Never thought I’d lose you
Thought we would be friends
Thought I ‘d get to see you
If only now and then.

Maybe at a concert 
A play or a cafe
You’d be having coffee
Sitting there …. that very day.

But I never got to see you
It wasn’t meant to be
You left your old apartment
You moved on …. but without me.

Now you’re just a memory
A single moment in time
I wasn’t what you wanted
You had changed your mind.

Never thought I’d ever lose you
Hard to accept the truth
That I am better off 
Better off …. not seeing you.


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Out in the cold
Left all alone
Feeling the pressure
Down to the bone.

The guilt and the shame
Knowing you’re gone
All that I did
To make this go wrong .

You’ll never know
How much  I cared
I waited too long
So nervous …. so scared.

Walking in circles 
Running around
Looking for something
That can’t be found.

No second chances
No apologies
No explanations 
You’re done with me.

Can’ t change your mind
Can’t change the past
Would do anything
To get you back.


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Liars …. thieves and cheaters
In government positions
No honor or integrity
Among these politicians.

Following a leader 
Devoid of moral virtue
Who only cares about himself
Who doesn’t care about you.

Anger …. lies …. hostility 
A master of corruption 
He wants the system to implode
Delights in the destruction.

Has no respect for democracy 
Objects to the rule of law
Doesn’t want to follow orders
Won’t adhere to protocols.

A clear and present danger. 
Loves to muddle up the facts
Thrives on retaliation 
But true courage? …. That he lacks.

Organized the planned attack
Upon the Capitol Building
Doesn’t care who gets hurt
Condones the theft and killings.

He may not be convicted
Though he has been impeached
But New York State will be there
To prosecute this creep.


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I let you pet me
What did you do?
Where are my kittens?
I trusted you.

Against my will
I’m in a rage
Why would you trap me?
Put me in a cage?

Now unprotected
Alone and afraid
My kittens defenseless
What a mess …. you have made.

Don’t want this procedure
I’m feeling so scared
I thought that you loved me
I thought that you cared.

This is a nightmare
A chamber of horrors 
I’m begging you
Take off this cone collar.

I want to come home
Please set me free
How did this happen
Happen to me?


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You’re cold as hell
And I’m on fire
Filled with longing
And desire.

You pull away
Won’t let me in
I keep trying
Time and again.

Nothing matters
Without you
Don’t know how 
To get through.

Hard as stone
Can’t penetrate
No way in
You locked the gate.

Deep within
Down to  the bone
Can’t reach you
You’re not at home.

Miles away
Worlds  apart
I’m left with
A broken heart.


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Get out of my head
Get out of my space
Can’t bear to see 
That look on your face.

I wanna let go
I wanna  move on
What we once had 
Is over …. it’s gone.

Why can’t you see ?
It’s not meant to be
Please let me go
This won’t work for me.

Don’t wanna feel bad
Don’t start up again
We can’t be together
We can’t be just friends.

That look in your eyes
Tears me apart
Don’t wanna hurt you
Or break your heart.

Please let me go
I’m feeling bad
I know you’re hurting
And  feeling so sad.

But  I can’t stay
Can’t hold your hand
I have to leave
Please …. please understand.


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Should’ve known …. that you were trouble 
Should’ve known …. I was playing with fire
But who knew what was coming?
Who knew you were  a liar?

You looked so damn attractive 
Didn’t take much to pull me in
I would’ve followed you anywhere
Didn’t want the night to end.

You wrapped your arms around me
Then whispered in my ear
“Come on baby …. Come with me
Let’s get out of here.”

We went home to your place 
In the city…. second floor
A spacious modern apartment
You then closed and locked the door.

You brought me to your bedroom
There was magic in the air
I was shaking ….. just a little
I was nervous ….. I was scared.

I felt a surge of desire
Like I never felt before
Your touch .. your hands all over me
So sure you wanted more.

The thrill of pure elation
As you looked into my eyes
The heightened sense of pleasure
It made me want to cry.

Once you  were through …. you looked at me
You said …. had to leave
There was no kindness in your voice
This was hard …. hard to believe.

I got dressed …. walked out the door
Feeling hurt and so confused
You didn’t want me near you now
I had just been used.

I saw you two weeks later
At the club with someone new
I knew what she was feeling
Knew what you planned to do.

Like a spider weaves his web
You were leading her astray
She was a willing victim 
She’d be used …. then sent away.


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You were the wrong one
I should’ve seen it then
You were a big mistake
I’ll never make again.

Don’t care what you’re doing
I don’t want to know
Don’t want to be where
You’re planning to go.

So sorry  I met you
Wish I could forget
The night and the moment
When we first met.

The memories linger
They fill up my head
Held in your arms
Late nights in your bed.

Embarrassed…. ashamed
I must confess
Should’ve known better
We never should’ve had sex.

You were the wrong one
Wish I had known
Should’ve left early
I should’ve gone home.


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I was left in the dust
Forgotten …. and ignored
You were easily distracted… 
Said that you were  bored.

Found another pretty face
A bright new shiny  coin
I knew right then and there …. for sure 
Knew what was going on.

I tried to look away from you
I didn’t want to cry
So tired of your excuses
And your shameful, dreadful lies. 

You packed your bags so carefully
Took all your precious things 
You left your sneakers on the floor
Took off your wedding ring.

I sat alone and cried …. I did
I cried for weeks and weeks
I whined… I mourned … I carried on 
But in time …. dealt with my grief. 

Years have passed …. life moves on
I can’t say it’s been easy
I felt so lost ….. so sad and alone
At times ….. a little crazy.

But there’s a light ahead for me
Through the tunnel …. round the bend
It won’t be very long now
This journey soon will end.


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Don’t want to start remembering
Wish I could forget
The first time that I saw you
The night  that we first met.

You came on like thunder
You turned on the charm 
I felt so defenseless 
In fact …. I was dis-armed. 

Filled with such emotion
Consumed with pure desire
The power of raw passion
My heart  was set on fire.

Unable to think clearly
Got caught up in your web
Wish I had known better
And stayed home that night …. instead.


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