Seething with hate
Consumed with resentment
You spend your day sparring
You thrive on the tension.

Thwarted and blocked
Your relationships suffer
No one can get close
Each day it gets tougher.

Cold and confused
You muddle along
You look for acceptance
From the weak, not the strong.

A bully, a bore
A passive aggressive
A jester at times
Yet, depressed and obsessive.

Paranoid and distrustful
With a fence round your yard
No one can get close
Shields up, you’re on guard.

No questions asked
They’re all intertwined
They’re all out to get you
It’s a matter of time.

Load up the canons
Prepare and defend
You have to strike first
That’s how it begins.

No chance for surrender
No plans to appease
You find pleasure in torment
As they fall to their knees.

It’s your way, not theirs
No one can tell you
You have all the answers
You know  what to do.

A deal in the making
You want more for less
What you are up to?
Could be anyone’s guess.

You love the applause
The element of surprise
The unexpected
The look in their eyes.

A small mind, damaged
In character and stature
A way to get even
Is all that you’re after.


Image from Google Images:  thecripplegate.com


The chill in the air
The wind on your face
The waves rolling in
You picked up the pace.

You said you’d be there
She waited for you
If you didn’t make it
What would she do?

Down by the pier
She waited  alone
She called you four times
You forgot your cell phone.

Her black silhouette
There in the dark
Under the pillars
At Sandy Hill Park.

As you approached
She frantically whispered
Where have you been?
You then started to shiver.

Your eyes would adjust
With the moon out of view
No one was around
She’d been waiting for you.

A small weathered boat
With worn cushions inside
Where she carried the load
That she brought there that night

“What should we do?
I brought two canvas sacks
Should we separate it
Can we carry it back?”

“The Water Patrol
Will be here in an hour.
We’ll  have to move fast
Let’s head towards the tower.”

Once back at your place
You felt safe and warm
You  locked all the doors
You set the alarm.

The money was there
You waited inside
For the knock on the door
You’d be dead,  if they lied.

A man dressed in black
In a Mercedes Benz
Accompanied by two
Very scary young men.

They picked up the bags
With the money inside
Once they were gone
You sat down and cried.

“What were you thinking?
Why would you agree?
To get involved
With the likes of those three?”

“I had no choice
I was told what to do
Thank God you were there
“Thank God you came through.”


Photo by Angela Galardi.


Down on your luck
No lucky charms
No four leaf clover
To ward off the storm.

No voodoo or magic
No tricks up your sleeve
No winning ticket
For the lottery.

Your number is up
The due date is here
There’s no way out
The outcome is clear.

You ran out of excuses
You ran out of steam
You blew all your chances
Of fulfilling your dreams.

Step to the back
To the back of the line
You’re being passed over
You’ve run out of time.


Image from Google Images:  istockphoto.com


Youtube:  Supersition by Stevie Wonder


The struggle we face everyday
The pain that’s ours alone
No one can slip into our shoes
It’s meant for us to own.

Isolated and separate
Afraid of the unknown
Feeling pain in every muscle
Every nerve and every bone.

Strength has since escaped me
I fall easily to the ground
I feel the cool tile on my cheek
There’s no one else around.

The panic in their voices
When they come into the room
Their efforts to retrieve me
The smell of urine and perfume.

Sitting there beside the bed
Carefully they change my clothes
They readjust my pillows
Brush my hair, button my robe.

The look upon their faces
Their gestures and their stares
As they try their best, their very best
To provide comfort and care.

The blue light screen from the TV
Suppose to brighten up my day
But, I’ve lost track of time and place
Most of my time I use to pray.

All the should’a, could’a,  woulda’s
Are now part of the past
None of  them seem to  matter now
Time has slipped away too fast.

I can’t seem to find  the words now
Names and faces are eluding me
There for a fleeting moment
Then they vanish completely.

Confused and agitated
Don’t know what I can do
Once so independent
Now,  I must depend on you.


Image from Google Images:  pixtastock.com


I’ll come down to the river
You won’t have to wait too long
I’ll bring the sandwiches and coffee
I’ll be there just before dawn.

Don’t forget to bring your jacket
It might be cold that time of day
The sun will just be coming up
The sky will still be grey.

We’ll head down to the inlet
They’ll be bigger boats out there
We’ll stay within the channel
The weather should be fair.

By noon the sun will be out
The current won’t be strong
We’ll head out to the point
It won’t take us very long.

A day out on the river
There is no better place.
The ripples in the water
Feel the breeze upon your face.


The file  is too  big!
The file is too small!
I can’t get it right
Am I doomed, after all?

I can’t understand
The instructions they  list
I’m not giving up
I will try and persist.

The size of the pages
The appearance, the cover
One file won’t fit
So I try,  yet another.

The time passes by
I wait patiently
Wondering what’s wrong
What the hell’s wrong with me?

So many are published
They’ve  already moved on|
I wait for the proof
What else can go wrong?


Image from Google Images:  wikihow.com



Bewildered, misguided
Confused and ignored
Can’t find my way out
Just can’t find the door.

Trapped by emotions
Insecure and unsure
I can’t find the potion
I can’t find the cure.

Walking in circles
Out of my mind
Can’t see what’s ahead
I’ve run out of time.

Two steps taken forward
Three steps taken back
Guess my days were numbered
The deck had been stacked.

Thought I’d get somewhere
That I would go far
But, I’ve come back around
Right back where you are.


Image from Google Images: dreamstime.com