of mind
It’s time to start anew
You wouldn’t want me sitting here
Crying over you.

The Lionels still inside their box
I don’t know what to do
Losing you ….so hard for me
I sit here sad and blue.

It’s time to resurrect the train
Get the cars back on the tracks
They might be a little rusty
May need some oil and wax.

I’ll pour some sweet hot chocolate
Add a marshmallow and candy cane
I’ll start feeling better
Though things will never be the same.

A new day, a new chapter
The smell of peppermint and pine
Let’s make some Christmas cookies
Let’s be happy, it’s Christmastime.


CHRISTMASTIME….Reblog, 12/16/18.

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Forgive, forget
Try to move on
What was once
Now is long gone.

Love you knew
Love you had
Has slipped away
Stop feeling sad.

Don’t waste feeling
Lost and Lonely
On someone cruel
That you once told me.

Left without
A single thought
Of what you felt
So down, so lost.

Years spent pining
Longing for
Someone who walked
Right out the door.

You deserve
So much more
Life is short
Stop waiting for.

A change of heart
From someone who
Turned their back
Who turned on you.

Stop obsessing
Stop the madness
Fill your life
With love, with kindness.


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Don’t take for granted
The comfort of love
The feelings of safety
Blessings from above.

Time passes quickly
Before it’s too late
Savior the moments
There’s no time to waste.

Take walks together
Reach out for her hand
Be patient, be kind
Try to understand.

Life is brief
When you least expect it
Everything you need
So sadly… neglected.

It doesn’t take much
In a blink of an eye
She’ll be walking away
She’ll be saying, Good Bye.

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Spiraling down
Into a dark place
Too deep and too cold
I can’t see your face

Too soon, too abrupt
To be taken from me
I can’t stop the tears
Too hard to believe.

You stood there alone
So vital, so strong
What happened? Please tell me
What could have gone wrong? 

Life can be brief
So fragile, so cold
Before you can blink
You’ve lost all control.

The days come and go
The nights linger on
No sleep to be found
Since you have been gone.

Looking for hope
A reason, a sign
They say it will come
Just give it some time.


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Santa’s sleigh
Reindeer and snow
Rooftops and toys
All ready to go.

Twinkling stars
Fill up the sky
A sense of wonderment
Seen in their eyes.

They sit by the window
They look up above
A glimpse of his sleigh
Would be just enough.

Closing their eyes
Falling asleep
He will be there
Though snow is waist deep.

Under the covers
Snuggled up tight
The children await
His visit tonight.

Down through the chimney
Or through the front door
He remembers each one
That’s what he’s there for.

Under the tree
He leaves gifts and toys
All for the children
For good girls and boys.

A long winter’s night
So much to do
So many presents
Maybe….some for you.


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