Out on night maneuvers
He hits the clubs and bars
Some take the train from Jersey
Some head over by car.

He scans the room for takers
The naive and vulnerable
Gets missile lock, then makes his move
On the sweet and gullible.

Wanna dance? “Sure”, they say
They’re victims of his charm
They’re dying to go home with him
No need to twist their arm.

Only the successful
No time for non achievers
Money is his prime concern
Professionals are keepers.

Mirroring and love bombing
The tricks… tricks of his trade
No chance of turning this around
No chance of being saved.

They will gladly follow
Do anything he says
His goal and prime objective
To get them into bed.

Once they fall, and fall they will
In love and lust with him
He’ll do…just what he always does.
He’ll turn his back on them.


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The quiet of morning
Few cars passing by
The dew on the awning
The wait of sunrise.

Alarms begin sounding
Still sand in your eyes
Time to wake up
The sun will soon rise.

Coffee now brewing
Shower and dress
Time to get going
There’s no time to rest.

We start a new morning
With plans for today
The hustle and bustle
Too soon on the way.

Pause and reflect
A moment to pray
A peaceful calm morning
Begins a new day.


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Promises forever
Love that never dies
Words so easily  spoken
Were nothing more than lies.

Cajoled, tricked and maneuvered
Led down the garden path
Looking at your photograph
I still can hear you laugh.

Innocent and trusting
Never thought you’d walk away
Foolishly I believed
Every promise that you made.

Holding on to memories
Elusive and obscure
Time has a way of taking
Everything that once was yours.

Shattered and abandoned
Forsaken left behind
You are a mere illusion
You were never truly mine.


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The morning dew upon the trees
Birds wake from restful slumber
The sun is just about to rise
The sound of distant thunder.

The forest begins to come alive
With chatter and with movement
The chipmunks skip and scamper about
There for their own amusement.

Nuts and berries, worms and snails
Breakfast snacks for some
Grasses, plants and flowers bloom
The day has just begun.

The ducks and frogs sit near the pond
A peaceful place to gather
You’ll find a doe, a fox or bear
One by one, or altogether.

In the evening before dusk
The creatures settle down
Hidden in their burrows
Some far beneath the ground.

A good night’s sleep, too soon to wake
They close their eyes and dream
There beside the waterfall
Next to the clear, blue stream.

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The piercing sounds of sirens
The flashing bright red lights
A crowd gathers round the corner
Gonna be a busy night.

A woman calls the station
Can’t seem to find her car
Auto theft is commonplace
At nightclubs and at bars.

Detectives ask the neighbors
“Did you see anything?
One guy says he saw some kids
He thinks they were… THE KINGS.

Gangs wander thru the neighborhood
They threaten and abuse
Some as young as ten years old
They have so much to lose.

Don’t hesitate, call 911
Police are on their way
Listen to the Dispatcher
To what she has to say.

Name and address, tall or short?
Light or long dark hair?
The best description you can give
Although you’re feeling scared.

Guns are drawn, arrests are made
Thieves now in custody
Handcuffed, booked and thrown in jail
Just where they need to be.

A rape, a theft, a murder
A kidnapping or scare
The frail, the weak, the frightened
Just call and we’ll be there.


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A new start, a new beginning
A time for peace, a time for forgiving
Open the door, let go and be free
The weight will be lifted, it’s time to believe.

Shed all of the old burdening feelings
Of anger and pain, begin to start healing
Life is short, a mere fleeting moment
Rejoice and enjoy, the bliss of atonement.

Holding a grudge, casting blame
Will only bring heartache, will only bring shame
Open your heart, open your arms
Step into the sunlight, away from the storm.

Farewell to the bludgeoning, cruelty and crazies
A New Year begins, a chance to show mercy
To those who deserve it, to those who may not
Give all that you can, and all that you’ve got.

Banish the demons, shed the black clouds
Open your heart, remove the dark shroud
The New Year is here, a new day beginning
A time for peace, a time for forgiving.


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Reblog: DECEMBER 31, 2018


Cunning, cruel, malicious
Evil to the core
Considers you irrelevant
Considers you a bore.

Has taken what he needed
Your heart, your mind, your soul
Left you ashamed and ridiculed
So hateful, harsh …. so cold.

Easy prey, an easy mark
So innocent and kind
Just what he was looking for
Something to pass the time.

Mirroring, pretending
He cast his artful net
You fell so hard, so fast, so deep
You’d do just what he said.

Never felt this way before
Obsessed, consumed by love
Everything that you desired
Until, he’d had enough.

Never saw it coming
No way you could have known
Who knew, he’d walk and not look back?
His heart made out of stone.

Feeling devastated
He’s left you on your own
But in the end, you have to know
You’re better off alone.


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