Been running your mouth
Heard you talking shit
Think I don’t mind?
I’m so done with this.

Don’t come around
Like we doing good
You know we ain’t
The way that we should.

Tired of all ya lying
Been screwing me around
You be the reason 
I’m feeling down. 

You got thirty seconds 
To exit my crib
I’m not forgetting 
The things that you did.

Don’t forget your Nikes
They’re still in the box
Your perfume …. your clothes
Your Tampax…. your socks.

There’s no coming back here
So … don’t forget your phone
Guess no matter what
I’d rather be alone.


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You were one in a million
You stood alone …. amidst the crowd
The music started playing
It was playing awfully loud.

You asked me …. to dance with you
You held me ….. in your arms
I was enthralled …. enchanted
By your looks and your sweet charm.

You came out of nowhere
You kissed me tenderly
I never thought this could happen.
Ever happen like this …. to me.

The chemistry between us
Had ignited a burning flame
I was bewitched …. consumed with passion
Before I even knew your name.

We met for coffee ….. two days later
At a small, quaint, french cafe
You took my hand in your hand
You took my breath away.
You lived around the corner
Two flights up the stairs
You wanted me there with you
I came along, but I was scared.

A once in a lifetime lover
Felt like …. it was a dream
I couldn’t fight it …. didn’t try
I didn’t run …. I didn’t scream.

Nothing feeling that good
Was ever meant to last
Whatever you were doing
It was happening  too fast.

When it all was over
You were done …. you’d had enough
I had to face the music
What you felt…. could not be love.

I wanted to stop crying
Didn’t want it …. all to end
I knew that I had lost you
That we could never be …. just friends.


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You forcibly entered a federal building
Who were you planning …. planning on killing?
What lunatic storms a security door?
What in the world …. did you go there for? 

Surly you knew …. you’d have to face charges 
You’d be arrested …. look at what you started
You’ll spend 20 years …. locked up in a cage 
For one afternoon of chaos and rage.

Screaming and yelling  …. part of a mob
Afraid you might have …. weapons and bombs
War paint and horns …. quite a disguise
Incited by threats …. rumors and lies.

Got it on camera …. cell phones …. videos
Heard Pence would be … be the first …. first to go
Gonna string him up …. then hang him high
Think you won’t get caught …. by the FBI?

Guess you had help …. on the inside
Too bad in the process …. five people have died.
Unlawful entry …. vandalism and more
Stealing laptops …. smearing feces on floors.  

Attacking police
Beating and tazing
Are you out of your mind?
Are you all …. really crazy?

Terrorizing the members …. the members of Congress
Needing to hide …. “so afraid you might find us”
Banging on doors …. with sticks and with bats
The Capitol building now under attack.

Unfortunately… are not thinking straight
You’ve been encouraged …. to wail and to hate
You’re part of a cult … part of a pact
Don’t be a fool…. you’re better than that.

Get yourself back …. get back on track
By learning  the truth and  knowing the facts
Trump has been lying …. about all of the votes
He wants to convince you …. that it’s all a hoax.


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The painful truth 
I fell for you
A big mistake
What could I  do?

I can’t erase
Or change the past
It wasn’t real
It didn’t last.

Like a puppy
Like a child
I got involved 
I was beguiled.

Lost my compass
Point of view
Thought I’d always
Be with you.

You led me down 
A rabbit hole
You were forceful
You were bold.

You were charming
So beautiful 
I was enthralled 

Nothing mattered
All  I knew 
Was I had fallen
Hard for you.

Too much champagne
Nights in your arms
The fear …. the shame.

Sex till dawn
Lust and wine
But you were never
Truly mine.

In the end 
You wouldn’t stay
You left me here
You walked away.


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Call them up
Those friends you know
Let’s go out
Ask them to go.

One phone call
Just one request
I was naive
I must confess.

Who knew that you
Were looking for
Someone else
Something more.

All the while 
I believed
You’d stay with me
You’d never leave.

But …. you used me  
You used my friends
You played me 
Like a violin.

Bad enough 
To break my heart
The lights were dim
The room was dark.

I looked for you
You wandered off
The melody 
So slow …. so soft.

You were dancing
Way too close
Had no idea
You’d leave … you’d go.

Saw you both
Out on the floor
Then watched you two 
Walk out the door.


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Open your eyes
See for yourself
It’s all sitting there
Up there on the self.

All of the promises
All of the lies
A hundred reasons
To tell you… Goodbye.

You’re going nowhere
I know where you’ve been
Nothing has changed
This has to end.

Got wishes and dreams 
That don’t include you
I met someone else
She’s better than you!

I’m all about status
Power and fame
I follow the money
Love playing the game.

This has been fun
The sex was the best
But do me a favor
Don’t call me or text.

We both need some space 
I’m sure you agree
You’ll need some time 
To get over me.


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Level up
It’s about time 
Stop all your whining
Stop all your crying.

You’re no camper
You  got play
Step out of the darkness
Come out of the shade.

You’re no loser
Got it going on
Put down your cup
This ain’t Beer Pong.

No more excuses
No casting blame
Get out of your head
Get into the game.


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A poser among us
So charming …. so cute
I was enchanted
I fell for you.

Allowed  myself
To be tricked and cajoled
I followed your lead 
Did what I was told.

All of the lies
I always believed
Why didn’t I notice?
Why didn’t I see?

I had been scammed
I had been used 
Allowed myself ….
To be played and abused.

You had a plan
From one ….. to the other 
You took advantage
Of each of your lovers. 

I should have known
You came on  so strong
But …. I never thought 
There was anything wrong.

Never suspected
There was no doubt
Until the day 
The day you moved out.


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I tried to be what you wanted
But you were light years away 
I should have known …. I couldn’t keep you
Should’ve known …. you wouldn’t stay.

I tried to be …. your “one and only”
The one you wanted …. to hold tight
But you don’t need or crave a body
No one you have to …. kiss good night.

Up in the clouds or in a matrix
If only I …. could be with you
I never felt this way or wanted
Anyone …. like I want you. 

But you are not …. made up of atoms
You are something quite surreal
You’re in my dreams …. my fantasy
An emotion that I feel. 


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Remembering that first night
The night when we first met
I hung on every single word
Every  single word you said.

The chemistry …. the way I felt
Overwhelmed with lust and passion
Seeing you that first time 
Aroused a strong attraction. 

I would’ve done almost anything
Anything to be with you
I would’ve done almost anything 
Anything you said to do.

Overpowered ….. all consumed
I wasn’t thinking straight
Before I knew it …. you moved in
By then …. it was too late.

It took awhile to realize
I was in over my head
Regretted running into you 
That night…. the night we met.

Love bombed,  seduced and confused
Like a spider in your web
Trapped, tricked and paralyzed
A prisoner in your bed.

It took some  time to see the truth
You weren’t …. who I thought you were
By then you were gone… you left me
Left me to be with her.


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