Breathless, lustful memories
Hearts you said were one
How many have you said that to?
While out there having fun?

Shattered into pieces
Left behind with no regard
Crimes of passion committed
Leaving deep and nasty scars.

Time won’t take the pain away
My feelings cut too deep
You carved my fate the day we met
All I can do is weep.

You told me that you loved me
Said we’d always be together
You told me I was your soul mate
That this would last forever.

All I have now are memories
Photographs of you
From a time when we were happy
Before you said, we’re thru.


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via Daily Prompt: Silhouette


Standing in silhouette
Your memory lives on
I’ll never know
What I did, that was wrong.

You said it was over
Crushed, I fell apart
The day you walked out
The day you broke my heart.

The image so clear
Of you standing there
Saying good bye
You just didn’t care.

Rejection, cuts deep
Obsession, and pain
The longing, the heartache
Is all that remains.

Broken and shattered
No chances, just blame
Once it was over
It was never the same.


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via Daily Prompt: Trill


The quivering sound
The reverberating trill
The birds upon high
They call out at will.

The squirrels and the chipmunks
Asleep quietly
Until the morning
When they wait patiently.

The deer in the forest
The rabbits, the bears
All of them listening
All with such care.

For the tweeting to begin
The hooting to cease
Time for the creatures
To awaken from sleep.

Bees busy buzzing
Birds flying by
They’re up and about
While sleeping dogs lie.

Ants begin marching
Building their nests
Worms underground
Those small little pests.

Like mosquitos and flies
All hear the birds singing
It’s time to wake up
A new day’s beginning.



A bird outside my window
Cries out, I sing along​
The stillness of the morning
His cheerful happy song.

As the day progresses
I can feel a gentle breeze
The sun is shining brightly
Glistening upon the leaves.

The smell of fresh sweet flowers
And honeysuckle fills the air
The sky above so clear, so blue
Not a dark cloud anywhere.

I walk among the flowers
The branches and the trees
I remember your sweet face
And what you mean to me.

I’m wearing your favorite jacket
Your scent still lingers in the fleece
I pretend that you are here
Right now, walking next to me.

I can no longer talk to you
The way we used to do
But I can share my thoughts in dreams
The dreams I dream of you.


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Trampled and left for dead
She turns and walks away
Never looking back
The vultures, on their way.

Heart of stone, abandoned
Blood traveling thru ice
Missed the signs before me
I was so easily enticed.

Pitifully empowered
Infused with​ innocence
In the arms of a demon
Impressed with appearances.

Marked and tagged, selected
Picked out of the crowd
Never saw it coming
Her beauty, a mere shroud.

Shallow and entitled
She takes all that she needs
To make her feel more powerful
She laughs, while your heart bleeds.


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via Daily Prompt: Dominant



She thrives on being bossy
In charge and dominant
She wants to be the leader
She gets everything she wants.

She pushes passed, then moves ahead
No concern for anyone
She’ll cast you aside, she’ll step on up
Winning every race she’s run.

Money, status, ​and power
Have become her daily mantra
The need to be the very best
Is all that she is after.

Relationships, emotions
Will not get in her way
She has no time for feelings
No leisure time to play.

It’s all about ambition
There’s no time to stay in bed.
She’s not interested in drama
She plans to move ahead.

She’s climbing up the ladder
The corporate world her home
She doesn’t need the nonsense
She will make it on her own.

She will be the winner
Her stocks are paramount
Her bank account and balance
All that matters, all that counts.


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via Daily Prompt: Tardy


It was too late
She said I was tardy
She told me to leave
I said I was sorry.

She said she was tired
Of my lies and excuses
She wanted more
She said I was useless.

She was so angry
I put my head down
Belittled and beaten
My tail on the ground.

I felt really bad
Didn’t know what to do
Should’a treated her better
And now we are through.

Won’t you reconsider
I’ll change my ways
Please let me prove it
Please let me stay.

She said, “Are you kidding?
Think I’m out of my mind?
Pack up your bags
You’re wasting my time”.

There were no second chances
No room for remorse
She changed the locks
Then filed for divorce.


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