People change… their  wants, their needs
Nothing stays the same
In the end you’re standing there
Left feeling so ashamed.

Wishing , hoping things could last
But, just fleeting memories
Everything’s turned upside down
Your ship’s now lost at sea. 

No way out , no second chance
Can’t try your luck again
Like sand, it slips right thru your hands
Can’t stop the rain or wind.

Belly up, nothing left
No one you can turn to
They’ve all gone , been called home
There’s nothing you can do.

Ranting , raving, calling out
You’re just not being heard
They can’t hear your pleas for help
Not a single, frantic word.

Lost your voice, lost your mind
Is this all  just a  bad dream ?
Someone wake me , tell me now
It’s not the way it seems. 

Cast aside, ignored and shunned
The feelings, oh so strong
It’s now clear, can’t see the light
I simply don’t belong.

Let go …..or it will bury you
Let go……, stop holding on
It will be the death of you
It’s  over, she is gone.


Image by ultravybe…… Google Images


What’s gone wrong between us?
Can’t get through to you
Never felt so helpless
Nothing more that I can do.

Sending you a message
Trying hard … hard to relate
But, you hear what you want to
I fear now… it’s just  too late.

Light years from each other
I still call out your name
But, you can’t see or hear me
We don’t see things the same.

There’s a barrier between us
A wall made out of stone
I can’t get thru, though I’ve tried to
Guess,  I’ll leave you now alone.

Don’t want to fight a battle
It’s become a bit too hard
Hard to try and be with you
There’s just too many scars.


Image by TIK TOK…Google Images.


When did you become
My most dreaded enemy?
When did you decide
You had it in for me?

Every lie and empty promise 
That  you had made to me
Broken then discarded
Cast aside so easily.

Out of sight, out of mind
So easy to forget
Just a faded memory
As bad as it could get.

Taking what you wanted
All the phony, false pretense
You set the stage, to suit yourself
You never were my friend.

Wish  I never met you
Was such a waste of time
Should’a seen right through you
You were never truly mine.


Image by Apple Podcast. Google Images.


A box full of darkness
Your parting gift
No hope , inspiration
Nothing left of it.

Wounded, forsaken
Battered and bruised
You took what you wanted
I’ve sadly been used. 

Believed every word 
Everything that you said
The lies and the whispers 
I can never forget .

Plotting and planning 
How did it begin?
You had an agenda
Knew that this would end.

I followed you blindly
Down a black hole
I gave you  my all 
My body, my soul.

Masterfully done
Strategically paired
You took what you wanted
You never played fair. 

A demon disguised
So charming , so shrewd
Lured into madness
I gave in to you. 


Image by Dreams meaning…Goggle Images.


Never thought for just a minute
You had plans to make me cry
Why would you embarrass me?
Tell me, …… tell me why.

Pics taken in the dark of night
Were meant for your eyes only
Never dreamed you’d make a fool of me
My whole family will disown me.

Mistakes  unfold with consequence
Just didn’t think it through
Believed you when you told me twice
I’ll take good care of you.

No hope to save my dignity
Not now … not after this
There for all the world to see
Why didn’t I resist?

Believed you when you promised me
You’d be the only one
Who knew you’d break a solemn vow?
You did it just for fun.

I hear you laugh…. the sly remarks
Whenever I walk by
Makes me want to turn and run
Just makes me want to cry.

Wish I could go back in time
Should’a never trusted you
Thought that you were mine alone
Now, nothing I can do.


Image by Game Studio… Google Images.


By the time ….I saw you there
Was three sheets to the wind
Been out with friends…was partying
Since quarter after ten.

Knew my late night habits 
Knew where I’d  be tonight
Always got an angle
We both know this isn’t  right. . 

Saw you from a distance
Heard you left….moved out of town
Nothing here to interest you
No  need to hang around.

Bitter sweet, still painful
You walked out on  me
Lucky I’m still standing
Nothing here for you to see.

Weren’t meant to be together 
Can’t mix fire with gasoline
A big mistake, a huge mishap
One I’ll never make again.

Tripped and fell , was paralyzed
Fell head ….right over heels
Never knew someone  like you
Could ever make me feel.

Confused, unsure, unstable
Obsessed , in lust with you
Left me feeling foolish
Left me broken, black and blue. 


Image by Three Sheets Bar, GOOGLE IMAGES.


Can we meet for coffee
Can you get away?
I’ll meet you on the corner
Let’s meet at the cafe.

Been busy, writing, playing 
Setting up my studio
Found a brand , got a band
Cranking out some stereo.

Let’s take our coffee to the beach
Just like we used to do
Feels so great to just hang out
To spend some time with you.

Can’t get back together
Even if we wanted to 
Let’s just enjoy the afternoon
Love spending time with you.

Tied the knot, couldn’t wait
You gave up on me
Thought you’d always be there
Waiting for me patiently.

Foolish  me… to fantasize
After how I treated you
Got what I deserved at last
Nothing left that I can do.


Image by….. BIG STOCK


She’s looking for a bad boy
Been down this road before
So tired of being second best
Can’t take it anymore.

Doesn’t have a decent job
His car…. fifteen years old
Still living with his parents
But , he’s got her….. heart and soul.

Gotta know I’d treat her right
Not like the other guys
But, Friday nights, all by herself
She sits at home and cries.

She’s looking for a bad boy
Who knows the reasons why?
He treats her bad, he makes her sad|
Still  she’s crazy bout this guy.

Football games and movies
Chips, burgers and hot wings
She never gets invited
She’ll never see a ring.

Never buys her dinner
Tells her to wait on him
Would rather be out with his friends 
Would rather be with them.

I got a reservation
At a posh new restaurant 
Could pick her up, could take her out|
But, I’m not who she wants.

She’s looking for a bad boy
Who knows the reasons why
He treats her bad, makes her sad
Still she’s crazy bout this guy.

Saturdays he rocks her world
He says they’re more than friends 
His bedroom’s in the basement
She spends the night with him.

Make-up, and expensive shoes
She’ll be wearing a new dress
He’ll be in his dirty jeans
You know he could care less.

So what’s the fascination?
What does she see in him?
He’s like all the other guys
He’s just like one of them. 

In twenty years, she’ll look back
Won’t do her any good
She’ll recall mistakes she made
All the Should’a , Could’a , Would’s!


Featured Image: Adobe Stock


On the hunt, on the prowl 
Always looking for the prize
Another shiny trinket 
There before your eyes.

Broken hearts, shattered dreams
Stepped over, cast aside
Carelessly , haphazardly
You told so many lies.

Stepping stones … one by one
So sure to get ahead
Taking what you want or crave
Whatever you could get.

Whimsical , flirtatious
So confident… so sure
Wrapped around your finger

I was heart and soul…. all yours.

Every plot , every plan
Every single step you take
Always calculated
To minimize mistakes.

Deceiving and misleading
No regrets , no restless nights
No concern for pride or simple trust
No regard for what is right.

Abandoned, yes forsaken
As cunning as a shark
Used, abused , then left behind
By The Queen of broken hearts.


Photo from Google: kinky


I shouldn’t have to worry
Or be scared to go to school
I shouldn’t be afraid of you
Or what you’re going to do.

The anger and the evil
Is brewing deep inside
Wondering if this could be
The day that I might die.

18 years …still just a boy
Who sold that gun to you?
What government approved the sale
Knowing what that gun could do?

That kind of gun in your hands
Can shred and tear apart
The tissues, bones and organs
Including my own heart.

The clerk behind the counter
Did he question or doubt you?
Why didn’t he refuse to sell
That body armor, too?

So obvious you needed help
But, now it is too late
If only someone had said “no”
They could have changed our fate.

The money made at our expense
By the NRA
Is protected by the senators
Who know they’ll get their way.

Their status and positions
Mean more to them you see
They don’t care about the lives
Of children just like me.

My innocence, my childhood
Now covered in the blood
Shed by my friends and teachers
Can’t you see enough’s enough?

Change the laws … Ban the guns
Don’t just walk away
Stop the senseless killings
Please… you’ve got to find a way!