So aware of my heart beating
Listening so carefully
Wondering when the day will come
When it no longer beats for me.

What keeps the beat so steady?
The rhythm keeping time
Why waste a minute worrying?
Have that extra glass of wine.

Hold fast to those who love you
Save the precious memories
Time will quickly pass you by
Love and care wholeheartedly.

Enjoy the time allotted you
Like sand through the hourglass
It will be gone before you know it
Time passes by so fast.


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Lying in your bed alone
At night the room is quiet
The house is settling, the room is dark
Your feelings remain private.

Afraid to reach out, to try again
For fear he’ll pull away
Can’t risk another rejection
Afraid of what he’d say.

So vulnerable and frightened
Too scared to let him in
The walls you’ve built … impenetrable
So afraid that he might win.

Will he steal your heart away?
No, you’ve taken care of that
You pushed too hard, you scared him off
He won’t be coming back.


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Gazing thru the looking glass
On your way down the rabbit’s hole
You’re led to believe it’s all a dream
Deception is his goal.

Slight-of-hand, might over matter
There will always be a spin
Anyway to defraud or mislead
Will serve him in the end.

Scheming, lying, double talking
The road shaky and unstable
Never forthright or honorable
Deals made under the table.

Now cavorting with the enemy
Teetering on treason
He meets with them behind closed doors
Doesn’t have to give a reason.

Our safety now in jeopardy
No one’s got our back
Except what he calls “fake news”
Unprotected and under attack.

Spineless politicians
Turn their backs and walk away
Afraid to meet resistance
They are careful what they say.

Power, status and position
Keeps them all in line
No one will stand up to him
They make excuses every time.

Our freedom, in the balance
There’s so little we can do
He’s selling out our country
The red, the white and blue.


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You’ve been taken down so far below
To the dark depths of your pathetic soul
Plaguing you still …after all of these years
You’re left with nowhere to go.

The memories haunting, the sound of her voice
Still echoing inside your mind
You’re given no choice, you can’t escape
Held captive after all of this time.

Her life goes on, untarnished, unharmed
And yet, you’re here still pining away
Living each moment over and over
Thoughts of her sabatogging your day.

What marks the spot, an X or a WHY?
Like a warn out record on the stereo
What gives strength to our weakest desires
What makes you stoop so low?

The object of favor, the lustful desire
So undeserved and so easily misplaced
The charm, the obsession…. nothing more
Than a girl with a pretty face.


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You continue to lie
Again and again
No point in trying
Where to begin?

Over and over
Time passes by
The same story gets told
Can’t help wonder why.

You grin and you smile
You look away
You look for an out
You look for a way.

No one believes you
Save your excuses
Nobody wins
Everyone loses.

Step back, step away
There’s too much at stake
Stop laughing, pretending
With that smirk on your face.

It’s over, I’m done
Get out, close the door
I’ve heard this same story
I’ve heard it before.

We’ve run out of time
I’ve had enough
Please pack your packs
Take all of your stuff.

Over and over
Over again
Everyone loses
Nobody wins.


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You’ve closed your heart and mind
To reason and the truth
You turn and walk away
Think this doesn’t affect you.

What a fool to listen to
The beliefs of liars and thieves
To think what you are told
Is all you really need.

Your judgement seems tainted
Your opinions not quite right
We differ in our outlook
All you want to do is fight.

He is a bully and a jester
He doesn’t really care
He’ll sell you down the river
Don’t oppose him, don’t you dare.

The lights are surely blinking
Don’t throw caution to the wind
Wake up and pay attention
Don’t get too close, you might fall in.


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Impeach and imprison
No questions asked
He is responsible
Hold him to task.

Over and over
Over again
We listen to lies
Let proceedings begin.

Positions are clear
No questions or doubt
You’ve got to remove him
Please take him out.

The lying, the cheating
No respect for the law
He takes what he wants
And, he wants it all.

Truth spoken to power
Has been ignored
What are you doing?
What are you waiting for?

Impeach and imprison
He’s crossed the line
Remove him from office
You’ve run out of time.


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