Sitting at the table
Looking at the floor
Listening while you tell me
You don’t want this anymore.

Breaking up, discarding
Pushing me aside
Telling me about her
I sat there and I cried.

Met her at a cafe
She came on to you
She asked you for your number
Your favorite color, too.

Bought her a cup of coffee
Did you tell her about me?
Now she has your number
She’s texting constantly.

Walking round in circles
Don’t know what I can do
Leaving me to figure out
How I’ll get over you.

Met her at a cafe
She was cute, I heard you say
Couldn’t find a reason
To get up and walk away.


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Believing you was easy
All the lies you told
Everything I wanted
All the silver and the gold.

A fantasy, a nightmare
My dreams at last came true
But, found myself a prisoner
Entrapped, in love with you.

Nothing that I wanted
Mattered much at all
I was there to please you
There at your beckoned call.

No contact with my family
You made sure of that
Made me turn and walk away
There was no looking back.

I followed like a puppy
Never thinking of myself
Until the day I realized
I needed to get help.

Your angry moods, the rage within
The outburst and ill temper
Made my life unbearable
I’d sit alone and whimper.

Called 911, police arrived
I filed for a court order
You were told to stay away
But, one day you ignored it.

I turned around and there you were
My heart began to race
You were in my living room
We stood there face to face.

I quickly turned, I tried to run
I screamed aloud for help
But, no one came to rescue me
Had to defend myself.

I opened up the kitchen drawer
Pulled out a butcher knife
Told you to slowly back away
I feared now for my life.

I heard you laugh one last time
I had to…. can’t you see?
I plunged the knife into your chest
So scared that you’d kill me.

They came for you, took you away
In a body bag
In my mind I still can hear
Your evil, parting laugh.


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One hundred miles an hour
With your hair lit up… on fire
Might get you there much faster
But, aren’t you getting tired?

Deadlines, quotas, all of it
That can’t be good for you
Too many obligations
Too much for you to do.

The trials and tribulations
The day to day headaches
Will drive you really crazy
All the noise that they can make.

The senseless, idle chatter
The knocking on your door
Always wanting something different
Always wanting something more.

After all is said and done
Can’t seem to catch a break
Too many to keep satisfied
Ease up, put on the brakes.

Always in a hurry
Can’t slow down the pace
Need to dial it back a notch
Life’s a journey, not a race.


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Held under, submerged
I can barely breathe
Your hands on my throat
I just can’t believe.

Leaving me here
No safety net
So easy for you
To simply forget.

All of the promises
Nothing but lies
You stood there and laughed
As you watched me cry.

Stripped down, cold and naked
I wanted to scream
Lost all my pride
This must be a dream.

When I woke up
You had left, you were gone
How could I have been
So foolish, so wrong?

You left me here
With no safety net
So easy for you
No remorse, no regret.

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Don’t bother coming over
Too late I’ve changed my mind
Don’t want to waste my morning
As you sit there and you whine.

You’re wasting time floundering
Flailing and thrashing about
I’ve got better things to do
Things I  can do  without.

Without your constant bickering
Complaints that things aren’t fair
Frankly, I have had it
And I really just don’t care.

Get your act together
Before it gets too late
Time is passing you on by
You’ve got no time to wait.

Watching from a distance
There’s nothing I can do
I’ve tried, I’ve tried to help you
But, I simply can’t get through.

Up all night, still playing games
Unleashed, unnerved, unbridled
Doing what you want to do
Because you are entitled.

But life is brief, brief at best
It will catch up to you
Like Karma it will bring about
All that you’re rightly due.


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Too much time… had gone by
She turned and walked away
I had to find a reason why
I couldn’t make her stay.

Pointless to reach out to her
There was no turning back
I heard her talking on the phone
I heard her start to laugh.

Late night dinners, candlelight
She held me in her arms
Sadly I had fallen for
Her lies and ruthless charm. 

It didn’t last…it never does
A plain and simple fact
Just before I cried out
The knife was in my back.

Too much time….had gone by
There was nothing left to say
No matter what I tried to do
I couldn’t make her stay.


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Running round in circles
In shock, out of my mind
Didn’t get to say goodbye
There wasn’t any time.

Left here by the wayside
Sitting in the dark
Surrounded by hyenas
Vultures, wolves and killer sharks.

Circling the wagons
They won’t let me be
Helpless, unprotected
They’re coming after me.

Lost, left and abandoned
Don’t want to be alone
How could this be happening?
I can’t believe you’re gone.

Praying for a miracle
Calling out for help
Gonna need assistance
Can’t do it by myself.

Hoping for some answers
I call your name out loud
I look up to the heavens
Up there beyond the clouds.


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Falling, free falling
So far from me
Totally abandoned
Detached, lost at sea.

Your head on my pillow
My hand in yours
Longing to hold you
How can they be sure?

Slipping away
What can I do?
Nothing to say
What’s happened to you?

Running from me
Too far from home
Anxious and scared
Scared of being alone.

Out of control
Breathless and weak
Unable to hear
Unable to speak.

Follow the light
Look toward the sun
How could this be over
Over and done?

Falling, free falling
Taken from me
Feeling abandoned
Detached, lost at sea.


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Peanut butter
And jelly toast
Chips and crackers
I love the most.

Games and toys
Bikes and cars
Around the block
A bit too far.

Into the water
Out on a limb
Under the table
Looking for him.

Where could he be?
Inside or out
Hopping around
Always about.

That fluffy white tail
Those big floppy ears
Where has he gone?
He’s suppose to be here.

Out in the yard
Under the tree
Oh, there he is
Waiting for me.


Torn apart
Scattered, unglued
I’ll never get over
Over losing you.

Too many memories
So many good times
Shared with our family
Yours became mine.

Spit on a griddle
With your hair on fire
Running around
Filled with desire.

Up on the roof
Or out on a limb
There you would be
With that boyish grin.

Fun and games
Always a smile
Always prepared
To go that extra mile.

No one quite like you
Not even close
Everyone loved you
But, I loved you the most.

Torn apart
Scattered, unglued
Life won’t be the same
The same without you.


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