via Daily Prompt: Finally


Finally, I let go
It took so long to see
The truth was always there
We were never meant to be.

I was nothing more
Than an emotional distraction
You had bigger plans
Than a mere physical attraction.

Always, looking up
To where the air is thin
Wishing for the top
The place where you’d fit in.

I simply didn’t see
The writing on the wall
It was always about you
I was a burden, after all.

Boredom, setting in
You were so self absorbed
Trying to find a way
My feelings now ignored.

Stepping on anyone
That dares get in your way
The corporate climb to power
A much bigger game to play.

As quickly as it began
It now came to an end
So easily you walked away
I saw you smirk, I saw you grin.

Finally free, I let go
Now living with the shame
Wished our paths had never crossed
I have myself alone, to blame.


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A new start, a new beginning…
A time for peace, a time for forgiving

Open the door, let go and be free
The weight will be lifted, it’s time to believe

Shed all of the old burdening feelings
Of anger and pain, begin to start healing

Life is short, a mere fleeting moment
Rejoice and enjoy, the bliss of atonement

Holding a grudge, casting blame
Will only bring heartache, will only bring shame.

Open your heart, open your arms
Step into the sunlight, away from the storm.

Farewell to the bludgeoning, cruelty and crazies
A New Year begins, a chance to show mercy.

To those who deserve it, to those who may not
Give all that you can, and all that you’ve got

Banish the demons, shed the black clouds
Open your heart, remove the dark shroud

The New Year is here, a new day beginning
It’s a time for peace, a time for forgiving.


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via Daily Prompt: Almost


It’s almost time, I have to go
There’s nothing more to say
Please don’t try and make it worse
By begging me to stay.

Too many times, you said to me
“I’ll never hold you back”
How many times, I waited
Standing on the railroad tracks.

Knowing you weren’t coming home
Too much time had passed
Wondering who you were with
How long this crush would last.

Too many lies, that you’ve told
The senseless accusations
It’s nothing but, a house of cards
Built upon deception.

Selfish, cruel, withholding
Though I pleaded for affection
You turned your back so many times
I felt such cold rejection.

You saved your best for someone else
Champagne and candlelight
I know just how you set the stage
I remember our first night.

Slow dancing after dinner
The sultry conversation
The mood you set, a spider’s web
The height of anticipation.

But, once you finally make your move
And get what you are after
You sit back, a smile on your face
I can hear the heartless laughter.

You have no use for love and trust
You’re all about the game
The fun is in the lure, the lust
The sweet taste of hurt and pain.


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via Daily Prompt: Extravagant


Furs, and pearls, and diamonds
Always so extravagant
Lavish jewels, expensive trips
Made me feel inadequate.

No sense of style, or fashion
No expensive flashy cars
I drove a modest automobile
She drove a red Jaquar.

Only five star restaurants
She enjoyed fillet mignon
My idea of extravagance
Subway’s Chicken Parmesan.

Country clubs and luncheons
With other social butterflies
I kept to myself, an introvert
A quiet kind of guy.

She threw the best of parties
A posh list of socialites
I wasn’t one for partying
No cocktails, and no nightlife.

Expensive trips thru Europe
Paris, France…her second home
Afraid to fly or board a ship
I chose to be, alone.

We met one day, on holiday
At a shelter for the homeless
Volunteered two days a month
To spend the day among us.

Though she had tons of money
She never once forgot her roots
She shared her time and wealth
With no guile, or attitude.

Committed to helping others
She would always lend a hand
Donated to many causes
She was elegant, quite grand.

She’d arrive, no introductions
Rolling up her soft, silk sleeves
She would pitch right in to help
Anyone, who was in need.

Class cannot be measured
By coins of silver, or of gold
She was a classy lady,
A kind spirit, a caring soul.


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via Daily Prompt: Cozy


So comfy and so cozy
Bring your coffee over here
Let’s get warm, next to the fire
Come sit with me, my dear.

Let’s cuddle up, let’s snuggle
I need to feel you close
No other one can please me
You’re the one I love the most.

The snow so white and quiet
Falling gently to the ground
The burning logs are flickering
No other noise, or other sounds.

My head upon your shoulder
The stillness in the room
My hand in yours, so comforting
The smell of sweet perfume.

They say compatibility
Comes but once in a lifetime
I can’t believe I found you
This feeling’s so sublime.

Read to me from Dickinson
So relaxing, so carefree
The love I feel, your voice so sweet
Can’t believe, you’re next to me.

Watching the deer, from the window
A mother and her little fawn.
I’m cherishing every sweet moment
For soon , I know you’ll be gone.

Time flies by so quickly
It will soon be time, for you to leave
I’ll count every second, while you’re away
I’ll have to have faith, and believe.

That somehow, you will return to me
That no harm will come to you
I know your honor and loyalty
Make you do, what you have to do.

I’m proud to see you in uniform
I know you have to do what is right
Our freedom doesn’t come cheaply
For some, there is always a price.

But for now, let’s get comfy and cozy
Let’s enjoy the cold snowy weather
Let’s sit by the fire and be warm
Let’s enjoy our last night, together.

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She waited for me through it all
She waited until, I was ready
She knew I was frightened, so scared
She could see that my gait wasn’t steady.

My hands were shaking, just a bit
I was somewhat confused, in a daze
She offered to get me some coffee
She was kind, in a comforting way.

I asked for a small glass of water
I was sure it would help, calm me down.
I held the glass to my quivering lips
Not believing, just what I had found.

His eyes were fixed and wide open
His skin had a pale, cold hue
He was wearing a ring on his finger
It was clear, what I needed to do.

I called 911 on my cell phone
The dispatcher was clear and precise
She asked me, for my location
She asked me to repeat it back, twice.

I walked alone, down to the water
I wanted to gather my thoughts
It was there that I noticed his body
He was covered in seaweed and moss.

I didn’t scream, when I fist saw him
I did gasp and did lose my breath
It was only for a brief moment
But a moment, I will never forget.

A woman appeared out of nowhere
She was out on her evening beach walk
She saw me alone in the distance
When she approached, I was unable to talk.

I pointed to the man lying supine
Dressed in khakis and a green polo shirt
She looked at him and then realized
He’d been stabbed and was fatally hurt.

There was a knife still impaled, in his shoulder
Looked like, it may have pierced his heart
Someone had lost all control that night
And had stabbed him right there, in the dark.

The police arrived in their squad cars
No need to run sirens and lights
The damage had already been done
Someone’s heart would be broken tonight.

I walked with the woman, to her house
She owned a small beach bungalow
We sat in her enclosed breezeway
Watching the authorities working below.

She asked if she could call someone, for me
I explained that I lived all alone
I spent an hour, maybe two with her
Before making my way, back home.

There was no wallet, no identification
No distinguishing piercings or marks
No clues to pursue or investigate
No other statements or helpful remarks.

The detectives deemed it a cold case
There were no leads, no clues to build upon
John Doe’s murder remains unsolved
But the memory of that night, lives on.


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via Daily Prompt: Confess


I confess to my wrong doings
I bare the weight of guilt and blame
There’s nothing more that I can do
To ease this gnawing pain.

They say that time heals all wounds
It’s been years and nothing’s changed
I can’t escape the pain I feel
Every time I hear his name.

A heart cannot be mended
If the wound’s too deep inside
No matter what I try to do
I can never seem to hide

Hide from all the stinging words
I wish were never spoken
How could I know the damage
His heart, so easily broken.

He didn’t want to let me go
But, one day I walked away
Didn’t even leave a note
I had no more to say.

I’d said it all the night before
My words cut like a knife
I couldn’t stand to be with him
Didn’t want to be his wife.

The scandal and degradation
His banner, his badge of shame
They all knew that I’d left him
And, thought he was to blame.

I made a big mistake the night
I gave in to childish whims
To fantasies of another life
I thought I wanted, without him.


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