I CAN’T FORGET (a song)

Never felt better
Than I felt with you
Safe and secure
So into you.

But …. it fell apart
When you said we’re through
You told me you loved her
What could I do?

It’s not the first time
That you said …. goodbye
You’ve got a habit
Of telling me lies.

I took a fall
Got pushed off the ledge
Gut punched …. back stabbed
Was left for dead.

What is it about her?
Her hair …. her perfume?
Nothing compares to
The stars and the moon.

A thousand wishes
Could not make you stay
I begged and I pleaded
But …. there was no way.

Even the devil
Gave up on me
No deals to be made
No chance for mercy.

Nights in the dark
The passion …. the bliss
The way that you held me
I can’t forget this.


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Spit balls and pea shooters 
Skate keys and chalk
Let’s go to the park
Let’s take a walk.

Stick ball and baseball
Cardboard airplanes
Tree forts and horseshoes 
Crayons and games.

Hide and Go Seek
Races and bikes
Rope swings and gliders
Whatever you’d like.

Run like the wind
Skip all the way home
Play in the backyard
With friends or alone.

No laptops …. no cell phones
No video games
It was so simple
Wish things …. never changed.


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I went back to your apartment
You had moved away
I followed up on every lead
Looked for you every day.

I spent my days wondering
Remembering nights with you
The quiet exchange of memories
Of the things we used to do.

Never dreamed I’d be without you
Never thought that you’d move on
Thought we’d be together
But something had gone wrong.

I wasn’t what you wanted
No …. I could never be
The one that you were looking for 
The one you really need.


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I’m calling again
Please pick up the phone
I know that you’re high
Please stop getting stoned.

It’s time to get sober
You’re losing your grip
You must be so tired
So tired of all this.

Please put down the pipe
Shave off that beard
Clean yourself up
Stop acting so weird.

Your ship needs a rudder
You don’t need a drink
Get back on track
Before your boat sinks.

You’re not by yourself
Don’t go it alone
Please take my call
Please answer the phone.


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.You never think of others
Before thinking of yourself
So hard for you to reach out
To offer any help.

Always in the spotlight
The center of attention
Sharing of one’s compliments 
The bone of your contention.

Extremes and innuendos 
Passive and aggressive
Always an agenda
Always so obsessive.

The antithesis of kindness
So shrewd and calculating
Trying to get over
Always  manipulating.

Getting someone else
To do the work for you
Anything to put it off 
Telling others what to do.

Whining half the day away
Needing someone you can use
Someone you can boss around
You thrive on the abuse.

Alone …. you are an island
You push everyone away
No friends …. no one to speak of 
You’ve always been that  way.

But …. most have paid attention
They are on to you
They know the insincerity 
They know what you’re up to.


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Spitting on the sidewalk
The perfect analogy
No regard for promises 
No attempt at apologies.

It’s time for me to walk away 
Nothing I can do
I have simply had enough
I’m tired of loving you.

Been charging up the middle 
Meeting  with resistance
Been getting knocked around
Complete with consequences.

Feeling belly up
No options or recourse 
You show no depth of feeling
No guilt …. blame or remorse. 

Found the invitation
A late night rendezvous 
I’m not  into slumming
Sorry …. but I’m through.


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So easy for you
You’ve done this before
You’re always looking
For something more.

A feeling that’s better
That takes you higher
The thrill of the chase
Sets your heart on fire.

You don’t consider
Who’s left behind
The casualties
That lose their minds.

You don’t look back
No second thoughts
The height of emotion
So easily bought.

Gems and roses
The caviar
Meetings with you
Take place at the bar.

Champagne…. a toast
A toast to you
And all the women
You’ve made love to.

That charm ….. so cunning
Who knew I’d fall
Just one of many
Can’t count them all.

Beware of strangers
The dangerous ones
Not every thief
Will carry a gun.

Guard your heart
Your soul, too
She’ll take what she wants
When she comes for you.


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You lied to me
It wasn’t fair
Behind my back
You didn’t care. 

You played around
I should’a known
I’m not the one
Who’s always stoned. 

I wasted time
Time spent with you
I didn’t know 
What else to do?

You have  your friends
You have your wine
I’m  sick and tired
Of all the lying.

Don’t call me up 
Don’t try and text
Don’t hit me up
For late night sex.

I’m through with you
I got my stuff
There’s nothing else
I’ve had enough.


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Cast aside
What could I do?
Came out of nowhere
We were through.

Couldn’t fight
Or make it stop
Felt so confused
Knew I was fucked.

All our plans
What just happened?
All the promises
Now forgotten.

All the things
I felt inside
Could barely speak
I wept …. I cried.

Like a child
I felt so helpless
No reply
I was so jealous.

So deeply crushed
I couldn’t breathe
I heard you say
“You need to leave”.

“She’s moving in
You have to go!”
Why so  cold?
Why so low?

The words …. like echos
Kept repeating
My heart was broken
I was bleeding.

You didn’t care
Pushed me away
Told me to go
To leave that day.


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I felt sick
What could I do?
Out of nowhere
We were through. 

Couldn’t fight it
Was in shock
Felt so confused
Knew I was fucked.

All our plans
What just happened?
All the promises
All  forgotten.

All the things
I felt inside
Could barely speak
I sat and cried.

Like a child
I felt so helpless
Had no comeback
I was so jealous.

So deeply crushed
I couldn’t breathe
I heard you say
“You need to leave”.

“She’s moving in
You have to go”
Why so  cold?
Why so low?

The words like echos
Keep repeating
My heart is broken
It won’t stop bleeding.


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