I walked along the sandy beach
It was late, so dark and windy
I kept my eyes wide open
Hoping she’d be there to greet me.

Her long red hair, her golden fin
Her sparking emerald eyes
I waited beside the jetty
Hoping she might soon…. swim by.

The stars above were hidden
Deep within the clouds
I watched the waves come crashing in
The sound… so incredibly loud.

I looked passed the coral reef
Beyond the crest of waves
Looking for her silhouette
Above the turtle caves.

The moon so bright, a shining light
Cast a beam in each direction
I looked around, I looked for her
I looked for her reflection.

Suddenly, I caught a glimpse
A sighting beneath the water
There I saw her bright red hair
I said aloud.”I love her”!

Up and out of the water
She found your way to me.
She swam up to the surface
From the bottom of the sea.

“Hello, my love” , I’ve missed you
It’s been quite awhile
I’m so happy…just to be with you”
She said, with a tender smile.

I reached out to gently hold her
Her skin so soft and sleek
We sat together side by side
Till she started to feel weak.

The air above the ocean
Makes it hard for her to breathe
In time she needs to return
I knew, she’d have to leave.

We said goodbye, we bid farewell
Until, we meet again
I’ll wait beside the water’s edge
I’ll wait for her, till then.


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We’re not getting any younger
The time is passing by
Stop worrying and fussing
Too soon we’ll say goodbye.

Get up and shake it all off
Don’t let it burden you
Life’s too short, no regrets
Change your point of view.

Don’t spend your time pining
Wishing you had something more
Be satisfied with what you have
Content with who you are.

The time that’s been allotted you
Is a gift, a special treasure
Let’s make the most of each new day
Let’s spend this day, together.

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Six months after all
Shouldn’t I feel better?
They say time will heal
But, they don’t know … how much I loved her.

Too soon she left my side
I can’t find my way alone
This house is just too quiet
And, she’s not ever coming home.

Coffee on the patio
Not fun without her there
None of this feels right
It simply isn’t fair.

The hours slowly pass
Too long, can’t find a way
To fill the emptiness
To make it through the day.

The garden in the yard
Now overgrown with weeds
Her loving, tender touch
Something we both seem to need.

I finish a new book
Want to share the quirky ending
Only she would understand
What she’d predict, at the beginning.

Clever and oh so charming
Beautiful, sublime
Can’t imagine I’ll feel better
They say I will, it just takes time.


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The sun brightly shining
Not a cloud in the sky
The wind gently blowing
The boats passing by.

I sit here alone
Warmed by the sun
Watching the children
Having such fun.

Sand pails and buckets
The laughter, the noise
They sit building castles
They play with their toys.

Where did the time go?
My children all grown
They live far away
They live on their own.

I relish the time
I have on this earth
I ponder my essence
I question my worth.

I’ve seen many things
I’ve marveled and gleaned
Have been given so much
Fulfilled many dreams.

Feels good just to be
Quiet and free
Idle , unencumbered
Alive spiritually.

I look to the water
To the waves rolling in
Rekindling hope
Again and again.


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We are getting older
Our hair has turned grey
We walk a little slower
We age from day to day.

Our nails are somewhat brittle
Our eyesight, not so good
I ask you to repeat things
I don’t recall the things I should.

We bruise a little easier
Our balance is unsteady
It takes us longer to get dressed
A little longer to get ready.

Where did all the time go?
The years have passed us by
It’s been quite a journey
I never want to say, goodbye.

So many different ailments
Trips to and from the doctor
Hard to believe we made it
To the “Happy Ever After”.

We still hold hands and kiss good night
You mean the world to me
It’s been a good life all in all
I’m sure you would agree.


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Your eyes sparkle like diamonds
And your voice, it’s mesmerizing!
I spend half of my day
Alone in my mind, admittingly….fantasizing
Fantasizing about you,
The girl in the coffee shop.

I watch you come in everyday
You stop in, to pick up your coffee
A caramel macchiato with extra caramel
But, you’ve never even noticed me
I sit by the door and watch you,
The girl in the coffee shop.

My therapist says , “Talk to her,
Start a conversation”. I don’t think so.
I’m too intimidated, too shy.
I wouldn’t know what to do
I wouldn’t know what to say, to
The girl in the coffee shop.

You always walk in alone
No children, friends or a partner
Just you, carrying a book.
You once sat at a table, in the corner.
I couldn’t interrupt. You were reading, you
The girl in the coffee shop.

One day, you walked in, without a book.
There was no sparkle in your eyes.
I could tell that you’d been crying.
I had to approach you. I had to know why.
You said, “ You’re the boy, who sits by the door,
The boy in the coffee shop”.

Her name is Sara. She lives nearby.
Only three blocks away, from me.
She said her dog died, that morning,
She was heartbroken, you see.
I bought her coffee. We sat and talked,
Me and the girl in the coffee shop.


Re-blog. April 22, 2018

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Peanut butter sandwiches
“Kool Aid” and chocolate bars
Trips down to the candy store
On our bikes, it’s not that far.

Cookies, pops and peanuts
Ice cream sodas, malts and shakes
They served fountain sodas, then
Their banana splits were great!

I was only nine years old
Road my bike all over town
Attached baseball cards to my spokes
With some clothespins that I found.

Summers were the very best
No homework, books or school
I left the house at 8 a.m.
Spent most days at the pool.

No fancy clothes or special shoes
Wore my sneakers everyday
A t-shirt and a pair of shorts
All you need to go out to play.

Rainy days were spent inside
Our clubhouse in the trees
We played “Jacks” and “Marbles”
“Go Fish” or “Monopoly”.

What I wouldn’t give
To go back in time awhile
Just thinking about those days gone by
Is enough to make me smile.


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