Walking on egg shells 
Afraid  all the time
It’s hard  to accept it
You’re no longer mine.

Where ‘s the attraction?
The nights of pure lust?
Now all that you feel
Is distain and disgust.

So tired of your comments
Remarks … and complaints
You’re no Prince Charming
No you aren’t ….no you ain’t.

No way to go back 
No way to rewind
We can’t sort it out
Can’t fix it… this time.

The sense of  remorse
The sadness , the pain
The hurt and regret
Is all that remains.


The night we met
It was love at first sight
I’ll never forget 
How I felt that night.

Up in the clouds
Couldn’t get any higher
Had no idea … I was
Playing with fire.

No reason to doubt
No reason to fear
The thrill and elation
Brought me to tears. 

Passion and lust
Such pure desire
The surge I felt
When  playing with  fire.

All that was left
Were charred remains
Burned though my skin
Each time I came.

The ash …. the tar
The sparks …. the flames
The harsh regret … 
The pain….. the shame. 


I called your phone
I sent a text
You left right after
We had sex.

What went wrong?
What did I do?
I should have never
Trusted you.

I got played 
I didn’t know
I never dreamed
That you would go.

There was nothing
I could do
It was over 
We were through.

We never got
To talk things over
I never got 
A sense of closure.

Gave me up
For someone new
I’m still not over 
Losing you. 

You think you know
Someone so well
Guess some things
Are just  hard to tell.


Pick your battles
Pick your poison
Straight up shots
So cold … they’re frozen. 

100 proof
No need to doubt
There’s plenty there
Just check it out.

Shocked …. amazed
What could I do?
I spent the night
Alone with you. 

Buried deep
Could not crawl out
Was tethered …. held
There was no doubt.

Battle scars
Bruised and blamed
Consumed with heartache
Lust and shame. 

Longed to feel
The open air
The touch of magic 
In the air.

Off the ledge
On sturdy ground
I made my way
I came back down.

No sad goodbyes
Good as it gets
Now hoping
I can just forget.


Wish that I 
Could just forget
All my mistakes
Lies and regrets.

All the time 
I spent with you
I should’a known
What you would do.

Too much time
So much heartache
Not enough
No give and take

Left me with
A ton of trouble
Too much for me
To move ….. to shovel.

Up to my knees
I was waist deep
I wasn’t yours
Not yours to keep.

I tried to breathe
Knocked to the ground
Could not get up
You held me down.

With one last breath
I begged …. I pleaded
Had what you wanted  
Not what I needed.

Round the block
Away from you
I knew just what
I had to do.

Came up for air
Took one last breath
Need to move on
Have to forget.


Don’t want to need
Or think of you
After all 
You put me through.

Decades later
There you are
Standing there
Beneath the stars.

A walk along
This sandy beach
Now face to face
Yet out of reach.

Two hearts collide
Just as before
No chance …. no way
To ask for more.

You reach for me
I step back
An instinct
To retreat … retract.

Afraid …. unsure
Is this a dream?
Nothing is 
The way it seems.

The sand …. the wind
The ocean breeze
You’re not the one
The one I need.

A memory
Hardly enough
The tide comes in
The water’s rough.

Time to go
Let old scars be
Tossed to the wind
Blown out to sea.


Head over heels
In love with you
Your voice ….that smile
My dreams came true.

That charm … the lust
Was so turned on
Never thought I’d awaken
And you’d be gone.

On the same page
Intertwined and in sync
It took only seconds
For me to blink.

A lifetime …. a promise
No reason to doubt
Never thought for a minute
That you wanted out.

But, the closet was empty
The suitcases gone
You found someone else
It didn’t take long.

Out of my mind
Devastated …. confused
Lost …. now alone
I was duped .… I’d been used.


Ollie lived beneath the ocean
Luckily I lived there  too
We had met down at the sandbar
He said, “ Hello! How do you do?”

I was startled …. but elated 
He was talking …. talking to me
The octopus was speaking 
It was weird .… hard to believe. 

An awkward conversation
At first I was afraid
I felt a little nervous
But admit …. I was amazed.

After years of swimming solo
Half human and half fish
Always wanting to make friends”
Never thought it’d  be like this.

A mermaid’s life is lonely
Never really fitting in
Hard to be accepted 
It’s so hard to make new friends. 

He said his name was “Ollie”
He reached out a tentacle 
We made contact for the first time 
It felt strange …. but magical.

Every evening before sunset
Where the water’s not so deep
We would meet and talk for hours
At the sandbar near the  reef.

Sometimes we would go swimming
We both loved to swim at night
We would swim and swim for hours
Underneath the pale moonlight. 


There’s a monster in my bedroom
He’s there most every night
Fearful he might run amuck
If I turn off the light.

He gets restless and quite noisy
He’s been known to wet the bed
It’s almost time for dinner
He’ ll keep quiet if he’s fed.

He eats staples and loves crayons
I leave them on the floor
He snorts if he’s still hungry
Sometimes I give him more.

He does just what he wants to
I see him in my dreams
He lives beneath my bed frame
He is friendly …. never mean.

His fur is coarse and stubby
His teeth …. an emerald green
In the light I see his long, sharp claws
They sparkle and they gleam.

He makes a lot of noises
Guess he just can’t help  himself
I heard him whine and whimper
Wonder if  he’s feeling well. 

He offers very little
No rent or tax relief
So little compensation
Since he’s only…. Make Believe.