In panic mode
What will he do?
If told to go.

Digging in
He has no shame
He will accuse
He will cast blame.

No gracious speech
Peaceful transference
No remarks
Of reassurance.

Will need to be
Removed by force
Will bar the windows
And the doors.

Won’t concede
Won’t walk away
Will call upon
The fringe …. the fray.

The White Supremacists
All the nut jobs
Out that day.

Threats and lies
Tweets galore
Be prepared
There’s so much more.


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Pure malfeasance
Overt…. obscene
Evil …. hateful
Cruel and mean.

No compassion
Conscience free
Lacking base

Greed and power
Hand in glove
No concept
Of care or love.

No step up
No plan to help
Thinking only
Of himself.

Rape and pillage
Strip and maim
Bribes and malice
More of the same. 

Bait and switch
Smoke and mirrors
Denies that he
Can see …. or hears us.

Lies and cheats
Takes  and steals
Has no regard
For how we feel.


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A cratered few
Will  join the fray
Emerge from darkness
Find their way.

Stand alone 
Stand erect
Most of them 
Were left for dead.

With dust filled lungs
They gasp for breath
Choking ….  coughing
Drenched with sweat.

They dare to speak
They dare to dream
They must be heard 
They must be seen.

The mighty voice
Is heard at last
It can’t be hidden
It can’t  be masked.

Rejoice …. for change
Emerges victor
Stand with me now
Brothers and sisters.

The racial slurs
The hate … the violence
Can at last
Be crushed …. be silenced.


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Vicious and vile
That cold callous smile
The lies and deceit
The mocking …. the greed.

So clear …. bold …. transparent
His vengeance apparent
The need to control
His message is cold.

Denial and projection
Diversion …. rejection
Admonish …. pervert
Doesn’t care who gets hurt.

Out for himself
Acquiring more wealth
Winner takes all
No bridges …. just walls.

A racist agenda
Doesn’t care who’s offended
Cavorting with Putin
So clear …. what he’s doing.

Emollients clause
Ignored ….. he takes all
He won’t take the blame
He doesn’t feel shame.

Selfish and heartless
Who knew …. he would start this?
Our demise in the making
All his …. for the taking.

He’s mentally ill
Damaged …. impaired
You should be frightened
You should be scared.

The numbers are rising
The death toll is high
Stop listening to
His banter …. his lies. 


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What do you have up your sleeve?
Tell me….why not  tell me please?
Don’t wait …. don’t keep me  hanging on
You’re going to go …. you’re  moving on.

The distancing …. the change of pace
The look I see up on your face
The late night calls …. over time
I feel like I have lost my mind.

The years …. the time I spent with you
Now what?  What’s left? What can I do?
Expecting me to wish you well?
I’m not inclined …. I’m not compelled.

I’m sure that there is someone else
Not hard to see …. not hard  to tell
At a bar … in your workplace?
When did you simply …. fall from grace?

A new life …. new friends …. new home
I get to spend my life alone
You found yourself…. you’ve come alive 
What a mensch ….. what a swell guy!

I join the ranks… now scorned and bitter
While you enjoy your new life with her 
The trophy score…. the new sport’s car
I watch in sadness … from afar.


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What’s happening around me?
Was it you or me ….. that’s changed?
That image in the mirror
Just doesn’t look the same.

I appear a bit distorted
Confused and feeling sad
Everything you’re saying
Is making me so mad.

The dialogue’s redundant
The same thing everyday
Nothing new to tell you
Nothing left for me …. to say.

Standing in the garden 
The weeds above my head
Tangled all around me
I feel such grief …. such dread.

Coffee in the morning 
Guess …. I’ve had too much caffeine 
I’m wandering round in circles 
Awake inside this dream.

The constant fibrillation 
My heart pounding in my chest
Confused …can’t  make decisions
I should, I must  …. I guess.

My hands just won’t stop shaking
My lips are quivering
The wind blows strong …. I’m freezing
Can’t stop …. this shivering.

I think I’m suffocating 
Can’t seem to catch my breath
That’s when I open up my eyes
Realize …. I’m still in bed.

Just a dream, a nightmare
You whisper in my ear
It’s okay…. my darling
It’s all okay ….. my dear.


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What went down
Is all on you
You walked away
You said we’re through.

No exchange
No cry or pleas
No second thoughts
Blamed it  on me.

I took  the heat
I took the hit
Said you were…just
So tired of it.

Just a habit
A routine
That’s all I was
Your conscience clean.

Sick and tired
Bored with this
Looking for 
A  high …. a fix.

I won’t beg
I won’t plead
You won’t find me
On my knees.

Broken hearted
Pulverized, yeah
Though crushed and shattered
I won’t lie.

Was cast aside
Left behind
No change of heart
Just changed your mind.


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All the while that you were here
The signs were there ….. so crystal clear
I should have known …. I should have seen
All that we had ….was just a dream.

Nothing more than make believe
I should have known …. that you would leave
I held on , held on ….way too tight
You held me close …. right thru the night.

Always knew …. it wouldn’t last
Too much too soon ….. too quick too fast
All at once …. so overwhelmed
You walked right in …. straight out of hell.

The perfect smile …. the perfect kiss
I wanted more …. I wanted this
I didn’t care…. I couldn’t see
You had control …. control of me.

The draw , the grip …. the push and pull
You were so slick …. so fucking cool
The way that you …. could make me feel
Wasn’t human….. wasn’t real.

I had to know where this would lead
What you had planned …. to do to me
Down the twisted rabbit hole
I followed blindly …. your cold dark soul.

Beckoned , baited…. drawn  to you
Hard and fast …. what could I do?
Covered in your scent … your charm
About to face a thunderstorm.

All the while …. I should have known
The way you made me …. scream and moan
All the while ….. I did believe
You’d stay with me …. you’d never leave.

A demon wolf … a cold black heart
You came alive …. there in the dark
The rapture that you made me feel
Was just a dream …. it wasn’t real.


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All about the money
Status, fame and wealth
Ignores the COVID VIRUS
Doesn’t care about your health.

Boorish and offensive
When will this madness end?
He can’t be re-elected
Can’t go through this again.

Constant finger pointing
Never taking blame
If he stays in office
Nothing’s going to change.

He’ll brag that…. he ‘s the vey best
No honor, guilt or shame
Lies, deceit and hatred
For him it’s all a game.

A bully and a schemer
A con, a crook, a thief
Nothing that he wouldn’t do
To get you to believe.

That he’s your king …. your savior
Without him …. there’s no wall
He’s got you where he wants you
He wants  to take it all.

He has no class or honor
He’s after all the gold
His heart is made of concrete
He’s vengeful  and he’s cold.

Our country is in peril
He really doesn’t care
He plans to win this race himself
And no …. he won’t play fair.

A dictator …. a wanna be
Inciting hate and rage
A spoiled and  tainted “man child”
Oh what a mess he’s made.


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Looky Loo’s will scratch and sniff
They like to look around
They come and go…. they touch and feel
Pick up…. then put things down.

They rarely buy …. there to see
What new items have come in
Walk through the store. …. in and out
They won’t be back again.

They window shop …. check things out
Not there to spend their money
There to fondle …. seek and find
But …. none of this is funny.

Sales are low …. profits down
Customers are needed
Ones that plan to buy something
Not look around …. then beat it.

Violated, used….abused
No serious intentions
Touching all the merchandise
The cause of so much tension.

The rent is due …. trying hard
To make it through the day
Need some paying customers
Not those that walk away.


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