You’ve closed your heart and mind
To reason and the truth
You turn and walk away
Think this doesn’t affect you.

What a fool to listen to
The beliefs of liars and thieves
To think what you are told
Is all you really need.

Your judgement seems tainted
Your opinions not quite right
We differ in our outlook
All you want to do is fight.

He is a bully and a jester
He doesn’t really care
He’ll sell you down the river
Don’t oppose him, don’t you dare.

The lights are surely blinking
Don’t throw caution to the wind
Wake up and pay attention
Don’t get too close, you might fall in.


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Impeach and imprison
No questions asked
He is responsible
Hold him to task.

Over and over
Over again
We listen to lies
Let proceedings begin.

Positions are clear
No questions or doubt
You’ve got to remove him
Please take him out.

The lying, the cheating
No respect for the law
He takes what he wants
And, he wants it all.

Truth spoken to power
Has been ignored
What are you doing?
What are you waiting for?

Impeach and imprison
He’s crossed the line
Remove him from office
You’ve run out of time.


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To say that I’m appalled
Is a blatant understatement
This president is bold
We are in need of a replacement.

A clear and present danger
He’s put us in harm’s way
An open act of treason
Never thought I’d see this day.

He is siding with a dictator
An evil, cold, cruel man
Trump has no idea
He couldn’t possibly understand.

Standing with a Russian leader
Against the FBI
Challenging our democracy
Defending 12 known spies.

Fawning over power
Lusting for power and greed
He is giving Vladimir Putin
Anything he wants or needs.

When will we hear from Mueller
Trump is clearly dangerous
He’s cavorting with a dictator
His behavior …… treasonous.


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A Mermaid’s Plea

As I got closer to the jetty
I couldn’t believe my eyes
There she sat upon the rocks
Was I asleep or hypnotized?

Her hair was long and flowing
Her eyes… an emerald green
Was this just my imagination
Or the middle of a dream?

Extremely sleek and beautiful
The sun glistening on her skin
She had a perfect upper body
And below ….a large green fin.

Her voice was calm and soothing
It was music to my ears
She held my hand and smiled at me
Referred to me as “Dear”.

We talked about the ocean
The creatures big and small
She was concerned about pollution
All the garbage and the oil.

She was a mermaid on a mission
She was pleading for my help
She spoke about the others
Never focusing on herself.

Please save the whales and dolphins
All the fish and crustaceans
All the many helpless creatures
That reside in our ocean.

I couldn’t help but notice
The tears falling from her eyes
I tried to reassure her
Didn’t want to see her cry.

In time, we had to say goodbye
I knew she couldn’t stay
Under the water she disappeared
I watched her slip away.


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I sure miss Nora Ephron
Her wit and her charm
The laughter she gave us
Has taken me by storm.

Her class, such grace
Her slant on the mundane
Inspiring and amazing
Her sprit still remains.

Thru all of her movies,
Her books and articles
I felt a true connection
So real and personable.

She was incredibly amazing
Loved by so many and admired
I, myself was quite enamored
I was smittened and inspired.

She was unique and captivating
She had a style all of her own
A brilliant, talented writer
That I wish that I had know.


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Decisions are made
Behind closed doors
Handshakes and winks
Can’t take any more.

The rich get richer
They scam and they lie
Over and over
We keep asking why.

But the proof is there
Right in our face
Plain and simple
A sad disgrace.

They’ll use and abuse
They’ll bully, complain
But the end result
Is more of the same.

We have to stand up
To greed and to hate
If we wait too long
It will be too late.

Can’t let them take over
We can’t let them win.
We’ve got to speak out
Again and again.


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You sit there and watch
Fox all day
You believe everything
He has to say.

You turn your back
On innocent children
You want the wall
He told you he’s building.

While you’re distracted
He’s taking away
All of your benefits
And all of your pay.

The top two percent
Are stuffing their pockets
He has plans for expansion
He’s got money for rockets.

But your check gets smaller
All your medical costs
Are soon to rise
Your rights will be lost.

Like a magician
He’s fooling you
He’s covered your eyes
He knows just what to do.

Slight of hand
Coldhearted and mean
He’s laughing at you
While fulfilling his dream.

An agent of chaos
You’re along for the ride
You can’t see thru the haze
All the hate and the lies.

Once it is over
You’ll feel so ashamed
But, you will have no one
But… yourself to blame.


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