There is no greater loss
Than the loss of a child
I will never laugh again
I can no longer smile.

The pain I feel inside
Will never ever end
My heart will never heal
My heart will never mend.

A twisted human being
Took my boy from me
Why? I keep asking “why”?
How could this possibly be?

Such an act of blatant terror
He inflicted so much pain
Why would he want do this?
What did he have to gain?

How did he get a rifle?
Who is responsible?
The NRA and congressmen
They’re all accountable.

Ban the sale of ammunition
Background checks for everyone
Stop selling assault rifles
The kind that killed my son.


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Mindfulness and kindness
My mantra, my guiding light
A spirit to exemplify
Be it day or be it night.

A symbol of enlightenment
Shared and offered true beliefs
Helps to fill the emptiness
And makes my life complete.

My Buddha, just a statue,
Brings me comfort, soothes my mind
Helps to ease my burdens
My life’s purpose, to be kind.

The water from the fountain
Helps me to relax
The sound so peacefully tranquil
Helps to get my thoughts on track.

I aspire to a mindful lifestyle
To help others in time of need
To plant a garden of kindness
All you need is just one seed.

Just one random act of kindness
A hand to hold onto
Will help to ease the pain that’s felt
By others just like you.


via Daily Prompt: Rube



He was quite a rube
I knew from the start
But who can divert
The needs of the heart?

We went out to dinner
Who picked out his clothes?
He looked quite disheveled
They were clean, I suppose.

He wore an orange tie
His shirt was bright pink
He asked for some milk
I ordered a drink.

His eyes were so blue
His smile captivating
Something about him
Was worth all the waiting.

He ordered a steak
Then asked for some ketchup
He talked really loud
Kept saying, “you betcha”.

I didn’t mind
Thought he was so cute
Sitting there smiling
In his seersucker suit.

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She lives in the forest
She lives in the breeze
I bow to her beauty
I’m brought to my knees.

Wings of an angel
Her voice, a love song
Serenading my heartache
When she comes along.

Walk with me, talk with me
Whisper my name
Since the first day I met you
I was never the same.

Her eyes see it all
No need to hold back
She carries my dreams
In a small emerald sack.

Her spirit, the wonder
The magic and more
The stories she tells me
Never heard them before.

Tea cakes and teacups
A fine summer’s brunch
I’ve always been welcome
For breakfast or lunch.

She’s friends with the hobbits
And the fairies nearby
She talks to the frogs
And the sweet butterflies.

All of the creatures…. she knows
Come and go
Her neighbors above her
Her neighbors below.

I sit near the clearing
Until she appears
Knowing that soon
She will be here.


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You’re the one, you supplied the gun
You’re the one responsible
You’re the one who loaded it up
You’re the one who made it possible.

Courting men in suits and ties
Hoping for more funding
Anything to line your pockets
A way to make more money.

Countless attacks occurring in schools
Still you cajole the IRA
Selling guns to the mentally ill
No matter what we have to say.

Stop the madness, stop the noise
No one needs an assault rifle
Except the military or the state police
The outcome’s just too frightful.

We hear it on the evening news
The reports are oh so chilling
Countless children losing their lives
Needless, senseless killings.

No compassion or feelings of sympathy
No urgency to respond
You’ve got to address the loss of life
Face the parents, whose children are gone.


via Daily Prompt: Costume


She wore the most elaborate costume
With crystals, sequins and pearls
She was an enchanting princess
The prettiest in all of the world.

She wore a diamond tiara
Her dress was emerald green
She was so incredibly beautiful
Something out of a dream.

She garnered so much attention
When she walked down the stairs
Everyone would turn their heads
They couldn’t help but stare.

Her prince, a handsome gentleman
His presence so commanding
Everyone looked up to him
He was tall and oh so charming.

The music played, he took her hand
They danced across the room
The chandeliers, the candlelight
The smell of sweet perfume.

When the banquet was finally over
When all the guests had gone home
The princess and the prince rejoiced
They were finally all alone.


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Gliding across the ice
Spiraling in the air
Rotating, flying
With glitter and flare.

Sequins and chiffon
Grace beyond glory
Expressions, movements
All tell the story.

The music…… majestic
The turns and the twists
Nowhere on earth can you see
Something like this.

Years of practice
Lead to perfection
Five minutes of fame
May culminate in rejection.

One slip, one mistake
Can lead to a fall
You can lose everything
You can lose it all.

The roar of the crowd
The disappointment resounds
When after a fall
They strive to rebound.

Awards and applause
The medals accrued
If only you could imagine
If only you knew.

The sweat and the pain
They’ve suffered so long
Makes all of it worth it
Their character’s strong.

Winning or losing
They give it their all
No matter the outcome
They will stand tall.