The darkness, the rage
That I feel within
Surging and seething
Below the skin.

Remorse and regret
The persistent shame
Riddled with heartache
I carry the blame.

Decisions of passion
The power of lust
Drove me to madness
Now, pure disgust.

Tattered and worn
Is all that you’ll see
An old weary shell
Is what’s left of me.

Broken, abandoned
Now on my own
Forgotten, irrelevant
Left all alone.

The warnings, the signs
Standing there before me
Overlooked and rejected
Nothing left to believe.

Shattered in pieces
Thrown to the floor
Passed over, forsaken
Not wanted, ignored.


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A gentle spirit
A restful sleep
Close your eyes
No cause to weep.

A journey
With twists and many turns
Filled with branches
And, many ferns.

And dragonflies
Will wistfully pause
Then pass you by.

No time to waste
Time moves along
Find your star
Be wise, be strong.

Relish peace
And solitude
Change up your plans
And attitude.

Be mindful
Of nature’s gifts galore
Stop longing
Wanting so much more.

A mere state of mind
Let go
You’ve wasted too much time.


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Why do you persist
With shameful remarks
That lead to insults
That tear us apart?

Your careless claims
Thoughtless and lame
Often intended
To hurt and to mame.

Give it some thought
Before letting go
With words so cold
They turn rain to snow.

Brutal and cruel
They cut like a knife
Razor sharp
Causing such strife.

Look into the mirror
See your reflection
Take notice of weakness
Stop the projection.

Try being kind
Show some compassion
Your bullying ways
Such a hateful distraction.

When looking to blame
Stop and hold back
Think twice before making
A verbal  attack.

There’s none without fault
On this earthly path
Reach out with kindness
Contain your self wrath.


A day of thanks
Grateful am I
For all that I have
I cannot deny.

My fate, my choices
Could have been better
But,  looking around
It all comes together.

So many struggle
Have pain and such sorrow
No reason to try
No hope for tomorrow.

So far out of touch
Out of balance, offset
They give me a reason
To never forget.

To give thanks
For the cards that I have been dealt
To know love and emotions
All I have felt.

They cry and they wail
They wonder why
Their lives are so dark
It brings tears to my eyes.

The grass isn’t greener
But, a tangle of weeds
It’s cold and it’s frozen
Nothing there… that I need.


The heat, unimaginably unbearable
The scorching flames above
The dance of evil all around
Destroying all that you love.

Your house and your belongings
Everything you have worked for
In a matter of minutes, it’s over
The fire marches  thru your door.

The firefighters bravely fighting
The wind and drying brush
They push ahead through all the noise
They hear the roar, the fire’s cruel thrust.

Ferociously it moves about
At a speed unknown to man
The planes above drop their loads
Doing the very best they can.

But, it’s not enough to fight the blaze
To fight the furnace deep below
As it thunders across the valley
As it roars and continues to grow.

The fire, pure evil …ravaging
Everything within it’s path
Burning, and destroying
There’s nothing left, all turned to ash.

Though exhausted and weary, the battle continues
The firefighters must find their strength
They know they must gain control of this beast
They will prevail and in the end…they will win.


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Re-blog from 8/13/18.


Happy, Happy Halloween
To scary ghouls, who make us scream!
With terrifying sights and sounds.
Such horror lurks, below the ground.

Arise, prepare to shock and scare
The unsuspecting, if they dare
To walk alone from door to door
To beg for candy, treats and more.

The witches wait, beneath the moon
For kiddies who will pass by soon
The cauldron bubbles, the night is young
All Hallow’s Eve has now begun.

Looking for the perfect treat
A small one passes on the street
The smell of candy’s in the air
A traveler yes…. without a care.

Snatch him up, don’t let him go!
The moon shines bright, on those below
The ambers burn, so hot the cauldron
So sweet the flavor…. of little children!

A thankless boy, you best be not
For fear, you’ll end up in the pot!
A little boy makes, such fine cuisine
For goblins, freaks and other fiends!

Best to learn, to stay in groups
Don’t wonder off, your neighbor’s stoop
Say “thank you”, when a treat is given
By the dead, or those still living.


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A vile and hateful man
A pathetic demagogue
Responsible for the slaughter
At Pittsburgh’s synoguoge.

What’s wrong with the republicans?
Why don’t they take a stand?
Why aren’t they doing something?
Why don’t they take have a plan?

Get him out of office
Try and find a way
I beseech those in power
I continue to hope and pray.

Our nation is in peril
The seams are torn apart
The fabric of our morality
Deep down within our hearts.

Has been shattered and frayed
Ripped away and brutally torn
I’m feeling horrified
Devastated and forlorn.

The vicious, and demented
With rifles in their hands
Are encouraged and incited
By a sick and evil man.

Stand up for peace and justice
Protect the innocent
Take back our country
From this racist president.


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