Every hesitation
Every warning sign
Every bit of caution
Feels like I’ve lost my mind.

No way I could just walk away
No way I could resist
I knew that I’d give into her
The first time that we kissed.

The stage was set before me
Well constructed … well designed
The Wine …. Champagne …. the Caviar
The perfect play each time.

Feeling high .… intoxicated
A victim of your spell
An evil demon in disguise
Straight from the bowels of hell.

Your hair ….. your breath …the perfect scent
I was mesmerized
Gave into you….no questions asked
I’d been hypnotized.

Who knew that it would never last
Abruptly…. cast aside
You laughed when tears fell from my eyes
When I began to cry.

Another foolish victim
Came straight …. right thru the door
Unsuspecting …. pure … so naive
Looking for something more.

So welcoming …. all encompassing
You knew how to draw me in
That pretty face …. those dimpled cheeks
That cunning charming grin.

When asked to leave … no parting words
Nothing to come back to
Just a glimpse …. a memory
Of what you made me do.

A taste of lust and madness
You had come … come for my soul
You brought me to the brink of hell
So evil …. cruel and cold.


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I saw you standing at the bar

You turned and looked at me.

Who knew that we would fall in love?
Such simple chemistry.

Just a glance …. a smile …. a look
Somehow it felt so right
I wanted you to want me , too
Was this my lucky night?

The DJ played my favorite song
You reached out for my hand
You led me to the dance floor
You said …. “Come on, let’s dance”!

No second thoughts to hold me back
No need for plaguing doubts
I knew it was …. love at first sight 
You stood out from the crowd.

You had it all…. such style and charm
That mesmerizing voice
Nowhere on earth I’d rather be
I knew I’d made my choice.

You whispered, “Please come home with me
Don’t want to be alone”
I felt a wave come over me
Felt chilled right to my bones.

A glass of wine by candlelight
Your stunning silhouette
My face was flushed …. I felt a thrill
Something I can’t forget.

I stayed the night

No second thoughts

Knew you were right for me

I had a night I can’t forget

No way I’d want to leave.


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Afraid to move …. might wake you up
Here cradled in your arms 
I feel your breath upon my neck
Your body feels so warm. 

I’m marred by loss of virtue
Too ashamed to face the truth
Afraid to try and walk away
Afraid of waking you.  

No meaningful attachments
My focus set on you
No friends that I can turn to
I don’t know what I should do.

A pitiful existence
Living out your fantasies
A life that’s lived for someone else
Leaves nothing left for me.


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Too much for you to face each day
You needed an escape
You should have come and talked to me
Before it was too late.

You’re never coming back to me
You’re never coming home
You left me here all by myself
You left me here alone.

You couldn’t wait …. it hurt too much
You pushed us all away
What did I do to make you want
To end your life this way?

All the pointless questions
So many senseless lies
Too young to go …. to pack it in
Too soon to say …. Goodbye.

No note and no forewarning 
I came home and found you there
No excuse or explanation
Did you think I wouldn’t care?

Cold to the touch .… so harsh so cruel
My baby …. my best friend
You’ve been taken from me now
No chance to start again.

I held your hand …. I kissed your cheek
Then I began  to wail
Was I to blame … was this my fault?
I guess that I had failed.

Called 911 .…. waited with you
It wasn’t very long
They tried their best …. It was too late 
They said that you were gone.


Keep busy …. don’t dwell
Stop looking back
Let go and move forward
Don’t respond …. don’t react.

Focus …. find purpose
Don’t leave it to chance
Stop whining ….. stop crying
Don’t say that you can’t.

Don’t feed the dragon
Chase her away
You know she’ll be back
If she gets her way.

You’re on a mission
No leaks and no cracks
Be strong and empowered
Be on the attack.

Take charge …. hold the line
Don’t waiver ….  be strong
Stop wanting to be
Where you don’t belong.

Take hold ….. take control
The top of your game
You got this …. you know it
Just stay in your lane. 

They’ll be a light
At the end of the tunnel
You’ll find your way
Through the chaos .… the rubble.

Once thru the marsh 
Beyond the weeds 
You’ll find what you’ve wanted 
You’ll have what you need.


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You are truly in your element
Do you have just what you need?
Was it worth the pain and torment
The hurt that you caused me?

Left alone …. along the wayside
Stepped over .… left for dead
Had no desire to be with me
Found someone else instead.

Have to wonder …. are you happy?
Have you found Utopia?
Does she make  you feel empowered 
Is she that spectacular?

Gotta be somewhat extraordinary
Never wanted to commit
Guess her dowry’s quite impressive
Had to have it… all of it.

The quest for fame and fortune
A plan …. well executed
Calculated …. set in motion
Guess you knew …. just how to do it.

Not one to bend …. to beg or bow
Consumed with raw ambition
A force to be acknowledged
A successful …. acquisition.


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Can’t stop this pain I’m feeling
Can’t get you off my mind
Wish I could just forget you
Cause you’re no longer mine.

The  plaguing painful memories
What good are photographs?
I still can see….  your smiling face
I still can hear you laugh.

Echoes playing in my head
Can’t get away from it
They haunt me in the dead of night
Those things that we once did.

Don’t want to think about you
It’s driving me insane
Can’t  shake this feeling deep inside
It’s surfacing again.

You didn’t care … cut me loose
You sent me off …. adrift
Left me with such guilt….remorse
Consumed by the abyss.

The fire so deep inside me
The flames hot to the touch
I couldn’t speak …. I couldn’t move
I wanted you so much.

Every night alone

Every night… lying beside you
I knew it wasn’t right
Should a known…. what could go wrong
I gave in without a fight.

I wish that I had seen the light
Was not expecting this
Rendered helpless …. paralyzed
It started with a kiss.

Empty…. cold and broken
Stripped of my dignity.
All that’s left… a hollow shell
That all that ‘s left of me.

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When I said you hurt me
You just shook your head
Left me feeling sorry
That we had ever met.

I was in too deep 
Got in …. over my head
You just walked away
I was left for dead. 

When I think about you
I just can’t believe
You left me bleeding out
Had no concern for me.

Wish every single memory
Could be washed away
Forget the day I met you
And the mistakes I made.

I should have realized then
You had something up your sleeve
You were just a “player”
Who got “missile lock” on me.

I got into deep
Got tangled in the weeds
There’s no doubt about it
You’re not the one I need.




Stop texting … e-mailing
Stop messaging me
I left …. I moved on 
Now you gotta leave. 

No pics to post
On your Instagram 
I’ve made it clear
You know where I stand. 

Those photos together 
When I was with you
Mean nothing to me
It’s over …. we’re through.

You know I moved on
I got over you
I’ve found someone else
Stop calling me, too!

The flowers and jewelry 
Are not what I need
I need you to stop
To let go of me.

The constant reminders
Of your promises 
Don’t make any difference
Cause there is no us!

Get it together
Talk to your friends
Don’t blow up my phone
Don’t do it again. 




A lifetime of longing
No way to explain
The depth of devotion
The horror…. the pain.

The loss and the sadness
The shame and the guilt
No way to convey
What I wanted or felt.

No end point or boundaries
Now that you’re gone
The sting and the shock
Reverberates on.

The tease of a dream
Fleeting at best
A glimpse and a moment
During slumber or rest.

I watch from a distance
You’re doing fine
I hear what I’m missing
You’re no longer mine.

You keep her close
You kiss her good night
You tell her you love her
You hold her tight.

You said … forever
Then walked out the door
I wasn’t enough
You wanted more.