The ball’s set in motion
It’s out  of your hands
The train’s left the station
You’ve done all you can.

Step back from the table
Relinquish, concede
There’s more to consider
To want or to need.

Be grateful, be happy
It could have been worse
It could’a been you
Who’s blamed or is cursed.

So much misfortune
The shame of it all
Unsteady, unbalanced
With no one to call.

Easily cornered
Baffled, alone
No one to turn to
There’s no one at home.

Mundane and idle
Without hope or desire
Standing in place
Neither loved  or admired.


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They put me in handcuffs
They walked me outside
We both know what happened
We both know you lied.

Don’t stand in the doorway
With that shit eating grin
We’ve been down this driveway
Again and again.

Wading through promises
Both empty and cold
How many times
Have you cheated or stole?

Not one for theatrics
The drama, the scene
The final 3rd act
A nightmare, a dream.

Don’t pull down the curtain
To cover my eyes
No way you can frame this
It’s nothing but lies.

The dust has been settled
The cloud of black smoke
Has forced me to realize
There’s simply no hope.

Don’t think you can spin this
Don’t even try
I’m telling you now
This is…. goodbye.

They put me in handcuffs
They walked me outside
We both know the reason
We both know you lied.


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I begged you to stop
I couldn’t say no
I urged you, I pleaded
I told you to go.

My heart began pounding
Ignited, enflamed
Once in the moment
Unbridled, untamed.

Consumed with desire
Over come with emotion
A bitter sweet taste
A salty, rich potion.

Now out of control
Too hot, way too much
My heart is on fire
It’s more than a crush.

No stopping the motion
The rhythm, the lust
There on the brink
Too much….not enough.


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Thrown under the bus
Displaced, out of view
Left holding the bag
Now forgotten, confused.

You washed your hands
Now free of me
Relinquished, expelled
So ingeniously.

Easily dumped
Dropped off and forsaken
Just a mistake
You were sorry for making.

Discarded, abandoned
You walked away
No parting words
Nothing more left to say.

My eyes filled with tears
A lump in my throat
No second thoughts
You reached for your coat.

So easy for you
You simply moved on
Never looked back
You left, you were gone.


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I’m not coming back
Ain’t gonna happen
Getting my stuff
Already done packing.

Taking it all
Won’t change my mind
Nothing you say
Gonna stop me this time.

Found you a girl
Better than me… good!
She’ll make your breakfast
She’ll brew your tea.

Hope that she listens
And doesn’t talk back
When you’re in a rage
And, she’s under attack.

Somebody to blame
To boss and control
Someone to cower
And, do what she’s  told.

A chronic abuser
A bully, a scold
So cruel and vindictive
So heartless, so cold.


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In the end, you cut me off
Then blamed it  all on me
That’s your M.O. …. cold as ice
As cruel as you can be.

It’s not enough to make me cry
You mix fire with gasoline
No way that I could make you stop
You want to hear me scream.

Trying hard to satisfy
But, there’s  no pleasing you
One remark too many
And, who knows what you might do.

Walking through a mine field
I’ve got to watch my step
The slightest provocation
Ends in punishment, regret.

Why the need to hurt me
The heartless condemnation
Needing to feel above me
The need for validation?

You shut me down,  you silence me
Close off your heart and mind
Like sand inside the hour glass
We’re running out of time.

Shutting off from family
There’s no getting through to you
You’ve built a wall between us
There’s nothing I can do.


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Pounding in my chest
The beating of my heart
Begging you, please don’t go
Don’t tear us both apart.

Hold me close, don’t let go
I’m drowning, can’t you see?
Pull me out, don’t pull away
You gotta rescue me.

The savage accusations
The total lack of trust
What the hell has happened?
What’s wrong with both of us?

Flailing underwater
Can’t breathe, can’t catch my breath
Something’s there, I know it is
I know there’s something left.

Try to find a reason
A reason to break through
Pull me up, don’t turn away
Can’t make it without you.


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How about a cup of coffee?
Let’s meet at the cafe
Guess it’s time, we need to talk
Can we meet up today?

Both know this isn’t working
What we’ve got going on
You’ve become so distant
I can feel it, something’s wrong.

Working all the overtime
The late night calls and texts
Waiting for you to say something
Who knows what’s coming next?

Better now… to call it quits
Pack it in, time to move on
Don’t want to come home one day
And, realize you’re gone.

Not one for playing guessing games
Rather know what lies ahead
Doesn’t mean that I don’t love you
You won’t be easy to forget.

Stay out of the cafe, will you?
Please take  her somewhere else
Seeing you together
Won’t be good, it just won’t help.

Come by… over the weekend
Pick up your things, please come alone
Leave the keys out on the table
I won’t be there, I won’t be home.


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Sitting at the table
Looking at the floor
Listening while you tell me
You don’t want this anymore.

Breaking up, discarding
Pushing me aside
Telling me about her
I sat there and I cried.

Met her at a cafe
She came on to you
She asked you for your number
Your favorite color, too.

Bought her a cup of coffee
Did you tell her about me?
Now she has your number
She’s texting constantly.

Walking round in circles
Don’t know what I can do
Leaving me to figure out
How I’ll get over you.

Met her at a cafe
She was cute, I heard you say
Couldn’t find a reason
To get up and walk away.


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Believing you was easy
All the lies you told
Everything I wanted
All the silver and the gold.

A fantasy, a nightmare
My dreams at last came true
But, found myself a prisoner
Entrapped, in love with you.

Nothing that I wanted
Mattered much at all
I was there to please you
There at your beckoned call.

No contact with my family
You made sure of that
Made me turn and walk away
There was no looking back.

I followed like a puppy
Never thinking of myself
Until the day I realized
I needed to get help.

Your angry moods, the rage within
The outburst and ill temper
Made my life unbearable
I’d sit alone and whimper.

Called 911, police arrived
I filed for a court order
You were told to stay away
But, one day you ignored it.

I turned around and there you were
My heart began to race
You were in my living room
We stood there face to face.

I quickly turned, I tried to run
I screamed aloud for help
But, no one came to rescue me
Had to defend myself.

I opened up the kitchen drawer
Pulled out a butcher knife
Told you to slowly back away
I feared now for my life.

I heard you laugh one last time
I had to…. can’t you see?
I plunged the knife into your chest
So scared that you’d kill me.

They came for you, took you away
In a large, black, body bag
In my mind I still can hear
Your evil, parting laugh.


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