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I never thought
You’d treat me, this way
Cast me aside,
Such harsh words to say.

How did we go
From, “I’ll love you, forever”
To, “We shouldn’t be,
Should not be, together”?

Where did you meet her?
At work, in the park?
While riding the subway
Coming home, after dark?

Drinks at the bar
Her apartment close by
She invited you over
So you told me, some lie?

Texting and messaging
The middle of the night
Thought, I was sleeping
You turned out the light.

You really don’t care
That, you’ve broken my heart
I’m crushed, all in pieces
My world, torn apart.

I never thought
You’d treat me this way
Cast me aside
Then… just walk away.


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via Daily Prompt: Treat


Staying in a hotel suite
Has always been a special treat
A pool, mini bar and wide screen TV
The simple pleasures of life, for me.

I try to stay at the same hotel
It’s very clean and doesn’t smell
The beds are big, the carpet clean
There’s plenty of ice and a snack machine.

Each time I make my reservation
Every time, that I am on vacation
I know that it is going to be
The best of times, a blast for me.

Give me a budget hotel chain
One with a well known, household name
Like Super 8, or Motel 6,
Whether on the highway, or out in the sticks.

A one night’s stay, maybe two
In a room at the top, a room with a view
Who needs the best, it doesn’t matter
Who needs the Ritz, the Hilton or Plaza?

Breakfast is served from 6 to 10
Can’t wait to have those waffles, again.
Sausage and eggs, juice and coffee
I can’t wait, I’m feeling so hungry!

Checking out, I’ll soon have to go
I’ll pack the shampoo and small bars of soap
Maybe I’ll borrow, a small towel or two
Souvenir from my room, my room with a view.


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via Daily Prompt: Reservation


I made a reservation
Reserved a table, just for two
At a fancy, expensive restaurant
Did my best to impress you.

I ordered escargot
Champagne and caviar
Their culinary status
Not just one, but all five stars.

I rented a BMW
Convertible with keyless start
I rented a tuxedo
Hoping, I could win your heart.

I brought you 12 red roses
I held the door open for you
Made deliberate conversation
About a foreign film’s debut.

The dinner was delicious
Dessert, a chocolate fondu
I was seriously trying
But, there ‘s just no pleasing you.

You didn’t like the restaurant
You thought, I was a snob
You didn’t like chateaubriand
Or flaming shish kabobs.

You thought I was pretentious
Obnoxious and a bore
I was trying to convince you
I was really so much more.

But, I’m just an average guy
That drives a modest car
A guy who doesn’t like snails
Champagne, or expensive caviar

Can’t we start all over?
Give me a second chance
I’ll show you who I really am
No foo foo, no fake romance.

How about we go to breakfast?
We can order two Grand Slam’s
We can talk about whatever
No pretense, just eggs and ham.

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via Daily Prompt: Conversation


Let’s have a conversation
Let’s try to talk it thru
Maybe, we can figure out
What we need to do.

Let’s have a cup of coffee
Let’s try to settle down
Let’s stop the senseless arguing
Before, we run aground.

Life’s too short, to spend it
Always, fighting with someone
Who you really care about
Let’s try to get this done.

No need to be together
If we’d be better off alone
There are no rules to follow
We can try and set the tone.

Anger, pain, resentment
Breed contempt, more of the same
Maybe, it’s time to part ways
Stop finger pointing and blame.

Stepping back isn’t easy
We may not understand why
After, spending years together
The reasons we’re saying goodbye.

Have you finally decided
But afraid to let me know, that
You really want to be on your own
That you want to let me go?

Time is passing so quickly
So many things I want to say
Before, you have the chance
Your dreams have slipped away.

I don’t want to hold you back
Don’t want the endless stress
The harsh remarks, the unkind words
The painful remorse of regret.

Let’s try to save the memories
Not focus on all that went wrong
Remember, the good times together
Before, it’s time to move on.


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via Daily Prompt: Finally


Finally, I let go
It took so long to see
The truth was always there
We were never meant to be.

I was nothing more
Than an emotional distraction
You had bigger plans
Than a mere physical attraction.

Always, looking up
To where the air is thin
Wishing for the top
The place where you’d fit in.

I simply didn’t see
The writing on the wall
It was always about you
I was a burden, after all.

Boredom, setting in
You were so self absorbed
Trying to find a way
My feelings now ignored.

Stepping on anyone
That dares get in your way
The corporate climb to power
A much bigger game to play.

As quickly as it began
It now came to an end
So easily you walked away
I saw you smirk, I saw you grin.

Finally free, I let go
Now living with the shame
Wished our paths had never crossed
I have myself alone, to blame.


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A new start, a new beginning…
A time for peace, a time for forgiving

Open the door, let go and be free
The weight will be lifted, it’s time to believe

Shed all of the old burdening feelings
Of anger and pain, begin to start healing

Life is short, a mere fleeting moment
Rejoice and enjoy, the bliss of atonement

Holding a grudge, casting blame
Will only bring heartache, will only bring shame.

Open your heart, open your arms
Step into the sunlight, away from the storm.

Farewell to the bludgeoning, cruelty and crazies
A New Year begins, a chance to show mercy.

To those who deserve it, to those who may not
Give all that you can, and all that you’ve got

Banish the demons, shed the black clouds
Open your heart, remove the dark shroud

The New Year is here, a new day beginning
It’s a time for peace, a time for forgiving.


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via Daily Prompt: Almost


It’s almost time, I have to go
There’s nothing more to say
Please don’t try and make it worse
By begging me to stay.

Too many times, you said to me
“I’ll never hold you back”
How many times, I waited
Standing on the railroad tracks.

Knowing you weren’t coming home
Too much time had passed
Wondering who you were with
How long this crush would last.

Too many lies, that you’ve told
The senseless accusations
It’s nothing but, a house of cards
Built upon deception.

Selfish, cruel, withholding
Though I pleaded for affection
You turned your back so many times
I felt such cold rejection.

You saved your best for someone else
Champagne and candlelight
I know just how you set the stage
I remember our first night.

Slow dancing after dinner
The sultry conversation
The mood you set, a spider’s web
The height of anticipation.

But, once you finally make your move
And get what you are after
You sit back, a smile on your face
I can hear the heartless laughter.

You have no use for love and trust
You’re all about the game
The fun is in the lure, the lust
The sweet taste of hurt and pain.


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