Finding Shelter

The birds take cover
The squirrels scamper about
Frantic to find shelter
The thunder getting loud.

The branches stressed
The flowers folding
The leaves are falling
The wind is blowing.

The water rises
The butterflies…. asleep
They rest beside the river
Though the water’s cold and deep.

All the creatures of nature
While burrowing in
Look back at the clouds
The storm soon begins.

They fear for their young ones
Some may not survive
They pull them in close
To keep them alive.

Some cannot swim
They’ll keep their heads down
Left out in the storm
Too many may drown.

They wait for the morning
The turmoil won’t last
It won’t stay forever
The storm soon will pass.


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Spinning your wheels
Getting nowhere
No one seems to notice
No one seems to care.

You try to be patient
Always thoughtful and kind
But in the end
There’s no changing their minds.

You wait for awareness
But there’s no empathy
They’re empty and shallow
Just too blind to see.

They cannot be trusted
They’ll stab you in the back
Your train will derail
You’ll be run off the track.

They’ll laugh and they’ll torment
They’ll steal and they’ll take
They’ll blame it on you
They don’t make mistakes.

There’s no rhyme or reason
Stop looking for clues
It’s plain and it’s simple
You’re being abused.


I jumped into a taxi
Made my way across midtown
The traffic was horrific
There was snow upon the ground.

I fumbled thru my folders
Updated and organized
The sketches first, the text to follow
They’d been prioritized.

I had to remain focused
I would show them how it’s done
I could stand this project on its ear
This battle could be won.

I had vowed not to get stressed out
If I began to choke or cry
I’d lose my chance in the running
They’d pass me off for the next guy.

All the care, the discipline
The hours laboring
Polishing , deciphering
I gave it everything.

Standing there all alone
Poised to win their favor
Graphs, pamphlets and handouts
Enough literature to savor.

Sharks around me everywhere
Snakes crawling on the ground
Hostility and prejudice
Their attempts to put me down.

Documented, painstakingly accurate
Thought thru and executed
Despite the eating frenzy
All my data checked… computed.

Once maligned, prejudged and ridiculed
I packed up all my wares
It was clear I wasn’t wanted
Was wasting my time there.

Walked to the park after the meeting
Sat down upon a bench
Obviously ample seating
The doves spoke fluently in French.

The squirrels began applauding
The pigeons cooed and swooned
The chipmunks ran in circles
They all sang a different tune.

My ego though deflated still carried me along
Wounded, but not destroyed
I’d show them all
That they were wrong.


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The island bar
Not far from home
Most nights I’m here
I sit alone.

The waitress brings
An ice cold brew
I sit here thinking
Thoughts of you.

The fishing boats
Pass on by
Their nets stretched out
For them to dry.

The jukebox plays
Our favorite song
I wonder why
It all went wrong.

The sweat runs down
Upon my face
There’s no A/C
Inside this place.

The ceiling fan
Blows warm salt air
I sit alone
Alone and stare.

I can’t let go
Of memories
They won’t let go
Let go of me.

So many years
I’ve spent this way
Waiting and wishing
You had stayed.

A shot of “Jack”
Before I go
One for the road
I can’t say, no.

Two local gals
Sit at the bar
They drive me home
It’s not that far.

No ocean breeze
The bay so still
I’ve had enough
I’ve had my fill.


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Dark Clouds

It was cold down by the ocean
I walked alone along the beach
Glad I wore my jacket
And a sweater underneath.

The wind picked up, the waves were high
I could hear the ocean roar
I loved watching as they approached
And made their way to shore.

The moon was playing “hide n seek”
As it hid behind the clouds
Peeking out here and there
in between the dark grey shroud.

A few ghost crabs….scampering about
Needing to find shelter
A storm was brewing in our midst
Night birds fleeting…helter skelter.

Darker still, the sound of thunder
They had predicted quite a storm
The wind was whipping, the ocean churning
Nature sounding the alarm.

I walked awhile, about a mile
I was out there all alone
I knew the rain was coming soon
It was time to head back home.


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We sat on the front porch steps
To eat our Easter eggs
Taking time to peel them
Casting all the shells away.

We traded toys and candy
Always having so much fun
Chocolate rabbits, jelly beans
We finished everyone.

Wearing matching jackets
While talking on the phone
Running in and out of the door
Of each other’s homes.

“Hide-and-seek”, backyard swings
“Jacks” played… sitting on the floor
Ice cream cones at Dairy Queen
Who could ask for more?

Walks to school and back again
Trips to the local store
Afterschool snacks, soda and chips
That what bestfriends are for.

Trips down to the Jersey shore
Painted ponies on the “Merry Go Round”
Cotton candy, popcorn and taffy
The best candy apples in town.

Secrets told, stories shared
The whispers and the laughter
Lives intertwined and cherishedi
Memories forever after.

– For: CHRIS –


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Youtube: RETURN TO POOH CORNER by Kenny Loggins


Close your eyes, relax and dream
Unafraid, give into the moment
Feel the sensation… so peaceful, so calm
The freedom of joy and atonement.

Thru the eyes of a child, you see the world
At times rather meek, unsuspecting, somewhat innocent
You weren’t totally to blame, it wasn’t all your fault
Your role as it was then…less significant.

It’s a matter of time, the dust barely settled
The memories still fostering resentment
Don’t allow those thoughts that plague your mind
To disturb your peace and inner contentment.

Rejoice in the light of freedom and bliss
There’s no place for cruelty or vengeance
Be receptive, be kind, non-judgmental… not blind
And, your life will be more than momentous.

Cleanse your heart, then your soul
Trust will come gradually through forgiveness
Give yourself a chance that’s long overdue
Don’t be consumed by fear and bitterness.

Everyone wants and deserves a break
A second chance to make things right
Don’t turn your back and walk away, just yet
This could be…your lucky night.


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Youtube video: LUCK BE A LADY…Frank Sinatra