Walked down to the beach
Wore my jacket and boots
It was so bitter cold
Didn’t know what to do.

I put up my collar
Then put up my hood
Put my hands in my pockets
Didn’t do any good.

The wind was howling
Chilled me to the bone
I thought for a second
Maybe I should head home.

But I ventured on
Walked the shoreline
That’s where I found  her
Thank God,  just in time.

She was lying face down
Her head above water
She could barely speak
She gasped and she stuttered.

I pulled her out
Got her up on the shore
Called 911
Couldn’t do much more.

I took off my jacket
And my flannel shirt
Tried to cover her up
She was cold, she was hurt.

I held her close
Tried to keep her warm
I heard the sirens
I could hear the alarms.

They took her away
Gave me a ride home
I wondered about her
She was there all alone.

I called the ER
Her condition was fair
She was stable and safe
Getting adequate care.

Coincidence? Maybe.
But, we’ll never know
Why I went out that night
Why I needed to go.

Out for a walk
On a cold winter night
So glad that I did
So glad she’s all right.


Photo by Angela Galardi.




I won’t give in
To hopeless grief
I’ll just pretend
You are asleep.

Your jacket hangs
Upon the chair
I’ll make believe
That you’re still here.

I’ll make us dinner
A plate for you
Can’t face the loss
What can I do?

I’ll keep you close
I’ll wear your watch
It’s all I have
It’s all I’ve got.

I did the laundry
I washed your clothes
Folded it all
To keep you close.

I wear your t-shirt’s
Your favorite ones
They make me feel
Less cold,  less numb.

Don’t have the answers
Don’t know just why
We didn’t get
To say goodbye.


Image from Google Images:  facebook.com


Upset and so annoyed
Feeling totally frustrated
Can’t seem to make you see
It’s all so complicated.

With blinders on your eyes
You’re a victim of abuse
He clearly has control
You are so clearly being used.

Fixated and consumed
You’re been lured and easily conned
Overtaken and convinced
You’ve been absolutely wronged.

Obsessed, naive and innocent
You never saw it coming
You ignored the signs ahead
Red flags and all the warnings.

Yes, I told you so
But, that doesn’t give me pleasure
Just glad that he is gone
Glad that we are back together.


Image from Google Images:  95kqds.com


YOUTUBE:  Stop! In The Name of Love. ….Diana Ross


Your pompous arrogance
And that smug smile upon your face
Demonstrates your lack of
Morality and grace.

Watching from afar
Your house of cards and lies
Soon to crumble and to fall
They’ll be no compromise.

Years of shady deals and trades
Dirty money changing hands
Crooked and corrupted
Such evil twisted plans.

The skimming and the laundering
The loans through foreign banks
By you and family members
All your friends and confidantes.

You soon will be indicted
Impeached and tried in court
No pardons or excuses
No government support.

Hopefully your children
Pence and all your friends
Will all see time in prison
That’s the way it all should end..


Image from Google Images:  michaelmoore.com


Frightened and timid
Anxious and scared
She never speaks up
She never would dare.

Told what to do
Her opinions deferred
Her feelings don’t matter
So seldom are heard.

Stifled, subdued
She sits all alone
Keeps thoughts to herself
When she is at home.

But, in cyberspace
Her spirit thrives.
She expresses herself
It’s where she comes alive.

Respected and noted
Her voice and opinions
On social media
She matters to millions.

But, back at home
Passive and shy
She never questions
She ‘d never ask “why”.

Her husband and children
Tell her what to do
She follows their lead
She never argues.

She sits at the table
Sipping her tea
They know she will always


Image from Google Images:  gifer.com


Meatball sliders
Parmesan cheese
Olives and crackers
Whatever you need.

Fried chicken tenders
Salad galore
Who made the pickles?
Are there anymore?

A potluck party
Friends gather  around
Check out the desserts
You won’t gain a pound.

Wine, soda or water
Juice freshly squeezed
What else could you ask for?
What else could you need?


Image from Google Images:  unitybuffalo.org




Marooned and sadly forsaken
Abandoned after the storm
There were reasons for hesitation
There were signs, you were told, you were warned.

Take heed, pay attention, take cover
You’ve got to learn to protect yourself
Don’t give in to the pain and the suffering
Reach out, find a way to get help.

Everywhere that you go, there are memories
The love that you had…. didn’t last
Your mistakes and all of your choices
Are nothing more than a part of your past.

It’s time to erase all the sadness
Forget everything you’ve been through
Get up and get over the heartache
Start over, find a way,  start anew.

You need to let go of the longing
Things will never be the same, again
Let go of the feelings of sorrow
It’s over, it’s done, it’s the end.

A  cold and manipulative opportunist
Trolling for the next one in line
Easily and innocently overtaken
It’s was simply a matter of time.

A victim, innocent and unsuspecting
You were convenient, such easy prey
You fell hard , you succumbed to the madness
Forget that it happened, find a way.

There’s  nothing left to hold onto
Conveniently she packed up and moved on
Face the fact  that it’s over, forget it
Though it’s tragic, be thankful she’s gone.


Image fromGoogle Images:  clipart.library.com