How long have you known 
You were going to cut me loose?
How long have you been seeing her?
Did she come on to you?

Last night you laid beside me
Put your arms around me tight
Were you just pretending
Things between us were all right?

When were you going to tell me?
What were you waiting for?
Did she make you happier
Were you wanting something more?

Were you bored or just unsatisfied
Was I simply not enough?
There was never any warning
I thought we were in love.

One more night together
This is so hard to believe.
Never thought that you would hurt me
Never thought that you would leave.


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Salt in the wound
Seeing you here
Holding her hand
Makes it so clear. 

Pain in my heart
A knife through the ribs
Remembering us
The things that we did.

Seeing you there
Hearing you laugh 
She gets from you 
Everything that I had.

Your hair in the sunlight
Glistens and shines
Here with some friends
For the music and wine.

A public occasion
An open venue
What were the chances
I’d run into you?

The sound of your voice 
Drives me insane
Can’t stand to hear her
Calling  your name.

I really can’t stay 
I’ve had enough
Having to see you
For me…. is too much.


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Can’t Escape

Why can’t I find the strength
To run or to escape
To try and find a way
To forget my worst mistake?

Every corner …. everywhere 
Every move that I make
Every notion or concern
Every single step I take.

Overwhelming …. all consuming 
Why can’t you let me be?
I never have a moment’s peace
From this nagging memory.

Possession or obsession 
The memories persist
I need someone to break this spell
I need an exorcist.

All day long …. it never stops
Over and over again
I see your face …. I hear your voice
This madness has to end.

I’m running from the devil
I need to be set free
Free from this dark and evil spell
That you have cast on me.


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What am I suppose to do
When you say you’re leaving?
What can I possibly say
To make you start believing?

Said we’d always be together 
Thought you were being honest
Believed you when you told me
You said forever, you  did…you promised.

Don’t let her come between us
You know that you are mine
She’ll never stay, she never does
She leaves you every time.

You’re just confused, I can tell
Let’s figure out a way
We’ll work it out….we always do
I need you….please, please stay.


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I said that I’m sorry
But words on deaf ears
Really don’t matter
After all of these years.

I hurt you, I know it
I can’t explain
The heartache , the sorrow
I know …. I’m to blame.

To say that I loved you
Sounds like a lie
Cause if I did
Why  say goodbye?

Careless and selfish
So damn immature
You were so steadfast
Always so sure.

But I was a player
I was such a fool
I should have tried harder
Should’a stayed there with you.

I’m paying the price
Everyday ….. all the time
I live with regret
You’ll never be mine.

You severed the ties
I deserve it, I know
It’s my fault for leaving
For letting you go.


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Plagued, consumed, bombarded
Can’t seem to find a way
Your memory lives on and on
Though you are light years from today. 

You’d never take the time
No thoughts of what we had
You don’t spend a millisecond
Ever feeling bad. 

One of the beautiful people
The world is at your feet
Always get what you want
Or take from those you meet.

Lust… the primal secret
A pathway into one’s soul
Someone pays a hefty price
When one’s heart is bought or sold.

Like it never happened 
Thoughts easily erased
On to bigger and better things
Another pretty face.


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You string me along
Like Mardi Gras beads
Tossed in the air 
Blown in the breeze.

No regard or respect
No love or concern
Everyday is the same 
The crash and the burn.

No one to blame
I relinquished control
Played into your hands
I gave you my soul.

The nights in your bed
The shame that I felt
You made me beg
At your feet … while I knelt.

No sense of self worth
No pity on me
Why wouldn’t I want
Or demand to be free?

A date with the devil
I should have known
You were so callous 
Cold to the bone.


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I waited all night
For you to come home
I sat in the bedroom
I waited alone.

I watched the time pass 
Thinking of you 
Imagining you with her 
What else could I do?

I’d try to say something
Say something new
Something to shake you 
To get through to you. 

But when you walked in
It was the same as before
I heard your footsteps
Heard you close the door.

Told me you worked late
But that was a lie
I didn’t believe you
I started to cry.

I could smell her perfume
Your hair looked a mess
Must have left in a hurry
Didn’t take time to dress.

Your tie in your pocket
Your shirt wrinkled but clean
I could only imagine
With what little I’d seen.

Said you were sorry
But you’d fallen for her
After hearing those words
It was all just a blurr!

I dropped to my knees
My world torn apart
I meant nothing to you
You shattered my heart.

I can’t be there 
When you pack up your stuff
It’s too hard to accept 
That I wasn’t enough.


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Carved out of stone
Heart ….cold as ice
Overcome with elation
No time to think twice.

A once in a lifetime
The thrill of it all
Brought to the edge
Just waiting to fall.

Head over heels
Consumed, mesmerized 
Fully engaged 
All at once paralyzed.

Dazzled, delighted 
Beyond my control
Surrendered my spirit
My body, my soul.


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She pulled into the driveway
In her old blue pick up truck
She seldom made it over here
Out of gas or out of luck.

Just got a brand new battery
A new muffler and new tail lights
No matter what she tried to do
That old clunker never ran right.

Her dad died two years ago
Her mom ten years before
All she had was that old truck
Painted blue with one green door.

The farmhouse where she lived herself
Was five miles down the road
She managed to run a diary farm
How she did it … no one knows.

No husband, friend or roommate
She managed on her own
She worked all day … till it got dark
Lived by herself … there all alone.

A pretty girl, with long blonde hair
Her eyes an emerald green
Always wore a flannel shirt
Her boots and dirty jeans.

She wasn’t here for very long
Was heading into town
Wondered if I’d seen the vet
Or… if he’d been around.

Doc Bradley spent a lot of time
Down at the dairy farm
He recently fell off his horse
Heard he broke his arm.

Said she baked an apple pie
In case he did stop by
It was obvious to most of us
That he had caught her eye.

They seemed to be compatible
He was handsome and quite strong
She needed someone there with her
Now that her dad was gone.

They married and seemed happy
They had three kids and a dog
Heard they got six goats and geese
A pony and a hog.

She still drives her old blue truck
Back and forth to town
It takes her where she wants to go
All she needs …. to get around.


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