Can’t fall asleep
He’s at it again
Ranting and raving
Plotting to win.

Every night
Alone …. here with you
I’m wide awake
Don’t know what to do.

No problem for you
Passed out …. sound asleep
I’ve spent the last hour 
Counting black and white sheep.

The chaos within
The fear and concern
He’s talking about staying
Another full term.

He is  the cause
How many are dead?
He is responsible for
The noise in my head.

Won’t wear a mask
Thinks he’s immune
When will this be over
I pray …. very soon.


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Don’t send in your ballot
Unless it’s for me
I’m number one
The best there could be.

Only the votes
That put me ahead
Need to be counted
Yes, that’s what I said.

A vote for a democrat
A complete waste of time
Their votes are not valid
We’ll count only mine.

A scam and a hoax
If they win this race
I simply won’t have it
I’ve got to save face.

So many ballots
Sent through the mail
If they are considered
I’ll end up in jail.

Slander and scam
Confuse and divert
That’s been my plan
And, I know it will work.

I’m staying in power
I won’t give in
I will be the victor
I am going to win.


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Anguish and turmoil
Nerves are on edge
Feeling so anxious
Here on this ledge.

Don’t want to tumble
Trip or just fall
Trying to make sense
Make sense of it all.

The anger, the hatred
Mean spirited threats
The promises made
Now they forget.

Feeling so scared
Our future’s at stake
No way is he making
America great.


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Standing down is not an option
Stepping up will get things done
Don’t give in to false deceptions
It’s not how the race is won.

All the contradictions
The lies …. the bait and switch
Always an agenda
That comes with a new glitch. 

They’ll cheat if it works better
They will boldly lie to you
Nothing they will tell you
Is ever right or true.

How do you fight a monster
Who will stab you in the back?
Who values his white privilege?
Always ready to attack.

He wants to be an autocrat
To  disband democracy 
Only the ignorant 
Long for complacency.

Two faced and hypocritical 
They line the hallowed halls
No longer true republicans
They’re Trumpsters  one and all.

Will right win  out …. in the end ?
Will justice at last prevail?
Will truth …. honor and dignity.
Be enough to tip the scales?


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Children in cages
So hard to believe
What more do you need
To finally believe?

This just can’t be right 
So horrific…. so sad
How did this happen?
So awful…. so bad!

Compassion and love 
Replaced with greed
How can you stand there
And watch them bleed?

The horror, the fear
Looking for shelter
After all she’s been through
Can’t we reach out to help her?

Taking a child 
From a mother’s arms
Exchanged for a blanket
Made of foil to keep warm. 

How could this be?
The cruelty …. the hate
Is this how we make
America great?


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You pushed so hard
But, waited too long
So sure you were needed
But, you were so wrong.

The coffee …. the jitters
The pain in your gut
Though you looked quite tattered
You always showed up.

The contrast so clear
She was young and alert
So polished, she shined
She stood out at work.

Without hesitation
Quite comfortably
They made a decision

New kid on the block
You were demoted
They all agreed
They decided…they voted.

No choice in the matter
Time to retire
She was loaded for bear
Best to quit….don’t get fired.

She had an agenda
She knew what to do
To get what she wanted
To get rid of you.


Every day 
Begins the same
How’d it happen?
Who’s to blame?

Needing to
Go back to work
Make my lunch
Iron my shirt.

But “Groundhog Day”
Starts again
It’s all the same
As it begins.

Need the money
Need to feel
We can survive
This vile ordeal.

Been turned around
Can’t figure out
What’s up or  down.

Bills are high
Funds are low
Can’t leave the house
Nowhere to go.

Can’t get close
Six feet apart
This distancing
Just breaks my heart.

Wish that this
Was just a  dream
Still waiting for
A safe vaccine.

So upset
What can we do?
I’m so afraid
Of losing you.

Let’s wear our masks
Wash our hands
Let’s do our best
Do what we can.


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Walking to the beach
Fierce waves rolling in
Dark clouds above 
A howling …. savage wind.

Sand …. like bits of glass
Swirling in the air
Sting my face and eyes
Blowing swiftly through my hair.

The distant buoy rocks
Seems to flail about
The fog horn in the distance
Can still be heard …. it’s loud. 

An eerie winter night
The moon behind the clouds
The light comes and goes
Shining through …. though in and out.

A scarf across my face
My hands within my pockets 
The chill is in the air
I had buttoned up my jacket.

No one is on the beach
A lone bird …. struggles up above
Late to look for cover
Looks like a small, white dove

I call out your name
I look up and down the beach
There’s no sign of you
I begin to cry …. to weep.

Hope you changed your mind
Hope you went back  home
Not a night to wander
To wander out alone. 


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I called you on your cell phone
Sent an email and a text
Thought you would respond
 to me
Heard you had moved out west.

I waited three or four days 
But didn’t hear from you
I took the hint, I backed off
But in a day or two.

I learned from an old friend
That you had passed away
No details…… just tragic news
“She’s gone”,  I  heard him say.

I dropped my phone
Dropped to my knees
Sat on the kitchen floor
I cried and cried all night long
The pain worse than before.

Before the night you told me
You needed to be free
You met someone more interesting
More interesting than me.

Thought ….. we’d get back  together
One day you’d change your mind
But guess I was just dreaming
Hoping one day you’d be mine.

They say that where there’s breath, there’s hope
But time to face the truth 
I’ll never get to see you now
Or get to talk to you. 

Foolishly I hoped that 
You’d come back to me
But years had passed, then decades
All that’s left ….. are memories. 


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Watch the scale
Watch your weight
Get started now
It’s not too late.

Read the labels
Check the charts
Don’t give up
Before you start.

Counting grams
No sugar treats
Cutting back
On calories.

No rice or pasta
Potatoes or bread
No snacking at night
Before going to bed.

Drink lots of water
Avoid caffeine
Enjoy a salad
Eat lots of greens.

Your best friend
Being skinny
The new trend.

Like the tortoise 
And the hare
At times the race
Does not seem fair.

Some can eat
Ice Cream and cake
They still lose weight
For heaven’s sake.

Looking at 
A piece of fudge
Can guarantee
That scale won’t budge.

It takes time
To lose that weight
But, you’ll look better
You’ll feel great.

Stay away from
Pies and chips
You can do it
You got this.


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