Don’t try and walk back
The things that you said
It’s too late to retract
The remarks and the threats.

I waited too long
Expecting a change
Knowing full well
In the end I’d be blamed.

I expect more
From family and friends
It’s over for me
This abuse has to end.

Too many lies
Too much hurt, too much pain
I should have left sooner
Don’t want more of the same.

I can’t allow
The ridicule and the bashing
The lack of concern
The taking, the laughing.

I’m stepping away
I need to move on
Don’t look for me
Won’t be there, I’ll be gone.

There’s more to my life
Than time spent with you
I need so much more
I’m done being used.

Scamming and taking
Always sneaking around
No one will stand up
No one makes a sound.

I tried to fit in
I went thru the motions
But after awhile
Saw you were void of emotion.

We do what we can
On this journey we travel
It took some time
But my feelings unraveled.

I need to know
When I’m under attack
That you will be there
That you’ve got my back.

But when push came to shove
You stood your ground
You made it clear
It was me you put down.

Love’s overrated
People take what they can
That’s why I’m leaving
With my heart in my hands.


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My Dad

My father’s life wasn’t easy
He had worked as a small, young boy
Bringing home milk and vegetables
Instead of buying children’s toys.

He was only seven then
He started working for the church
Exchanging his toil and his time
He never shied away from work.

One of many children
He was known to sacrifice
Never complaining or giving up
He was known for being nice.

As a young man he joined the Navy
Worked his way up the ranks to Chief
Nothing that he wanted then
Seemed to be out of his reach.

The war took him far away from home
It was a sad day when he was captured
The Japanese had invaded the island
Sadly his leg was fractured.

They kept him in a prison camp
Fed only rice, seaweed and tea.
No sugar, cream, or fancy cups
Many men died, were left to bleed.

He saw his share of horrors
Worked hard each and every day
Three years he lived in captivity
Hoping he would someday get away.

While unloading box cars on the tracks
A pat of sugar hit the ground
My dad quickly picked it up
But the sweet powder a guard had found.

A reason to be killed or maimed
The guard looked the other way
My dad let go and prayed that he
Would spare his life that day.

When the war had ended
He was sent on a ship heading home
He met my mom thru family
And one day I was born.

My dad, my inspiration
Never bitter, never sad
Not a ill word had he uttered
Though he was often treated bad.

He once returned to Japan
Where he met the prison guard
The man who had spared his life that day
By never uttering a word.

They wrote for many years to come
Until they both were very old
Both have long since passed away
But their stories are still told.

A bonze star and a purple heart
Among the many of his medals
He really was one of a kind
He was unique, truly quite special.

My father, a man of modest means
Always appreciative and kind
His memory will live on forever
In my heart and in my mind.




You took me from my mother
You put me in a cage
I cried all night, was terrified
We just wanted to be saved.

We were running from the cartel
But you ripped me from her arms
You put my mom in handcuffs
Then you put her behind bars.

You took me to a building
With strangers in uniforms
I cried myself to sleep at night
I was told I must conform.

We came here to seek asylum
To the land of the brave and free
What has happened to your government?
What will become of me?

My mother is a victim
My family tortured and abused
Where is Lady liberty?
I am feeling so confused.

We were looking for protection
We made it to the United States
Hoping to find refuge, but
Seems we’ve made a big mistake.

My mother’s now in prison
They’ll send her back from where we came
They’ll rape, torture, then kill her
Then I’ll be left alone again.

I heard them talk about the man
That was going to make America great
Guess the ones that voted for him
Have also made a big mistake!


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Why accept his lying?
His lack of morality?
It seems to be the norm
It is his specialty.

The highest office in our land
Held by the devil’s own creation
Why are we allowing this?
Stand up and defend our nation.

Saluting generals of dictators
Camaraderie with evil
Accolades for torture and murder
Our world’s become medieval.

Who ever thought it would come to this?
It’s unbelievable and horrifying
It’s a matter of human dignity
What he’s doing is demoralizing.

Money and power all he cares about
Always threatening and boasting
Greed, lust and condemnation
All the bragging and the gloating.

Taking babies from their mother’s arms
What kind of person have we elected?
Is this the country you want to live in
Where your rights are not protected?

Remove this guy from office
Impeach him, then imprison
Take out his entourage of hate
Get back to love and reason.


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I live a parallel existence
You don’t see things as I do
I see the world in one way
I feel separate, different from you.

I’m having trouble fitting in
Not in agreement or in sync
You don’t understand what I see
Or the way I feel or think.

The road less traveled is my path
I walk alone….all on my own
I can’t seem to relate to you
I’d rather spend my time alone.

Rigid, harsh, and unfeeling
Impervious to my emotions
You see one tiny raindrop
While I see the wide, blue ocean.

Stepping away, keeping to myself
No reason to impose
You go your way and I’ll go mine
Sometimes that’s how it goes.

A loner, a recluse…better off by myself
Always trying to figure it out
No longer wanting or needing your help
Don’t really care what it’s all about.

Please leave me alone , don’t call and don’t write
There are no words left for me to say
All that I want is to be free of you
I am leaving ….I am walking away.


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He followed me from place to place
No idea that he was there
He stared, and watched me from a distance
But, I never notice him anywhere.

Knew my schedule, where I worked
How long it took me to get dressed
Where I stopped for coffee in the morning
Had my number and home address.

I’d never met him, had no idea
Never noticed or paid attention
But he was always close behind
Heading in the same direction.

We walk around, think we’re alone
No idea someone is watching
All by yourself you come and go
While an admirer could be stalking.

All this time I didn’t know
I had this shadow next to me
Too self absorbed to look around
Too distracted, I didn’t see.

Keep your doors locked, your windows, too
Be more aware of your surroundings
Look around, take notice of
When I look back it seems astounding.

To think that I was unaware
That someone was tailing me
I was oblivious, in the dark
I was blind, just didn’t see.

He was arrested, held behind bars
He was also being followed
He had a history was being charged
The grave they found was cold and shallow.

He was a rapist, who killed and maimed
Stalked his victims one by one
I was thankful I’d been spared
When they had told me what he’d done.


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Walking on the beach
The smell of clean salt air
No one else around
I’m on my own out there.

The tide went out that morning
It was slowly coming in
The seaweed and the sand crabs
All were scattering in the wind.

I had worn my light grey jacket
It was getting pretty cold
I wore my Yankee’s baseball cap
It looked tattered, getting old.

Always thought it brought me luck
It fit me perfectly, just right
I was happy I had worn it
On the this cold and windy night.

The reflection of the moon
Was glistening on the water
I watched the waves come in
To my surprise found a sand dollar.

It was half way in the sand
I hoped it wasn’t broken
I bent down to pick it up
A great find…..an ocean token.

Fortunately it was intact
No chips, no cracks to speak of
It looked smooth and perfectly white
Standing there under the moonlight.

Love my walks down on the beach
They bring me solace, ease my mind
Rich in peacefulness and calm
I leave my worries all behind.


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