Spare me the drama
The stories …. the lies
All the excuses
The  fake alibis.

I’m done …. this is over
I’m finally free
Don’t come any closer
Don’t talk to me.

All the abuse
The cheating …. the lies
All of the nights
I sat here and cried.

Foolishly wanting 
What I never had
Being mistreated
And feeling so bad.

The subtle remarks
Always withholding 
The weight of the world
Lifted off of my shoulders.

Don’t call …. send a text
Don’t ever stop by
It’s over between us
This is finally goodbye.


Spiders and snakes
The call of the wild
That devilish grin
That sinister smile.

The passion ….. the yearning
So thrilling …. so sweet 
All that you want
All that you need.

The sting of the bite
The surge thru your veins
Nothing will ever
Feel quite the same.

Drawn to the flame
You can’t walk away
It beckons  …… it calls
It begs you to stay. 

Out of control
Out of your mind
It renders you helpless
It works every time.

The venom …. the poison
Like nothing before
No way you could leave
You can’t find the door.

The shimmering tremors
The passion …. the lust
It’s more than a feeling
It’s more than a crush.

Consumed …. now elated
Overwhelmed with desire
You’re drawn to the heat
You’re drawn to the fire.


Don’t touch me …. if you know for sure
That you’ll be leaving me
Keep your hands to yourself
Don’t do it …. just let me be.

Why’d ya say the things you did?
We were better off as friends
You led me on, you turned on
Knowing full well this would end.

What am I supposed to do
Knowing that I’ve been lied to?
I need to find …. to find a way
To get over losing you.

You already found someone new
Someone that you just met
It didn’t take you very long
How can you just forget?

We had plans to buy a house
I fell in love with you
But, it was all a vicious scam 
I was simply being used.

Don’t touch  me ……  don’t put your hands on me  
For you …. it’s all a game
Don’t think you have a chance in hell 
Of ever seeing me again. 

Don’t call or text…don’t ever try 
To get in touch with me
What we had is over now
Please …. just let me be.


Can you stay mad at me forever?
Will there ever come a day
That you will forgive me
For all the hurt …. the mess I made?

To tell you that I’m sorry
Will never be enough
For all the pain and suffering
The price we pay for love.

I was hurting  ….  misdirected
Deep down inside we felt the same
A broken heart …. now all I feel 
Is guilt …. remorse and shame.

I was selfish and self centered
I wasn’t thinking about you
I was young …. confused and immature
Didn’t know what I should do.

Can you ever find it in your heart
To let go …. forgive and forget
I guess that’s just too much to ask 
You’re not ready… no not yet.

I still believe in miracles
Hope my wish comes true
Hope you’ll believe I’m sorry
So sorry for hurting you!


Out of the blue …. you came along
Appeared ….   out of thin air
 When I least expected it
There you were …. right  there.

The perfect smile, the perfect laugh
Got lucky meeting you
I found someone that I can trust
Someone that’s warm and true.

So many disappointments 
We’ve had our share of pain
Maybe it’s time …. could be our turn
A chance to start again.

Should I be suspicious?
Are you too good to be true?
Who could have passed right over
Someone as sweet as you?

Too much hurt and sadness
So many lame attempts
I feel like you could  be the one
I want to try again.

I have  an inclination 
Don’t know …. where this will lead
But, maybe you could be the one
Might be the one I need.


One more day alone with you
One more kiss “Good Night”
Don’t you think you owe me that?
Stay with me tonight.

After all the years together
We’ll go our separate ways
Nothing much left to say
I’ll watch you walk away.

Candlelight and  rose petals
Nights of endless lust
There was a time you cared about 
What became of us.

Getting close… finding out
All your secrets ….all your dreams
Sharing every little thing
Wondering what it means.

Now mundane ….  heard it before 
Nothing new to talk about
Where did all the magic go
Things we couldn’t live without?

Comfort underrated 
It felt good to just relax
Be together…without judgement
Someone there that has your back.

Didn’t mean to be assuming
Take you for granted half the time 
Didn’t realize what I did to you 
Never meant to cross the line.

How about an instant replay
A do over… one last chance?
Let me make the effort
Let me have this one last dance.


I was wrapped around your finger
You were there to be amused
Held captive till you found someone
More interesting to use.

On the prowl and on the make
Collecting broken hearts
So fearless and  deliberate
As cunning as a shark.

Unsuspecting and oblivious
To the danger everywhere
Trusting your sweet smiling face
Believing that you cared.

“Missile lock” maneuvers
You set your sights on me 
A victim helpless ….vulnerable
Unsuspecting and lonely.

Overwhelming ,… captivating
All consuming…..magical
The chemistry …. the pixie dust
So enticing and playful.

I was mesmerized …. elated 
Suspended in mid air 
One look and I was hypnotized
I couldn’t help but stare.

But, when the run was over
There was no going back
No rewind or second chance
I’d been used and that’s a fact.

Beware of smiling faces
Who come on a bit too strong
Back off …. ease up, just walk away
Tell them to move along.


Guess I should say, “Thank You , Baby”
Guess I  owe you one
Could have tried to make it work
But, I knew we were done.

All the while …. was devastated
Might say …. I lost my mind
It took some time …. I’m over you
It’s now my turn …. to shine.

Lightning bolts…. mega volts
Enough to make me shiver
Never thought we’d break it off
Thought we’d be friends forever.

Guess I should say, “Thank You, Baby”
So glad you walked away
You left me for someone else
You saved my life that day.

No point in  wishing you’d come back
It’s over I’ve moved on
You did me a favor, baby
So thankful that you’re gone. 

So “Thank you , Baby” …. I owe you
You shut and closed the door
No more crying over you
No whining anymore.

No looking back ….. been there, done that
Have finally seen the light
Stopped looking for a simple fix
A way to set things right.

No need for moonlight wishes
Or coins tossed in the air
I found someone who has my back
Someone who truly cares.

Don’t call or write , DM or text
You’re no good for me
Finally over losing you
I’ve finally been set free. 


What was it you were thinking
When you went home with her?
Were you intoxicated
How did this all occur?

Did you think that it would hurt me ?
Did you think it through and through?
Did you know ….what it would mean to me
If I knew…. she was with you?

My heart is truly broken
I’m feeling so betrayed
I believed all of of your promises
All the things you used to say.

Were you thinking it was over
Was there any thought of me?
Like a dagger thru my heart
Guess you’re happy…now you’re free.

Cut and dry, an easy out
You knew you’d never stay
You used me …. now you’re using her
In time …. you’ll walk away.

She thinks she found her soulmate
We both know that isn’t you
You’ll tell her what she wants to hear
She’ll never know the truth.

Money, fame and status
You always wanted more
Stocks and bonds …. prestige and class
That’s what you’re looking for.


I’m falling at the speed of light
Nothing to do….to make this right
Confused, unsure , I’m in the dark
Alone….amidst such hungry sharks.

Lost my grip, just out of reach
Abandoned on this sandy beach
The morning tide…. a brand new day
Somehow I’ve got to find a way.

All the lies …. the alibis
The reasons we should say goodbye
But, can’t give in …. no matter what
I’ve got to make this madness stop.

Battered, beaten …. ridiculed
Feeling like a worthless fool
Overlooked … pushed aside
All night long …. I cried and cried.

Holding on …. so hard… so tight
I can’t let go….no not tonight
The thought of letting go of you
Too much for me…. too much to lose.

The battle’s on…. the war is waged
I’m terrified …. yes, I’m afraid
Weapons drawn …. shields in place
The game is on …. no time to waste.

Pick your poison…. stake your claim
Someone has got to take the blame
Stand your ground.. don’t bend, you’ll break
Don’t let them see you sweat or shake.