Traveling to the south of France
Where the air is fresh and clean
See the beauty of the valleys
A prettier sight I’ve never seen.

I gaze upon the sunrise
Walk along the countryside
Wear my beret atop my head
Tilted slightly to one side.

Pretend to be Parisian
While pursing local shops
Watch the farmers travel into town
Their wagons filled up to the top.

With vegetables and flowers
Their dogs walking by their side
Tails wagging, people smiling
Children playing ball nearby.

Stopped for lunch at a small cafe
Enjoyed the day so warm and sunny
Served a loaf of crusty bread
With a plate of cheese and honey.

A gentler time, a memory
A snapshot of the day
They know how to live there
How to pass their time away.

Sharing simple conversations
Watching sheep herded thru the streets
Another bottle of Champagne
Made with grapes so ripe and sweet.

A fantasy, a book I read
Re-enacted before my eyes
A memory to cherish
Makes me smile and wonder why.

I waited so long to travel
Held fast to the mundane
Now that I’ve ventured far from home
I know I’ll be back again.


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Youtube: MY FATHER by Judy Collins


By yourself… in your room
You sit there scared and alone
So afraid and insecure
With your laptop and your phone.

Your voice would quiver
Your hands would shake
Can’t take the stress
You hide your face.

You’re paralyzed
You just can’t speak
Don’t have the means
You’d rather tweet.

The skills you need
Were not acquired
It’s now too late
You’re just too tired.

Up half the night
Facebook and texting
You keep them wondering
You keep them guessing.

No one will know
Just who you are
The door’s not open
It’s just ajar.

Sounds like a guy
They’d like to know
But, from afar
So far below.

In the basement
Dark and cold
You shout it out
You feel so bold.

Nothing more
No strength or prowess
What you call, “cool”
An act, it’s cowardice.

Behind the screen
You’re safe from harm
They like your wit
They like your charm.

Why take a chance?
You might get hurt
They’ll never know
What you are worth.

The virtual world
Provides protection
From ridicule
And, cold rejection.


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It’s 95 degrees out
With the sunshine warm and bright
They say that fall is coming
But, something’s just not right.

Bring on the apple donuts
The cider and the rakes
But wait….where are the leaves?
There’s been a terrible mistake.

I can’t wear my flannel jacket
Or put on my hiking boots
My fellow surfers would be saying
What the heck is wrong with you”?

I miss the apple picking
The fire’s glow in the fireplace
The chill that lingers in the air
Feels so good upon my face.

The leaves glistening upon the trees
The squirrels running all around
The dew that moistens each leaf that falls
From the branches to the ground.

The gathering of acorns
For the long winter just ahead
The scurrying about of chipmunks
Setting up their winter beds.


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Is it a glitch
Have I made a mistake?
Why can’t I get this?
There’s so much at stake.

Try as I may
The files just won’t fit
I’m frustrated, so angry
So disgusted with it.

I’ve tried “pdf’s”
But, that didn’t work
I’ve been down on myself
Feeling like such a jerk.

I’ve labored, I’ve toiled
Tried this and tried that
Wish I was on top of
The basics, the facts.

I’ve tried “hit and miss”
What can I do?
Can’t figure this out
I’m sad, I’m so blue.

“Import” and “export”
“Bundle” and “save”
This better download
What a mess I have made!

Feel like such a fool
I’ve googled and tried
Seven tutorials
I’m so sad, I could cry.

One button to push
That could fix it all
If only I had
Someone I could call.

“Error”, “default”
Appears on my screen
Makes me so upset
Makes me want to scream!

I’m sure it’s a glitch
I’m but one step away
From finding the answer
That could make my day.


Can’t catch a break
The hits keep coming
Can’t find a way out
Have to keep on running.

Away from the noise
That resides in my head
It keeps me from slumber
It sleeps in my bed.

The constant reminders
The memories that last
Haunting and plaguing
No escape from the past.

Images daunting
No need to recall
The hurt and the pain
The shame of it all.

How to escape
To lose the momentum
The thoughts that consume me
Though I want to forget them.

Over and over
The same loop on the tape
The words that were spoken
They were lies, they were fake.

Delusion and madness
Overcome with pure lust
A chemical imbalance
Between both of us.

Longing for freedom
Consumed with grief
Have to keep faith
I have to believe.

There’s got to be more
Something true, something real
Something better than what
I continue to feel.


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Youtube: Tom Odell – Here I Am


Living in an alternate reality
Can’t you see he’s off the wall?
He has the sense of a 6th grader
We are clearly in free fall.

His supporters blind, refuse to see
His judgement… clearly flawed
The republicans do what he wants
Have they simply all been bought?

You think it can’t get any worse
Then you find out there’s something more
He incites and aggravates
Wants us all to be at war.

No dignity or morality
Narcissistic and confused
Easily led by dictators
He can’t see… he’s being used.

Going to lose your independence
Your rights and all freedom
He wants to be a dictator
He wants to be just like them.

The honor and glory of America
Should be forefront in your mind
What’s happened to honor and integrity
Why can’t you see the signs?

His judgment is impaired
He has no clue about foreign affairs
When it comes to national security
He simply doesn’t care.

When will you come to your senses?
When it’s all been said and done?
It’s time you realized what he’s about
He is his father’s son.


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Do you know what’s happening?
Look straight ahead, can’t you see?
The cold hearted, they seethe with greed
They’re not what they pretend to be.

They continue to hurt and to take
Pillaging is their mission
They’ll destroy and thwart your best plan
They will taint your clearest vision.

They’re calculating and selfish
They are a tribe of sociopaths
When you fall and try and get up
They’ll be there to point and laugh.

All is lost, little you can do
To change the course ahead
A cold stare, some harsh words
And, you’ll find yourself back in bed.

Powerless to their charm and wit
We go thru the countless and endless motions
Wondering if this will ever end
Finding they are devoid of true emotion.

You’re going to get hurt, it’s a matter of time
It may take years before you can break free
You’ll feel like a fool, you’ll feel broken inside
You’ll wonder how did this happened to me?

But, you’re not immune to feelings of love
You were an unsuspecting victim
The trap was set, you wandered in
You couldn’t see the evil in him.

Such a cunning disguise, that look in his eyes
He knew exactly what to do
You innocently fell, under his spell
He had taken control of you.


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