via Daily Prompt: Narcissism


They call it narcissism
A distorted sense of self
A sociopathic disorder
They can think of no one else.

They come first, their needs and wants
Their own selfish, lustful desires
They’ll show some interest early on, but
In time they’ll grow bored and tire.

It takes a lot to stimulate
To keep them satisfied
You’ll spend your life appeasing them
Forgoing your own pride.

No sincerity or loyalty
They’ll take all you have to give
They thrive on getting over
It’s who they are, it’s how they live.

An all-consuming sense of self
They crave attention and adoration
Obsessed and consumed with no one else
No concern for your reputation.

They’re charming and persuasive
You’ll be overcome and overwhelmed
You’ll fall so hard, you’ll lose yourself
Over taken by their spell.


via Daily Prompt: Complication


There was one complication
One small, annoying snag
One thing that prevented me
From keeping what I had.

It was also packaged
In a small, gray duffle bag
It was labeled “Guilt and Shame”
My private stash of swag.

No matter what I did or said
It was always there with me
Keeping me forthright, trustworthy
Maintaining my honesty.

The bag I found was loaded
With thousands of hundred dollar bills
All crisp and stacked so perfectly
For me to spend at will.

No one saw me take it
It was left there all alone
I picked it up and walked away
I carried it back home.

Was the money earned or stolen?
Was it used to buy drugs or porn?
Was it mine to keep or give up
I was feeling confused and torn.

If “Guilt and Shame” weren’t with me
Don’t know what I would do
Guess I’d keep the money
Guess that’s what I would do.

I called the police and told them
About the bag that I had found
They said if no one claimed it
I’d be the richest girl in town.

Three months later, while at home
There was a knock upon my door
A policeman handed me a thousand dollars
Said the owner gave me a reward.

The moral to this story
That I choose to share with you
Is… listen to your conscience
When you don’t know what to do.


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Thought you walked on water
Thought you had it all
Didn’t know you would leave me
Didn’t know you would fall.

Off of the ledge
So far above me
You fell to the ground
I fell to my knees.

So hard without you
Can’t face it alone
What could have gone wrong?
I’m now on my own.

So captivating
Your voice and your touch
I fell so hard
But, I wasn’t enough.

Nothing’s the same
I don’t understand
Why you led me on…
It was part of your plan.

You got what you wanted
I’m broken apart
I’ll never be right
Should’a known from the start.

Now there’s no chance
To make the repairs
You’re gone forever
I sit and stare.

You never intended
To stay here with me
You were just marking time
Always knew you would leave.


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via Daily Prompt: Premature


It’s too premature
To conclude or decide
Gotta give it a chance
Gotta look at all sides.

Gotta take a step back
Figure out what to do
Before making a fool
A fool out of you.

Too many opinions
Judgments abound
The truth is there somewhere
It’s got to be found.

Don’t be offended
Take it personally
It’s not about you
It’s more about me.

We’ve got to try harder
We’ll find a way
Measure our words
Watch what we say.

Don’t be presumptuous
Don’t dare assume
Spread out your feelings
Try to make room.

Open your eyes
Open your mind
There’s more to be gained
Than we’re leaving behind.

You know we got this
That’s how we roll
Just gotta stay focused
To complete our goal.


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Lying beneath the weeping willow
The grass so green and lush
Hear the lullaby so gentle
Be quiet now, please… hush.

Close your eyes, breathe in and out
All the herbs and flowering trees
Cleanse your mind of thoughts and dreams
Any sadness that shouldn’t be.

Let Mother Earth hold you close
As she holds you in her arms
The sights and sounds around her
All the magic of her charms.

The unicorns, the butterflies
All gather in the meadow
Dragon flies, all of the woodland creatures
All are soon to follow.

Spring is here, birds chirp with delight
All of the forest begins anew
Happy to shake off the damp, cool blanket
Of the protective, morning dew.

Frolicking thru the tall green grass
The deer and fox appear
Happily joining all the others
Who have made it safely here.

The chipmunks scampering across the branches
Of the bushes and the trees
The rabbits, the squirrels the opossum too
Have come to be with me.

I cherish the love and company
Treasures more valuable than gold
Never tarnished, never changing
Forever young …. forever bold.


via Daily Prompt: Infect



The means to infect and contaminate our water
Was a plot stratgically implemented
It was well thought out and executed
Rage and hate the presumed incentives.

The virus spread near and far
Thru contact and ingestion
Any type of exposure could cause death
From this fatally, horrifying infection.

The scientists and microbiologists
Finally found a viable antidote
The plan was to neutralize the bug
They identified inside a microscope.

The FBI, The CIA
All of the environmental agencies
Realized the need to act
The severity and the urgency.

The pain and hurt the virus caused
Led to such horrible devastation
They had to find those responsible
They feared more annihilation.

Arrests were made, the guity charged
The threat had been neutralized
Those responsible would pay the price
The details now classified.


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via Daily Prompt: Thin


Hanging on a thin, frayed thread
So brittle and oh so frangible
Hard to imagine the survival of love
The endurance… so incomprehensible.

Bound by guilt and senseless blame
Looking for the reasons why
Scratching only upon the surface
Finding just one reason to try.

Crying out to be alone
Smoothered and overwhelmed
Wishing there was one secret, just one
Just one you’d never tell.

The days and years pass by
They take your heart, they take your soul
Nothing left at the end of the day
You let it go, then you are old.

Just one pass on the carousel
How many try to grab the ring?
Too many sit and wonder why
They didn’t care, it meant nothing.


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