via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


So deeply encrusted
In her cold and heartless soul
Was a driving force to conquer
To achieve her corporate goals.

She’d step over anyone
To get where she was going
She was ruthless and ambitious
And she knew what she was doing.

She was polished and good looking
Her appearance was impeccable
She commanded attention and they
Believed she was respectable.

But, don’t think for just a minute
That she would stand by you
For the chance of a promotion
She’d do whatever she could do.

Anything to make you look bad
Anything to make her shine
She would garner the attention
Then raise her glass and drink her wine.

An expensive bottle of champagne
Was always kept on ice
Anytime she had a victory
Or if she needed to be nice.

She could act so very charming
She could convince most anyone
While she was slipping the knife in
You’d think you were having fun.

She uses and abuses
Takes what she needs or wants
She’ll look on as you are bleeding
Then walk away so nonchalant.

In the end, she‘ll be the victor
She’ll leave you standing all alone
She will pass you by on her way up
You’ll be left all on your own.


I fell really hard
So hard on my face
Now tormented and plagued
With shame and disgrace.

I tried really hard
To get away from you
But your memory is haunting
What can I do?

Running, keep running
So far away
But somehow you find me
Why can’t you stay?

Stay far away from me
Leave me alone
Get out of my mind
Stay out of my home.

Can I see a doctor?
Can I see a nurse?
Can a therapist help me
Or make matters worse?

I don’t really want you
You’re just an obsession
A thorn in my side
The result of rejection.


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She’s getting old
And she is afraid
She’s feeling worried
Her hair’s turning gray.

Her bones are brittle
She’s feeling weak
Her hearing is going
Her future feels bleak.

Her eyesight is changing
She can’t drive at night
Her memory’s failing
She’s lost her appetite.

Her interests are waning
She can’t concentrate
Her hair’s falling out
And she’s losing weight.

What can she do?
It’s all disconcerting
She’s not feeling good
Everything’s hurting.

She has to keep going
There is no recourse
She has to remember
It could always be worse.


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via Daily Prompt: Constant


A constant reminder
A nag and a badger
You just won’t let up
Why does it matter?

Give me a break
Leave me alone
Why don’t you stop?
Why don’t you go home?

I can’t take the nagging
The stalking, the blame
Enough is enough
All that remains.

Is persistent noise
Noise in my ear
Repeating, repeating
Till I’m brought to tears.

What is it you want?
What is it you see?
Why all this annoyance?
Please let me be.

Mind your own business
Get out of my way
It doesn’t concern you
Not yours to convey.

I’ll call the police for
An order of protection
If you don’t back off
And stop this obsession.


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Pickles and beets
A good combination
Add in some peas
A fantastic creation.

Pork fat and sardines
What were you thinking?
Add in some mustard
And milk, just for drinking.

Fry it or bake it
Boil it or simmer
You know that I’m hungry
I’m ready for dinner.

Get out the ladle
A spoon and a cup
Add in some carrots
Some salt and ketchup.

Can it, or serve it
If it turns to jelly
Just serve it up
Make room in your belly.

Down goes the pasta
Frog legs and more
Don’t forget dessert
We’re making smores.


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Shadows in the night
I prayed that it was you
Coming in the dark
The sky was grey and blue.

Standing in the moonlight
I wait here patiently
I wonder in the night
If you’ve come back for me?

I thought I felt your hair
Brush against my face
Was I just imagining
Remembering this place?

We met here so often
We were both so very young
I remember that first kiss
When it had just begun.

The first time I saw you
I knew deep in my soul
That we’d spent our lives together
While we were growing old.

Why did you have to leave me?
It’s so hard to be alone
I sit here. I keep waiting
For you to come back home.


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We’re breaking up
I’m breaking down
I fall apart
We fool around.

We’re back together
Let’s start anew
Things have changed
But, I still love you.

I packed my bags
I went back home
Changed my mind
Can’t be alone.

One more time
Having kids
Paying bills
Look what you did.

Drugs can kill
It’s all a lie
We both tried
Let’s say goodbye.


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