Found a deal on Facebook
You just can’t pass it up
They’re selling everything you need.
Like you don’t have enough.

Some say it’s just a gimmick 
A ploy to pull you in
They caution you … not respond
Unless you’re sure, they’re friends.

I’ve heard them call it , “click bait”
A lure you can’t resist
They’re urging you to try it once
Don’t end up on their list.

Before you know what’s happened
Your page has run amok
Infected with a virus
Now you‘re shit out of luck.

Don’t share, unless you know for sure
Don’t open , don’t you dare
If you suspect an unknown source
Be leery… yes, be scared.

Notify ….Administration
Tell them that you’ve been hacked
It’s their job to protect you
They’re sure to have your back.

Beware of darling photos
Of those you’d like to meet
Don’t give in to temptation
Be smart and press … delete.

Delete, delete …. a foreign post
That ends up on your page
Take a screenshot, if you must
Some evidence to save. 

Use your head, when you are posting
The web so far and wide
Extends to places deep and dark
Where evil freaks reside.

Not everyone is friendly
Some hide behind the screen
Not always who you think they are
Some vicious and quite mean.

So post your favorite recipes 
Those photos of your pets
“Like “ and ”love” and “share” with friends
But please, please don’t forget.

Heed caution, hear the warning
Don’t be quick to make new friends
Check out their page and background
Don’t be fooled or tricked, again.


Photo by via Google Images.


Together forever…. since we were kids
Recalling all the things we did.
Boyfriends , homework, school events 
So glad that  we are still good friends.

45’s on the Victrola
We played our tunes over and over
Stereo not quite in vogue
They sounded great, what did we know?

Friday nights…. such fun ice skating 
With boys from school that we were dating
Round the rink… holding hands
Oh, it was fun….Oh, it was grand. 

Time passes by… it goes so fast
Now we reflect upon the past
Grandmothers now ….we’ve become
Our childhood days ….over and done. 

We sit and watch the children play
Remembering the good old days
We laugh and gently reminisce
Who can forget… that first sweet kiss?

Hide and seek ….till it got dark
Hours spent ….down at the park
Knowing you were always there
To stand by me, to always care.

I’m grateful seeing you again
So happy we are such good  friends
You mean the world , the world to me
So great to share our memories.


Image from Google Images


It’s not the same without you
Can’t call you anymore
Sit waiting , longing for you
To come walking thru the door.

Your clothes still in the closet
Your shoes there on the floor
Hard to accept that you are gone 
Not like it was before.

Your scent still on your sweater 
The way it used to be
I put it on ….to feel close
To feel you next to me. 

Long talks we had together
So often on the phone
You’re not there to guide me now
You’re never coming home.

I pray that you’re in heaven
Smiling down on me
I hang on ….hoping desperately
I so want to believe.

Your picture on my dresser
I think of you each day
I try hard to remember 
The things you used to say.

I know just what you’d tell me
You’d say …to carry on
But, it’s so hard without you
So hard, since you are gone.

It’s not the same without you
It will never, ever be
You’re more than just my sister
You mean everything to me.


Image by Vector Stock.


People change… their  wants, their needs
Nothing stays the same
In the end you’re standing there
Left feeling so ashamed.

Wishing , hoping things could last
But, just fleeting memories
Everything’s turned upside down
Your ship’s now lost at sea. 

No way out , no second chance
Can’t try your luck again
Like sand, it slips right thru your hands
Can’t stop the rain or wind.

Belly up, nothing left
No one you can turn to
They’ve all gone , been called home
There’s nothing you can do.

Ranting , raving, calling out
You’re just not being heard
They can’t hear your pleas for help
Not a single, frantic word.

Lost your voice, lost your mind
Is this all  just a  bad dream ?
Someone wake me , tell me now
It’s not the way it seems. 

Cast aside, ignored and shunned
The feelings, oh so strong
It’s now clear, can’t see the light
I simply don’t belong.

Let go …..or it will bury you
Let go……, stop holding on
It will be the death of you
It’s over, she is gone.


Image by ultravybe…… Google Images


What’s gone wrong between us?
I can’t get through to you
Never felt so helpless
Nothing more that I can do.

Sending you a message
Trying hard … hard to relate
But, you hear what you want to
I fear… it’s just too late.

Light years from each other
I still call out your name
But, you can’t see or hear me
We don’t see things quite the same.

There’s a barrier between us
A wall made out of stone
I can’t get thru, though I’ve tried to
Guess, I’ll leave you alone.

Don’t want to fight a battle
It’s become a bit too hard
Hard to try and be with you
There’s just too many scars.


Image by TIK TOK…Google Images.


Every lie and empty promise 
That  you had made to me
Broken then discarded
Cast aside so easily.

Out of sight, out of mind
So easy to forget
Just a faded memory
As bad as it could get.

Taking what you wanted
All the phony, false pretense
You set the stage, to suit yourself
You never were my friend.

Wish I never met you
Was such a waste of time
Should’a seen right through you
You are not a friend of mine.


Image by Apple Podcast. Google Images.


A box of darkness
Your parting gift
No hope or inspiration
Nothing left of it.

Wounded, forsaken
Battered and bruised
You took what you wanted
I’ve sadly been used. 

Believed every word 
Everything that you said
The lies and the whispers 
I can never forget .

Plotting and planning
How did it begin?
You had an agenda
You knew this would end.

I followed you blindly
Down a black hole
I gave you  my all 
My body, my soul.

Masterfully done
Strategically paired
You took what you wanted
You never played fair. 

A demon disguised
So charming , so shrewd
Lured into madness
I gave into you.


Image by Dreams meaning…Goggle Images.


Never thought….. that you’d betray me
The thought of you, just makes me cry
You’ve totally embarrassed me
Tell me, …… tell me why.

No hope to save my dignity
Not now … not after this
There for all the world to see
Why didn’t I resist?

Believed you when you promised me
You’d be the only one
Who knew you’d break a solemn vow?
You did it just for fun.

Told your friends, your buddies Shared pics on your cell phone. Can’t go back to school again. Can never go back home.

Photos taken in the dark
Were meant for your eyes only
What am I supposed to do?
My family will disowned me.

Wish I could go back in time
I feel like such a fool
Everyone is laughing now
I can’t go back to school.

Mistakes unfold with consequence
Just didn’t think it through
Believed you when you told me
Babe, I’ll take good care of you.


Image by Game Studio… Google Images.


By the time I saw you
I was three sheets to the wind
Been out with friends…was partying
Since quarter after ten.

You knew my late night habits
Knew where I’d be tonight
You always have an angle
We both know …. this isn’t right.

Saw you from a distance
Heard you moved, moved out of town
Nothing here, nothing for you
No need to hang around.

Bitter sweet, it still hurts
You left, walked out on me
Nothing’s going to come of this
Nothing here for you to see.

Tripped and fell so hard for you
I fell head over heels
Not going to make that same mistake
Now I know just how it feels.

Confused, unsure, out of control
Obsessed , in lust with you
Upside down , turned inside out
Still broken, black and blue.

Why you here, why’d ya come?
Want more …. more of the same?
Finish up your drink and leave
Please don’t come back , again!

Image by Three Sheets Bar, GOOGLE IMAGES.


Can we meet for coffee
Can you get away?
I’ll meet you on the corner
Let’s meet at that same cafe.

Been busy, writing, playing
Setting up my studio
Found a brand , got a band
Cranking out some stereo.

Let’s take our coffee to the beach
Just like we used to do
Feels so great to just hang out
To spend some time with you.

Can’t get back together
Even if we wanted to
Let’s enjoy the afternoon
Love spending time with you.

Tied the knot, you couldn’t wait
You gave up on me
Thought that you would always be the one TCM get
Here waiting patiently.

Foolish me… to fantasize
After how I treated you
Got what I deserved, for sure
Nothing more that I can do.


Image by….. BIG STOCK