The heat, unimaginably unbearable
The scorching flames above
The dance of evil all around
Destroying all that you love.

Your house and your belongings
Everything you have worked for
In a matter of minutes, it’s over
The fire marches  thru your door.

The firefighters bravely fighting
The wind and drying brush
They push ahead through all the noise
They hear the roar, the fire’s cruel thrust.

Ferociously it moves about
At a speed unknown to man
The planes above drop their loads
Doing the very best they can.

But, it’s not enough to fight the blaze
To fight the furnace deep below
As it thunders across the valley
As it roars and continues to grow.

The fire, pure evil …ravaging
Everything within it’s path
Burning, and destroying
There’s nothing left, all turned to ash.

Though exhausted and weary, the battle continues
The firefighters must find their strength
They know they must gain control of this beast
They will prevail and in the end…they will win.


Image from Google Images: medicaldaily.com


Re-blog from 8/13/18.


Happy, Happy Halloween
To scary ghouls, who make us scream!
With terrifying sights and sounds.
Such horror lurks, below the ground.

Arise, prepare to shock and scare
The unsuspecting, if they dare
To walk alone from door to door
To beg for candy, treats and more.

The witches wait, beneath the moon
For kiddies who will pass by soon
The cauldron bubbles, the night is young
All Hallow’s Eve has now begun.

Looking for the perfect treat
A small one passes on the street
The smell of candy’s in the air
A traveler yes…. without a care.

Snatch him up, don’t let him go!
The moon shines bright, on those below
The ambers burn, so hot the cauldron
So sweet the flavor…. of little children!

A thankless boy, you best be not
For fear, you’ll end up in the pot!
A little boy makes, such fine cuisine
For goblins, freaks and other fiends!

Best to learn, to stay in groups
Don’t wonder off, your neighbor’s stoop
Say “thank you”, when a treat is given
By the dead, or those still living.


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A vile and hateful man
A pathetic demagogue
Responsible for the slaughter
At Pittsburgh’s synoguoge.

What’s wrong with the republicans
That stand with this man?
Why aren’t they doing
All that they can?

To remove him from office
To put him away
I beseech those in power
I continue to pray.

Our nation’s in peril
The seams torn apart
The fabric of our morality
Deep down in our hearts.

Has been shattered and frayed
Ripped away and torn
I’m feeling horrified
Devastated and forlorn.

The vicious, and demented
With rifles in their hands
Encouraged and incited
By a sick and evil man.

Stand up for justice
Protect the innocent
Take back our country
From this racist president.


Image from Google Images: standupamerica/twitter.com




A narcissist, a liar, a psychopath, at large
He should be impeached
Indicted and charged.

Disgracing, humiliating us, on the world stage
Why can’t he be stopped?
Please respond, please engage.

Allowing the verbiage, that goes on and persists
Inciting violence
When will you resist?

Greed and lust, money and fame
Put him in office
But, you are to blame.

Encouraging violence, he rallies his crowds
Inspiring evil
He laughs right out loud.

You have the power, the means and know how
Exercise your authority
Remove him, right now.

He’s out of control, spouting evil and rage
Stand up for what’s right
Please, stop his rampage.

Once a world power, now being laughed at
Can’t you see that
We’re under attack?

History’s recording your lack of virtue
Hold him accountable
We’re depending on you.


Obstacles and barriers
Roadblocks and stop signs
Appeasing and negotiating
Needs to happen every time.

No autonomy or freedom
Final say is yours alone
Why do you feel so privileged
And make decisions on your own?

Who gave you the power?
Why are  you sitting on the throne?
I’m more than a poor peasant
I have heart and a backbone.

Don’t ignore my feelings
Don’t look away or roll your eyes
I deserve your full attention
You don’t get to pass me by.

I have a voice and an opinion
What I say should matter too
I am clearly not invisible
I will stand right up to you.

I have rights to be upheld
You’re not my boss, my dad or brother
You don’t get to disrespect me
I won’t be stifled, shut down or smothered.


Image from Google Images: siliconangle.com


A happier place
A gentler time
A step back from the heartache
Before, you changed your mind.

The smile on your face
The look in your eyes
Before, I knew the truth
Before, I asked you why.

Free of the guilt
Free of the pain
Before, I ever met you
Before, knowing your name.

The burden, the shame
The guilt and the blame
Wanting you more
Wanting more of the same.

The narcissist’s power
To convince and cajole
Never lessens or weakens
It never gets old.


Image from Google Images: tenor.com

Please Go

Can’t count on you to have my back
Sorry, but it’s true
Though we are under the same roof
I can’t depend on you.

Coast along, no questions asked
Nothing more that I can do
So easily taken for granted
Guess, I expected more from you.

On my own, so isolated
Feeling separate from the pack
Realizing there’s no trust
No reason to look back.

Security keeps you anchored
But, nothing stays the same
There‘s more that’s waiting for you
So much more for you to gain.

More money, position and status
It’s there for you to find
We all deserve what we want
All I want is peace of mind.

I’m past the point of no return
Tired of compromise
Pack your bags, head on out
No strings, no alibis.

I’m not sad, not anymore
I’ve simply had enough
You rolled your eyes too many times
Please be sure to take your stuff.

Ridicule and disappointment
Support …. begged and pleaded for
Contempt, disgust and judgement
I can’t take this any more.

Don’t tolerate or settle
Find what you’re looking for
Life’s too short, brief at best
I’m sure there’s something more.

Desire, the lust, the romance
Wasn’t there, right from the start
I compromised, convinced myself
You’d have a change of heart.

Not going to happen, now or never
Let’s cut the ties that bind and fray
It took so long to come to this
You need to go, please walk away.


Image from Google Images: Youtube Dr. Seuss