You brought me back
I was slipping away
Fell  off the ledge
I lost my way. 

You reeled me in
Threw me a line
You held me tight
Caught me in time.

Shattered…. in pieces
Scattered about
My heart was broken
I had no way out.

Too weak and confused
I’d been knocked around
You picked me up
Got me off the ground.

Wounded and battered
Alone….left for dead
Nothing else mattered
It all had been said.

You held me up
Knew what I needed
You stopped the noise
Stopped me from bleeding.

No going back
Too much desire
Consumed with lust
Set me on fire.

I paid the price
We went too far
I felt the pain
I’ve got the scars.


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I try to remember 
But, so much time has passed 
All that’s left ….. delusions 
Just  remnants of the past.

I was crushed….  so devastated
I couldn’t catch my breath
Gut punched and blindsided 
Could not believe the things you said. 

A million lame excuses
You were frantic to explain
Why this had to happen
Oh so sure …. I was to blame. 

My hands would not stop shaking
My heart began to break
It was shattering in pieces
Make it stop for heaven’s sake.

I begged you to be quiet 
It was more than I could bear
The words unclear and jumbled
You really didn’t care.

So anxious and impatient 
You were eager to move on
It wasn’t long … left that night
By morning you were gone.

I heard the front door close …then. lock
You had walked out on me
You walked away…. no looking back 
In the mailbox…. was the key.

Weeks went by …. then decades, too
Hard getting over you
Couldn’t spend my life alone
Feeling sad and…. oh so blue. 

You’re not worth the  heartache
I’ve made a life with someone new
Banished all the hurt and pain
Finally gotten over you.


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Let’s play it by the book
I’ll sign ….you tell me where
What difference does it make?
We both know that  you don’t care. 

Since the day you up and left
Nothin’s ever been the same
You did just what you wanted
Then left me …..with all the blame.

She gets your warm, sweet, tender smile
And that shiny new sport’s car
20 years ….. your junior
Now she’s driving a Jaguar.

An upgrade from her old  red jeep
She parked  it down the block
I watched you walking hand in hand
I think I was in shock.

I was taken by surprise  
She was barely over thirty
I watched you there …. from  afar
She was sexy and quite flirty.

You had taken your ring off
Just the day before
Left it with your old  grey socks
In the corner of your drawer.

No tears or explanation
Just a glance and then a sigh
You didn’t leave a note behind
Never even said goodbye. 

What the hell? What’s happening?
After all that we’ve been through 
I never saw this coming
Never saw this side of you.

When she’s mixing you a drink
Hope she’s careful not to spill
Antifreeze is odorless
It’s a poison that can kill.

Heard you put her in your will
She stands to benefit
Gets your pension and your stocks 
Not just half …. but all of it!

Such a foolish silly man
She’s got her hooks on you
You’re just her Sugar Daddy
And you think that she loves you.


We all know how difficult this past year has been. Those of us that have opted to shelter in, have had to deal with more than our fair share of down time. 
Some have had the opportunity to work from home. We’ve all watched a lot of TV and eaten more than we should.

In my case, I needed something to fill the void.  I had been working with the cruise ships at Port Canaveral in Florida. Obviously, the ships have not been sailing…. so I have been at home. I was fortunate to discover a singer/songwriter named, LP….. while watching videos on line. It was love at first sight!!!!! I was mesmerized! She has most definitely….changed my life!

LP plays the ukulele and the guitar and writes most of her own songs.
Inspired by her genius, I went to the local music store and purchased a ukulele. I taught myself to play, while watching ukulele tutorials …… also, on Youtube.

I have been writing my blog for the past four years, specifically poetry.  I decided to put my poetry to music and Voilà…. I too, became a singer/songwriter.

Please check out my first single on YouTube.

LOSING YOU by Patty Richardson.

I hope you like it! 💙


Words have a way of cutting deep 
Deep within the soul
They should be measured carefully
Their weight  worth more than gold.

One comment made…. can cut deep
Can tear one’s heart to pieces
Once the trust is violated
All faith in friendship ceases. 

Double talk …. twisted words
Rearranging thoughts and motives
Can’t repair the damage done
Can’t change what’s been denoted.

“If you’ve got nothing nice to say,
Don’t say anything at all”
A phrase that has been known by most
Often posted on the wall.

Kindness can’t be bought or sold
It’s innate ….. it lives within
Within the confines of our heart
That’s where it all begins.

Apologizes don’t suffice 
They can’t change the past
Remarks and accusations
Seem to linger …. seem to last. 

Think before you tell someone
What may hurt or sting a bit
Consider how they may feel
Reconsider sharing it.

Always respect boundaries
Not just yours …. but theirs
Try to think before you speak
Show others that you care.


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Feeling so anxious
Encumbered by fear
Wanting to conquer
No time for these tears.

Stepping up boldly
Stating my claim 
Calling out clearly
My purpose …. my name.

Sharing my feelings 
Bearing my soul
The need to be heard
Will never get old.

Stories worth telling
Memories linger 
The plight of the artist
A poet …. a singer.

Whispering emotions
Tales of lost love
The depth of one’s feelings
Is more than enough.

Intros and verses
Bridges and riffs
Your mind now sedated
Will aimlessly drift.

The power …. the strength 
Of words interwoven
Carefully written 
Now melodically spoken.


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Let’s walk down to the jetty
We’ll leave our shoes on the boardwalk steps
Let’s walk along the beach together
Who cares if our feet get wet? 

Feel the sun and the cool summer breeze
Smell the sea …. watch the waves
come to shore
Walk beside me …. feel the wind in your hair
Don’t you know …. that’s what summer is  for? 

I love your smile and the way that you laugh
The color of your long, curly hair
Feeling you close …. wanting you to be closer
Trying so hard ….  not to stare. 

I reached for your hand …. as we climbed the rocks 
Piled high ….. to block the waves
I pulled you up …. then you let go
As we both walked toward the cave.

It was dark and felt somewhat cold inside
I could see ….. you had started to shiver
I took out my jacket from my backpack
The one with the gold and grey zipper.

I put my jacket around your shoulders
I longed to hold you next to me
But I knew …. it was better not to rush you
And to let things happen gradually. 

Before long … we had to get going
The tide would soon block our return
It was almost dusk …. when we started to leave
The waves were beginning to churn.

Back on the beach …. the sun set on the horizon
The moon glowing in the distance above
I wanted to tell you how I felt about you
That I was so deeply and passionately in love.

But I didn’t want to appear too aggressive
Turn you off …. or turn you away
So I kept silent about my feelings
Being careful about what to say. 

We walked back in the dark together
Slowly …. we walked barefoot in the sand 
You said that it was ….. a perfect day 
Then reached out and held my hand.


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You turned off the lights
You locked the door
You let her in
You needed more.

Never enough
The pleasure …. the pain
The thrill and desire
Of starting again.

A loss of interest
A matter of time
Thinking about her
The one next in line.

Break out the wine 
Spare no expense
She’ll be impressed
The feelings intense.

Like nothing before
Her head will be spinning
You’ll make her feel great
Right from the beginning.

The night in the dark
The longing ….. the fire
She’ll do what you want
She’ll want to get higher.

No where on earth 
Has she ever been
Beyond the clouds
Where the air is so thin.

So thrilling ….. addicting 
So intoxicating 
The power of lust
So captivating. 

Without a doubt
Pushed to the brink
With no time at all
To stop or to think.

The clock will be ticking
But she’ll have no clue
This feeling won’t last
No …. never with you.


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I CAN’T FORGET (a song)

Never felt better
Than I felt with you
Safe and secure
So into you.

But …. it fell apart
When you said we’re through
You told me you loved her
What could I do?

It’s not the first time
That you said …. goodbye
You’ve got a habit
Of telling me lies.

I took a fall
Got pushed off the ledge
Gut punched …. back stabbed
Was left for dead.

What is it about her?
Her hair …. her perfume?
Nothing compares to
The stars and the moon.

A thousand wishes
Could not make you stay
I begged and I pleaded
But …. there was no way.

Even the devil
Gave up on me
No deals to be made
No chance for mercy.

Nights in the dark
The passion …. the bliss
The way that you held me
I can’t forget this.


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