Living with a pessimist
Isn’t very easy
The sky is always falling
Her world always in pieces.

No matter what the problem
It’s a battle she can’t win
For me an inconvenience
But her walls are caving in.

Everything that happens
Gets blown out of proportion
She over-reacts and comes apart
It’s all a bleak distortion.

Whatever’s about to happen
You can bet it will be bad
No way that it can turn out right
It’s sure to make her sad.

Overwhelmed with deep emotion
Doom and gloom not far from here
Her glass is always empty
And, the end is very near.

No way to try and talk her down
She lives out on the edge
Fearful of the outcome
Of falling off the ledge.

Time wasted in this state of mind
She’s paralyzed and numb.
If only she could see for once
A mere positive outcome.


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via Daily Prompt: Cavity


Well below the margin
Of truth and sanity
Lies an empty space
A deep and dark cavity.

A place where fear resides
Where reason implodes
Where you feel alone
Your secrets exposed.

No cover or shelter
Stripped of your pride
Barren and cold
So shallow inside.

No walls to protect you
No mask to disguise
The weakness and fears
You’ve kept deep inside.

Crying out to be heard
Frightened and scared
No one to protect you
No one really cares.

Left on your own
With promises broken
Echoing words
Unmercifully spoken.

Overcome by heartache
Overwhelmed with sadness
There’s got to be
An end to this madness.


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A slippery slope
I found it to be
No way to stop it
You let go of me.

I went on alone
Fell all the way down
Never came back
Was never found.

Had to start over
All over again
Being without you
Right to the end.

So far above me
So far below
Never enough
Too far to go.

Settling, accepting
My fate predetermined
No looking back
I carry the burden.

Spending a lifetime
Longing and wanting
Blaming myself
Forever pondering.

Grieving the loss
Walking away
Erasing the memory
Getting closer each day.

Pray to stop wanting
Accepting rejection
The truth to be known
It’s just an obsession.


I can’t imagine,
I can’t believe.
That you are going,
That you would leave.

I didn’t see it.
I didn’t know.
Could I have stopped you?
Please, don’t go!

We take for granted,
We fall in love.
Think it’s forever.
It’s not enough.

To keep the magic.
Ignite a spark.
To see the light,
When it’s so dark.

I can’t imagine.
I can’t believe.
That it’s all over.
That you would leave.

But, in the morning,
When I awake
I’ll look beside me
To see your face.

By then I’ll know
That you have gone.
I’m sure to weep.
I’m sure to mourn.


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via Daily Prompt: Stifle


If you have the need to stifle
What you believe is true
There must be a reason
Something motivating you.

Holding back the truth
Not sharing information
Just might be the reason
You’re controlling the narration.

What is it you are hiding
That you keep so deep inside?
What is it you’re afraid of
And feel the need to hide?

Is this secret so deep seeded
So ingrained in you
Are you really that afraid
Of what you know is true?

Sometimes being quiet
Will keep the truth at bay
When fearful of the outcome
Best to limit what you say.


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We sit along the water’s edge
Waiting for a tug on our lines
Sweetly reminiscing
About old friends and company
Family members we’re missing.

Shots heard in the distance
I pray the targets missed
Your hands show your age
Your face, sun worn
Your eyes still that of a five year old.

Smiling, when I catch a weed pike
Or you hear the sound of the old field toad
A thermos full of hot coffee
All the stories you have told.
So many memories

I love that old flannel shirt you’re wearing
I’ve sewn the buttons and your torn pocket sleeve
More times than I can count
Looks like the fog’s rolling out
The sun is coming up.

It’ll be lunchtime, before you know it.


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Splitting the bill
A good idea
Wish we could leave
Get out of here.

Go to your place
Maybe mine
Sit and talk
Drink some wine.

Far away from
My hometown
Feeling lonely
Feeling down.

It’s not a “come on”
Just a plea
Wish you cared
Cared for me.

Love your shirt
Love your smile
So good to talk
If for awhile.

Before you say
You have to leave
Before I know
You’ll have to go.


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