Clouded judgement
Frought with pain
Things will never
Be the same.

You can’t see
Your way clear
You thrive on pain
You value fear.

You can’t accept
The fault, the blame
You can’t go back
Can’t start again.

The past, a crutch
You hold onto
The memories now
They comfort you.

Feelings hurt
You have no shame
You cast aside
Those weak and lame.

Your mother’s tears
Fall from her eyes
You punish her
You make her cry.

Then look away
Don’t want to help
You let it fall
On someone else.

You’ve built a wall
You hold the line
Nothing that’s said
Can change your mind.


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I took some time this morning
To see if I could find
The missing gumption I once  knew
The Mojo, I’d left behind.

At the bequest of my cardiologist
I looked under the bed
I checked inside the closet
I did exactly as she said.

But, I couldn’t  find my Mojo
He was there inside my drawer
He was hiding there with all my socks
My scarves, my shorts and more.

“Get up, get out, you can’t stay there!”
I called aloud to him
You and I are are getting dressed
We’re going to the gym.

It wasn’t easy getting there
It took some prodding and persuasion
But, once we did our exercise
There was renewed blood circulation.

Getting there is half the battle
It’s hard to find your way
But, once you find your Mojo
It gets easier each day.


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A cloudy rainy day
She sits there all alone
No one stops by to visit
No one calls her on the phone.

The time passed by so quickly
She watched it slip away
She looks into the mirror
Her hair  now turned to gray.

Her face amass with wrinkles
Nothing remains the same
Her hands and knees are aching
She deals with chronic pain.

She watches for the postman
She looks forward to the mail
She reads the advertisements
And watches for the sales.

A woman from her church
Stops by, asks how she feels
She stays, just a few minutes
She delivers “Meals on Wheels”.

Abandoned and forsaken
She feels so all alone
She stares at photos of her husband
His name engraved on their headstone.





Walked down to the beach
Watched the waves coming in
Sat there alone
Felt the sun on my skin.

A short sleeve shirt
Shorts and barefoot
Felt good to be there
I knew that it would.

It always helps
To ease my mind
The cool clean breeze
So refreshing each time.

The troubles of life
The ups and the downs
The worries, the heartache
The noise and the sounds.

I needed a break
From the pressure….demands
That plaque me each day
Those I don’t understand.

Day in and day out
I’m pushed  to the limit
In every direction
There is no end to it.

The deadlines, the targets
The goals and the greed
No matter the cost
No matter the need.

I can’t walk away
Can’t give up the quest
I can’t let it go
Though I  know, I should rest.


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Young at heart
Inner child within
Still wrecking  havoc
Every now and then.

Fun and games
Still likes to play
A lot going on
A lot yet to say.

Cake sounds good
Ice Cream, too
Let’s celebrate
Like youngsters do.

I’ll bring the clothespins
You bring the jar
Can anyone guess
What they’re for?

We’ll pin the tail
On the donkey’s behind
We’ll have cake and punch
Just like old times.

Musical chairs and
Simon Says
Balloons and crayons
I’ll wear my Keds .

We’ll never forget
The fun and games
And my  birthday surprise
The Lionel Train.

My dream came true
When I opened the box
So afraid it was clothes
Or a new pair of socks.

But there it was
A wish come true
My very own train
And lots of track, too!

I cherish the  memories
Of days gone by
Makes me so happy
I want to cry.

Just a boy
Inside a grown man
Doing the best
The best that I can.


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Counting all your blessings
Giving thanks for each new day
Expressing untold gratitude
Has never been your way.

There’s food upon the table
Everything  you’d ever need
A new car and a fine home
But, you’re not tethered or chained to me.

I know you’re longing and you’re wishing
Looking for that something more
You’re anxious and uneasy
There’s something you are  searching  for.

Convinced there’s something out there
Something waiting just for you
Something different and amazing
That will make your dreams come true.

Not my style to try and stop you
It’s not my philosophy
To try and hold you back
To  try and keep you here with me.

My wish is for your happiness
I hope you will  return
But there are many lessons left
That you have yet to learn.


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Step back, step away
Get down from the stage
Why can’t you see
The mess that you’ve made?

Stop all your wailing
We’re tired of it all
No matter who suffers
You want your damn wall.

Unraveled, unhinged
Totally out of your mind
A madman, a tyrant
You’ve crossed the line.

You need to be stopped
Impeached and in prison
You’ve colluded with Russia
I consider that treason.

Your family and friends
All birds of a feather
They all need to go
To prison together.

You’ve scammed and you lied
You’ve cheated, you’ve conned
You still seem to think
That you’ve done nothing wrong.

But, when the day comes
And Mueller is through
You can be sure
They’ll be coming for  you.


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