Fleeting at best
Though thoughts of you linger
Hard to recall
So hard to remember.

A song or a phrase
Your smile and that look
The coffee, the tea
And, your favorite book.

The years come and gone
The chances now lost
No love without risk
There’s always a cost.

Dignity, pride
The cards on the table
The dye had been cast
The lies, the betrayal.

The great divide
A penthouse, a garden
A drive to the country
No last chance, or pardon.

Fixed, set and due
A short lived romance
Shattered and broken
No hope, not a chance.


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A lesson in gratitude
It could have been worse
Our power’s back on
The storm has dispersed.

We take it for granted
Our safety, our home
Through danger and peril
While battered and blown.

The thundering wind
The force of such power
We prayed it would stop
Counting hour by hour.

The storm was so fierce
The waves were so high
We were so lucky
The worst passed us by.

Prayers for our neighbors
Those that survived
Grateful for those
Who are safe and alive.

No way to bring back
Those that are gone
We grieve and we mourn
While the storm has moved on.


Image by Angela Galardi.


Batten down the hatches
Lock and close the doors
We hear you’re making landfall
Sometime just after four.

A category four or five
I pray you are a three
Please don’t make your way toward us
Please go back out to sea.

So many broken windows
So many damaged trees
Some simply crushed and mangled
We’re all scrambling to leave.

You’ll head in one direction
Then abruptly change your mind
The weathermen confused, unsure
Are guessing….half the time.

We’ve closed our roads and bridges
We prepared, knew what to do
We’ll wait it out, then come back home
In just a day or two.

By then, you will have weakened
Your bluster, just hot air
The sky will clear, the sun will shine
And you’ll be gone, long gone from here.


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Hunkering down?
Going or staying?
Settling in
Or evacuating?

There’s still time
She’s out to sea
But headed this way
Is a category three.

Windows are boarded
There‘s food and flashlights
Plenty of batteries
To get us thru the night.

12 inches of rain
They are predicting
There could be a flood
The worst they’re expecting.

A monster’s approaching
Hope we will be safe
Will do what we can
Whatever it takes.


Don’t waste any time
Gather your thoughts
I’ll meet you at midnight
Bring something soft.

A sweater, a blanket
You might be cold
Please listen, don’t argue
So much to behold.

For once, don’t configure
Don’t analyze
Go with the moment
You’ll soon realize.

That time passes quickly
Too soon, it’s too late
I’ll meet you, don’t flounder
Please, don’t hesitate.

There’s no time to waste
Concealed in the clouds
Covered in darkness
Amidst a grey shroud.

She longs to be seen
Though hidden, submerged
There in the sky
She soon will emerge.

The waves of the ocean
The sand cool and damp
You won’t need a flashlight
You won’t need a lamp.

The night light above
Will brighten and shine
Illuminate all
That will take the time.

A glimpse at perfection
The stars all aligned
A chance to bear witness
To one of a kind.

Majestic, hypnotic
Held captive, enthralled
Don’t blink, you might miss it
The thrill of it all.

She appears only once
In the darkness of night
Held in the rapture of
The sparkling starlight.


Photo by Angela Galardi.


She must be up to something
There’s a cage outside her door
I didn’t see it, yesterday
What do you think it’s for?

A man came by, he dropped it off
He went inside her house
I saw him through her window
He was sitting on her couch.

The cage door was kept open
The food sitting on our plate
Was now pushed up inside the cage
The man said, “Now, we wait”.

The lady looked quite worried
A sad look upon her face
She looked like she’d been crying
I heard him say, “It’s getting late”!

I watched him get into his truck
His hair was long and grey
He made me feel uneasy
I was glad he drove away.

For just over a week or two
We were fed inside the cage
Wondering why we had to eat
Enclosed, contained that way.

One day, while eating dinner
We heard the cage door close
We were trapped inside this prison
Why this happened, I don’t know.

We were taken to a clinic
They took good care of us
They cleaned us up and treated
All our scratches and our cuts.

TNR, an act of kindness
The reason we were there
Someone took the time to show
That they truly cared.


The crackling sound of thunder
Streaks of lightning in the sky
The rain pounding on the window pane
The dog begins to cry.

She cowers in the corner
She listens to the sounds
Terrified…. she hides her head
The rain keeps coming down.

I try to comfort and console her
But she feels safer on the floor
She doesn’t want to be held
She goes under the bed, when it pours.

I watch her shake and tremble
She looks so pitifully sad
Wish there was something I could do
I feel so incredibly bad.

I call out her name to soothe her
Then calmly and quietly say
“It’s just the rain my little one
Relax, you’ll be okay.”


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