Hey, Baby! What’s been happening?
Where’d ya get that swag?
Hook me up … What’s the link?
That’s one sweet leather bag. 

Where ya been? Was texting ya?
Done copped some kryptonite
Busy later ? I’ll stop by
You be home tonight?

Where ya going? What’s your hurry?
Got no time for friends?
If you got plans to dis me, girl
You better  think again.

I’m your future …. I’m your past
You be thinking who you are?
You ain’t going nowhere, baby
Till I check out that scar.

Who did your tat? Looks good on  you 
I like that one the best
The way the snake curls round your arm
Then ends up on your chest.

That’s my girl!  Always thinking
I’ll see ya later on
Come on boys …. light her up
Let’s try out that new bong. 


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No safety net
Nothing’s for sure
No remedy here
No potion …. or cure.

Another encounter
Someone you just met
She made you blink
So quick to forget.

Nights in her arms
Kisses and hugs
Now the mere mention
Elicits a shrug.

A change of the guard
A new shiny face
Someone much younger
Is taking my place.

The pronouns might change
From “Honey” to “Babe”
How long can she last 
Before there are waves?

I give it six months 
Maybe a year
She’ll tell me …. it’s over
While sobbing …. in tears.

I’ll comfort …. cajole her
She’ll beg me to stay
Though I will be tempted
I’ll send her away.


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Broken glass
Broken hearts
Fractured skulls
No remorse.

Battered …. pulled 
Shoved and stomped
Crushing blows
Are what they want.

Filled with hate
Rage and fury
No regard 
For judge or jury.

Seething… grieving
Pumped … empowered

Lulled into
A false agenda
Fueled …. sustained
Will not surrender.

Cults and clubs
Will have its members
When it’s over
We’ll remember.

Who was there?
Who held the knife?
Who pulled the trigger?
Who led the fight?

Blood was spilled
Seeped and splattered
Those still standing
Know what matters.

Under arrest 
Told to stop
Cease and desist.

From within
Can never happen 
Here again.


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Just a habit … a routine
Guess you  needed something more
Someone new had caught your eye
You were  restless …. you were bored. 

I felt you pull away
Knew you were pretending
You were hardly ever there
I knew that things were ending.

You had met her on the train
Several weeks had passed since then
There was just no going back 
The two of you had become friends.

When she looked into your eyes
Guess you knew she was “the one”
I could tell something was wrong
When we both …. stopped having fun.

Everything I had with you
Was meant for someone else
Your smile… your touch…your tenderness 
The things that I once felt.

So hard to let you go
To watch you walk away
I’d do most anything….
Anything  ….  to make you stay. 


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The battle cry has sounded
Sounded the alarm
Their purpose and intention
To inflict and to cause harm.

Void of moral fortitude
Filled with hate and scorn
An outlet for their prejudice
They proudly blow their horn.

They follow blindly …. willingly
A herd of heartless souls
Screaming … chanting …waving fists
Their blood runs thin and cold.

Inflicting pain and punishment
On those they deem to be
Their threat …. their counter opposite
An envisioned enemy.

They harbor intense hatred
Want an outlet …. a venue
Someone who will lead them
Who will organize a coup.

No respect or deference
For police authority 
They push ahead …. no concern
For their honor or safety.

They violated every norm
Desecrated the sanctity
Of  a building that stands and represents 
American Democracy.

Sad to say the President 
Set the stage for this discourse
Full well …. knowing the outcome
Without regret …. shame or remorse.

Time to stop this psychopath
Before it is too late
Time to stop the fostering 
Of prejudice and hate. 


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Go back in your cave
Go back to your hole
You have no heart
You have no soul.

Outta control
Seething with hate
You should be held
Behind prison gates.

The call to arms
Is for those who enlist
For soldiers and sailors
Police …. not convicts.

The angry… the violent
Will never prevail
When all the dust settles
You’ll end up in jail.

Madness and mayhem 
Terror and pain
What’s wrong with you?
Are you insane?

No real agenda
You’re damaged … you’re sick
You have no honor
Cease and desist.

No self respect
You should be ashamed
If allowed to persist 
They’ll be  more of the same.

What were you thinking?
Violence and fear
Can’t be the answer
It brings me to tears.

Grown men and  women
Wearing costumes
Shouting and wailing
Like clowns and buffoons.

Force and destruction
Won’t solve anything
Guns …. sticks and knives
What else did you bring?

Molotov Cocktails
Pipe bombs …. gasoline?
Why are you so evil 
So hateful …. so mean?

Wanting to make
America great
Can’t be accomplished
Through violence and hate.


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Hanging out… sitting here
Alone inside my crib
What you want? What you saying?
What you think I did?

I be packing …. always wrapping 
Wrapping up my shit
Don’ be  thinking I be raising
Raising up your kid.

You be calling…. you be sniffing
Looking to find me
You be hoping ….you get lucky
But you’re wrong, Baby.

You be pretty….. you be tasting
Tasting mighty fine
But that BB you be having
Honey, it ain’t mine.

Gotta go ….. the clock is ticking
Getting kinda late
Meeting up with someone later
Got a special date.

Here’s your coat …. get your purse?
I’ll help ya…  walk ya out
You’ll be fine … I’m sure ya will
Don’t worry…there’s no doubt. 

Have to wonder …. what the fuck 
What is coming next?
Will I have to see a doctor?
Maybe get a test?

Ain’t about to be a daddy…..
I know that for sure
Gonna have to fix this problem ….
Better find a cure.

You be coming round for something
Coming late at night
You be wanting me to hold ya…
Hold ya really tight.

But like I said … I wrap it up…
I wrap it really good
I take no chances…pretty careful
I wrap it like I should.

Ain’t so quick ….to let you tell me
That I am to blame
Cause I’m the one… who rocked your world
The night you said you came.

Call my lawyer …. call my shrink…
Then take another pill
Gonna need a tranquilizer….
Yes, I think I will.


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You were emboldened 
Felt so secure
I was so doubtful 
Felt so unsure.

I begged you …. I pleaded
Got down on my knees
You said to speak louder
To say, “pretty please!”

Sadistic ….. unfeeling
Hateful and cruel
I fed the fire
Supplied the fuel.

Needed some backbone
Some nerve and some balls
To stand up to you
To get over that wall.

You didn’t respect me
I was a fool
You were a bastard
A bully….. a tool.

I mixed you a cocktail
Added lime…..just a squeeze
Gin over ice
With some blue antifreeze.

You started to shiver
You started to gasp
You fell off your chair
I started to laugh.

Your nose starting bleeding
There were tears in your eyes
You laid  on the floor
You had started to cry.

I waited an hour 
Before calling for help
I dialed 911
Cleaned the glass out myself.


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There were no warnings
No red alerts
Had no idea
That I’d get hurt.

My heart and my soul
My body and mind
I was all yours
Thought you were all mine.

Not once did I doubt
No questions were asked
I should have known better
It just couldn’t last.

Way too much passion
So much sex and lust
Before too long
There was “her”and no “us”.

No mystery here
You found someone new
She caught your eye

It’s sad …. but it’s true.

Money and fame
Allured by her status
That’s what turns you on
For you …. it’s what matters.

The shiny trinkets
The gems and the jewels
So very fancy
I was …. such a fool.

Guess you have to go
Where the money will lead
It’s what makes you happy

It’s just what you need.


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Broken….. crushed beyond repair
Facing that ….. you just don’t care
Devastated… badly bruised
Realized that ….. I’ve been used.

Hard to accept …. the bitter truth
I was duped …. got played  by you
Can’t let go ….. of memories
Never dreamt ….. that you’d hurt me.

Thought that we ….. would be enough
Thought that we ….. were both in love
You got bored …. you needed more 
You pushed me out…. right out the door.

Met her at a local bar
Was close by…. it wasn’t far
After work ….. on your  way home
I sat waiting …. home alone.

You turned on …. that sly sweet charm
Didn’t have to twist her arm
She was easily seduced
How well I know …. that side of you.

Unsuspecting ….. easily led
You took her …. took her to bed
She held on tight …. you made her come
You like em skinny … you like em young.

From left field…. how could she know?
She had no clue… you’d up and go
You led her on …. showed no remorse
You simply closed …. then locked the door.


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