Out of a notion
I had once before
There you appeared
You stood at the door.

Not quite steady
Hovering a bit
Still in the air
A bit of magic.

Perhaps an illusion
Perhaps a dream
Maybe a wish
Or so it seems.

You’re smiling, so happy
I’ve waited for you
I knew it would happen
My dream would come true.

All I imagined
My visions of you
Coming together
So vivid , so true.

I tell you I love you
I tell you I care
I still can’t believe it
I can’t help but stare.

But, like all things
It must comes to an end
We bid farewell
Until I see you again.

I feel the shimmer
As I close my eyes
I know that it’s time
To tell you goodbye.


Photo by : Badon Hill Studio



Stranded, forgotten
There…left for dead.
Wondering what happened
So easily misled.

Ripe for affection
Young and naive
Beguiled by a charmer
What’s that up her sleeve?

Led to the garden
Overcome and consumed
Constant affection
So carefully groomed.

The wanting, the craving
Like nothing before
A captive , a prisoner
Begging for more.

Abruptly, no warning
The wind from your sails
You’re flailing …uncertain
Your train’s been derailed.

The costumes, the makeup
The perfume, the mask
Who knew we were playing
You saved me for last.


Photo from Google Images: hollywoodreporter.com


What was I thinking?
That first night we met?
My biggest mistake
I’ll never forget.

The passion…the lust
The nights in your bed
The sex….all the trust
All the things that you said.

What was I thinking?
You wanted to know
Once you got bored
It was time….yeah, to go.

You pushed me aside
The fall almost fatal
I didn’t know
That you were unstable.

Nothing like this
Ever happened before
Who knew you would show me
Show me….to the door?

What was I thinking?
That first night we met
My biggest mistake
My biggest regret.


Photo from Google Images: terrycane.blogspot.com



Citizens of our country
Are being  fired upon
Not by foreign enemies
By Federal Agents, here at home.

Think that rubber bullets
Can’t do you any harm?
The use of those projectiles
Is cause to be alarmed.

Peaceful, lawful protesters
Walking in the street
Encountering Storm Troopers
Firing bullets at their feet.

Billy clubs and flash bombs
An illegal use of force
Being used to disperse the crowds
While showing no remorse.

In the midst of a pandemic
With the virus taking lives
We are trying to protect ourselves
While fighting for our rights.

We do not want a dictatorship
What is going on?
This attack from our government
Must stop….it is so wrong.


Photo from Google Images: staradviser.com


I remember the night when  we first met
You asked me if I wanted to dance
You had a charming way about you
So I decided to  take a chance.

You begged me to move in with you
I knew that it was  way too soon
But I was afraid… so afraid of losing you
That I moved in….that same afternoon.

You showered me with so much affection
Love bombing me left and right
You made love to me over and over again
From dusk until morning light.

They say when something’s too good to be true
Chances are …that it won’t last
I rode the wave as long as I could
But things started crumbling fast.

All those insignificant annoyances
Had gradually raised their ugly heads
That’s when you started… staying out all night
Or slept on  the couch instead.

I read the  texts you left on your cell phone
She was your latest P. O. I.
You had found a new…. Person of Interest
She had  recently caught your eye.

Someone with more status or money
Your M.O. to seek and then to destroy
Taking no prisoners or survivors
So many others left to deploy.

A classic malignant narcissist
So glad we never  reconciled.
Didn’t take much for you to overwhelm me
I was drawn to your charm and your smile.


Photo from Google Images: zastavki.com


Still sheltering in
Confined to our homes
Staying away
Spending time on our own.

Cleaning out closets
Our files and our drawers
Tired of all this
Can’t take any more.

We want to go out
Meet at the cafe
But due to the virus
Most stay away.

We sit at the tables
Spread six feet apart
It’s just not the same
And.. it’s breaking our hearts.

We can’t go to work
Sit alone in our lofts
We want to go back
We’re feeling pissed off.

You know what we need
We need a vaccine
This virus is making us
Sick and so mean.

We’re feeling so mad
Frustrated with folks
Who won’t wear a mask
And... think it’s a hoax.

When will this be over
We need to ask Fauci
Tired of us feeling
So hopeless and grouchy.


Photo by Google Images:  clipartkey.com


When I looked into your eyes
I knew it was the end
Never in my life….would I
Be seeing  you again.

You  moved to the south of France
It hurt to hear the news
You would be so far away
I longed  to be with you.

I spent my time in deep despair
Wanting  us to be together
Thought that we would work  it out
What  we had… would last forever.

So much pain… I  felt within
I was a fool to let you go
I wanted to reach out to you
I wanted you to know.

But pride and ego held me back
This was real…not some vacation
It was hard to face the bitter truth
You wanted this separation.

I got the letter yesterday
From your sister….your best friend
You had passed….you were gone
You asked for me, at the end.

But, when I looked into your eyes
I  knew….I knew it then
Deep in my heart , deep in my soul
We’d never see each other again.


Photo from Google Images: tenor.com


When I think of what I did
I feel sick… so sick inside
For all the hurt and pain I caused
All the times I made you cry.

The hateful things you heard me say
All my cruel and thoughtless
I led you on …. I gave you hope
But in the end….I couldn’t cope.

When I stayed and hung around
I made you feel so low, so down
I always wanted something more
Too hard to please and often bored.

You deserved…. a better life
A bigger piece…. a bigger slice
I had no plan to stick around
To take on roots…. to settle down.

I cut you loose….the thing to do
Cause I just wasn’t into you
But now I have so much regret
I always will … I can’t forget.

When I looked into your eyes
I stood there and watched you cry
How could I simply  walk away?
I can’t forget that shameful day.

To say I’m sorry is not enough
You’ll always be the one I love
I’ll pay the price until I die
For all the times I made you cry.


Photo from Google Images: pinterest.com



Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
I bought it all
I totally believed.

Why did you lie?
I thought that you cared
Those were crocodile tears
You never played fair.

No one like you
Have I known before
Why didn't I see
That you wanted more?

Thought I was enough
All the passion, the lust
But you packed it all up
You took all of your stuff.

I looked at your phone
I read your texts
Found out about her
Knew she was up next.

She doesn't know
But you'll leave her too
You can't stay with someone
Once they're in love with you.

She won't know what hit her
Like all of the rest
She'll never be with you
She won't pass the test.


Photo from Google Images: psychologytoday.com


Left me out in the cold
Didn’t know it was forever
Said we should be friends
But, now you’re both together.

All the plans that we had made
Shot to hell because of you
Said you’d never leave me, never
What am I suppose to do?

I sit here crying every night
Sit here looking at the door
Thinking you’ll be back for me
But, I guess you wanted more.

Now you’re gone, you’re gone for good
I never thought, thought that you would
Walk away and leave me here
You didn’t care or shed a tear.

I was left out in the cold
Didn’t know it was forever
Never thought you’d really go
Thought we’d always be together.