JusJoJan Prompt

So much aggravation
To put up with every day
Tons of senseless chatter
Getting in the way.

Why not mind your business?
Clean your own backyard
Stop putting your two cents in
Stop trying so damn hard.

To sabotage your neighbor
You bring shame upon your own
While you were busy blaming
While you were throwing stones.

Find your inspiration
Don’t let them bring you down
Don’t let their need to aggravate
Turn your world upside​ down.

Stand for peace and honor
Let your voice be heard
Stop the spread of prejudice
By having the last word.


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via Daily Prompt: Evoke


Your name evokes an image
I wish I could wipe clean
Wish I could erase the memories
Wish you were just a dream.

Running from the nightmare
That you helped to create
I thought that I had fallen for
And found my true soul mate.

But, the devil wears disguises
Blonde hair and bright blue eyes
She can get inside you
She can make you cry.

The candlelight,​ the music
Helps to lure the innocent
Before you even know it
You’re a willing participant.

My heart is truly broken
I can’t get over you
I wish I had the answer
And knew just what to do.

Maybe I should see a doctor
Ask for a lobotomy
Try to stop the pain and hurt
So deep inside of me.


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via Daily Prompt: Carve


He gave me a call and asked me to lunch
I took the drive out to the country
He lived all alone on a ten-acre​ farm
Across the river, not far​ from me.

Once I was there, while standing alone
Looking out at a lovely view
I was terrified when he approached me
And I realized, what he was going to do.

He held up a knife, 10 inches long
Said “I could carve you into a million pieces”.
Was this an attempt to frighten me?
It was hardly intended to please me.

I felt the cold blade of steel, so sharp
As he brushed it lightly across my face
I was shaking I almost wet myself
My heart began to race.

The sound of his voice gave me the chills
I should never have come on my own
I thought this guy was good ole boy
And now I was with him, alone.

He lived in a cabin, six miles from town
Enjoyed living a distance away
I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life
I should never have gone there, that day.

I was hoping that he was just joking
Maybe he was just fooling around
If for some reason I didn’t make it back home
I wondered if my body’d be found.

No neighbors in sight, they were miles away
No one would hear me ​if I screamed
I started to panic, then wondered if he
Was really that evil and mean.

I decided to go, I wanted to leave
It was then that he started laughing
He reached out to put his arm around me
I didn’t know just what was happening.

I got to the door, got into my car
I was shaking and out of breath
I never should have trusted him
He really scared​ me half to death.


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JusJoJan Prompt: Humiliate

He did his best, to humiliate me
Despite my concern for his wellbeing
I did what I could, to look out for him
But after years of abuse, I was leaving.

Years of his lies and demeaning remarks
How many times did we play out this scene?
My arm would be twisted behind my back
It hurt so bad, I would scream.

Blood on the towel, I was sure it was broken
My nose would continue to bleed
This kind of love was not what I wanted
It was hard for​ me to believe.

It wasn’t love​ that kept me there
It was a lack of respect for myself
My need to submit, his need to control
It was clear that we both needed help.

The arguing got louder, the tensions higher
I felt his hands wrap around my throat
As he squeezed harder, I couldn’t breathe
I gasped for air, as I frantically choked.

I thought he was going to end my life
He stood there with hate in his eyes
He finally released his grasp on my neck
It was then that I realized.

The threatening words, the physical pain
Why was I putting up with it all?
I should have called the police, right then
But, I was scared and afraid to call.

He said he was sorry, he begged my forgiveness
I gave in and hung up the phone
He held me close and began to cry
I was afraid, I felt so alone.

But, like a switch on the wall, the light came on
When he fell asleep, I made my move
I packed my bags, I walked out the door
Left a note that read, “We’re Through”!


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I first saw her, from a distance
She was riding a Trek mountain bike
She had stopped in for a cup of coffee
That was something I knew, we both liked.

She took off her bicycle helmet
Walked toward the coffee shop door
I thought for a moment I might know her
But, I had never seen her, before.

I wanted a chance to talk to her
But, first checked her hand for a ring
No point in making a connection
If it was over ​before it begins.

I stood in​ line, right behind her
Her hair looked somewhat windblown
She wore khakis and a blue cardigan sweater
She was carrying her helmet and phone.

She ordered a Venti Macchiato
She sat by the window inside
She was quietly minding her business
But, looked like she wanted to cry.

Her phone suddenly started ringing
I saw her take it out and then turn it off
She looked like she was somewhat troubled,
Maybe distracted, perhaps deep in thought.

I walked gingerly over to her table
Not wanting to seem like a nuisance
She looked up and saw me before her
I was armed with a million excuses.

Can I get you a croissant with butter?, I asked.
They make the best here,​ some with chocolate too!
She smiled but refused my offer
Now embarrassed, I felt like a fool.

She asked me if I wanted to join her
I couldn’t help but note a few tears
I sat down on a chair, right beside her
Was it love that she wanted, or feared?

Even before, I had the courage to ask her,
She was telling me about her friend, on the phone
Her relationship was unraveling
And, she was afraid to be left, on her own.

I assured her that things would get better
Told her, it was just a matter of time
I wished I could reach out and hold her
But, we both knew that would be out of line.

We finished drinking our coffee
Our time together had come to an end
We said goodbye out in the parking lot
I suggested we meet up again.

She agreed to meet me, for coffee
If nothing else, maybe we could be friends
I was happy to spend time together
More than happy, to see her again.


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via Daily Prompt: Undulate


Watching the waves, as they undulate
The surfers skillfully move on their boards
The artful maneuvers they demonstrate
Like a knight yields a sharp, steel sword.

The rush of the ocean’s powerful force
The salt air spraying upon their face
The feel of the board beneath their feet
Propelling them thru time and space.

The higher the waves, the better they feel
Gliding from one peak to the other
The best part of it all, they are guaranteed
A wave following one, then another.

Just past​ the break,​ they patiently wait
For a wave​,​ that is not like the others
That combination of height and speed
The sound reminiscent of thunder.

Paddling thru, the surfer knows well
The faster he moves thru the ocean
The better the board ​will pass over all
Once he’s up, it will feel like slow motion.

The thrill of the ride, the sand, and the sun
Each day filled with anticipation
Could this be the day, will this be the ride
The one that exceeds​ expectations?

The surfer alone ​waits for the wave
Riding high, while up on his board
It’s all that he knows, or really wants
It’s what he spends his day, waiting for.


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Angela Galardi
Space Coast Sunrise


via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


“Brillant”, that’s you . . . the mastermind
With tricks and gimmicks up your sleeve
You slithered in and found a way
To take just what you need.

You call yourself a “genius”.
So self-involved are you
Think you have the answers
Know exactly what to do.

You’ve aggravated leaders
You have pissed them off
Now, we have to worry
Why you leisurely play golf.

You are wreaking​ havoc
Our nation’s upside down
The entire free world is laughing
They call you, “a pompous clown”.

How did you get elected?
A heartless psychopath
A selfish, egotistical man
Who bullies, then just laughs?

Irresponsibly empowered
By a group of greedy men
Who lack a moral compass
A cheated, stolen win.

A wheeler and a dealer
No regard for honesty
Looking out for “fat cats”
Not the average guy like me.

Filling up your pockets
Thru tax reform and more
Taking every dime you can
That’s what you came here for.

Nepotism, emoluments
Misappropriation of funds
Encouraging lobbyists
Deregulations, and more guns.

You are quite the master
Of lies, denial​, ​and deceit
A disgrace to the presidency
Not what this country needs.

I pray to God for karma
I pray to him each night
To remove you from the office
For Congress​ to do, what is right.


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