The pain in my heart
Sadly persists
Through decades of torment
It is… what it is.

The darkness,…pervasive
It won’t let me go
So lascivious.

Driven to madness
Nights without sleep
Haunted by memories
Embedded so deep.

The pull of addiction
Too much to resist
Has left me damaged
Has set me adrift.

No end in sight
Can’t contain this desire
Can’t stop the longing
Can’t put out this fire.


Falling from the ledge
Did I jump or  did I fall?
You were standing there beside me
Up against the red brick wall.

You kept saying, you didn’t mean it
But, I knew where this would lead
I saw you two together
I knew you planned to leave.

You’ve become so damned impatient
I could tell that you were bored
You seldom took my hand in yours
My feelings were ignored.

You had lost all need or interest
Once a challenge, now mundane
Now you’ve decided to pay attention
So afraid you were to blame.

When I fell from the ledge
Did I jump or did I fall?
Are you the cause, or motive
The reason for it all?


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I’m not your shield…I’m not your cover
I won’t be there to break your fall
I have no desire to ease or comfort
I’m not the one you need to call.

If you’re hurting , feeling pain
Don’t look to me to bring you solace
I don’t give a damn about you
I am clearly cold and callous.

I have no time for idle chatter
Don’t come by, I won’t be home
I don’t play well with others
I prefer to be alone.

Call your brother or your mother
Someone else who understands
I’ll be down the beach sunbathing
Near the water, near the sand.

I’m not your welcoming committee
They’ll be no pies, no casseroles
My fence is built ten feet high
To keep out vagrants, to keep out trolls. 

Get the message, Read the sign
“KEEP OUT, No One Is Home
Keep your distance, Stay away
I prefer to be alone!”


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I believe in angels
Pixie dust, gnomes and trolls
I have fantasies of creatures
Wearing crowns of solid gold.

I see them in the forest
Up high…. there in the trees
Sometimes I hear them calling
Calling out my name to me.

A myriad of colors
The smell of honey in the air
The humming birds and dragonflies
No time to stop and stare.

The mermaid’s van parked just outside
The old weepy willow tree
She invites us in for an early lunch
Serving cookies and iced tea.

She has chocolates, caramels and licorice
Arranged on a lovely floral dish
Says she has magic powers
And can grant us each…. a wish.

I wished  for  a week of  sunshine
It had rained the last three days
Suddenly I felt a gentle breeze
Saw the sun’s bright golden rays.

Not that I  ever doubted
After all she had a wand
She waved it a few times in the air
And at once …the rain was gone.

The porcupine asked for a blanket
The rabbit … a pink candy cigar
I ate three caramels and a cookie
While sipping tea from an old mason jar.

We had pleasant conversation
Everyone was so polite
I sat near an open window
So  I could see the bright sunlight.

Lunch was quite delicious
We thanked the mermaid graciously
She smiled as we walked out the door
Said she enjoyed our company.


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Don’t take me on vacation
To try and ease the blow
Don’t think it  makes it easier
Cause I don’t want to go.

The memories, the photographs
The wine and candlelight
The time we spent together
And hey….what about last night?

Can’t believe you’re breaking up with me
But, you’ve made up your mind
You have found somebody else
And now you’re  hers … not mine.

Did you meet her on the internet?
In a chat room or a bar?
Does she take the train from Jersey
Or drive in … in her own car?

I assume she is much younger
You have a thing for pretty girls
Is she chic, sophisticated
In her high heels and her pearls?

Bet she’s everything …you wished I was
Everything I’d like to be
Does she prefer black coffee
Or an herbal English tea?

Guess she’s taller, somewhat thinner
Makes good money, her fair share
Gotta stop myself from asking
Cause I really shouldn’t care.

It’s a morbid curiosity
Can’t seem to help myself
Guess I’m gonna need a therapist
Gonna need to get some help.

Hope you’re happy, now you’re free
No more lies or secret meetings
No more late night texts and photos
If she’s lucky, you’ll stop cheating!


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PRETTY WOMAN : Roy Orbison


When do you plan to leave me?
When will you walk away?
A week or two … or longer
Maybe you’ll leave today.

How long have you been seeing her?
Is she waiting patiently
For you to break the news to me
Then leave me shamelessly?

Does she know….that you make love to me
Almost every night?
How would she feel if she knew
Or saw us here tonight?

A life long opportunist
A player through and through
Taking what’s available
It’s what you always do.

Like a street wise junkie
Always looking for a fix
Someone to get off on
It’s how you get your kicks.

Not one to be suspicious
You took me by surprise
I bought all of your promises
Believed all of your lies.

Now you plan to leave me
There’s nothing I can do
Doesn’t matter what I feel
Or how much I love you.


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Stop pressuring, stop bullying
Back up ….you’re in my way
I’m doing what I want to do
Don’t tell me what to say.

Do what you want, I’m not your clone
Do things all on your own
Stop demanding that I come along
Leave me the hell alone.

Stop blaming me, stop shaming me
You don’t have the right
To belittle and look down on me
To instigate a fight.

You never learn, at it again
Been down this road before
Over and… over and…over again
Always wanting  more.


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A night of lustful passion
Not a moment I regret
Lying here all alone
You know I can’t forget.

You left just before sunrise
You didn’t say goodbye
Guess it doesn’t matter
All the  many reasons why.

No lies or explanations
Before walking out the door
Quietly you slipped away
Just like you’ve done before.

Is there a book of etiquette
Appiled to sex for hire?
I  don’t think you’ve read it
Maybe you were too tired.

The money on the table
Should probably suffice
That extra hundred dollars
For me…. is awfully nice.

A night of lustful passion
Not a moment I regret
Lying there alone with you
A night I won’t forget.


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Don’t come to me with tears in your eyes
Pretend you’re sorry then say goodbye
I’ve seen that look on your face before
Never enough, you always want more.

Where’d you meet … THE TIKI BAR?
Did you makeout …. out in your car?
Ask her to dance, give her that wink
Offer to buy her another cold drink?

All that charm …. good for a while
Who can resist that look, that smile?
You pull them in …you get your way
You got it down, know what to say.

Broken hearts…. not 3 or 4
Maybe twenty, maybe more
Always chasing some sweet thing
While someone else waits in the wings.

Once you’re sure to have your way
You’ll plan out your getaway
She’ll be crying….you won’t care
You won’t change…. you don’t play fair.

You’ll come along… tears in your eyes
Pretend you’re sorry then say goodbye
I’ve seen you act this way before
It’s never enough, you’ll always want more.


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Incendiary accusations
Send chills straight up my spine
Feelings you’ve been harboring
Have been there all the time.

The rage, the hurt, the anger
Intended …meant for me
Have now finally surfaced
True colors openly.

Innocent, no malice
I’ve loved you, no regrets
Why is it so damn easy
For you to just forget?

Vindictive, cold and boorish
You turned your back on me
I didn’t see this coming
Never thought that you would be

So unkind, so mean, so cruel
Seething with revenge
Never saw that side of you
It makes me want to cringe.

No remorse, guilt or shame
Who knew you felt this way?
So arrogant, above reproach
Making sure I pay.

Judge and jury, you decide
No one makes mistakes
Passing judgement, sentencing
Your right… for heaven’s sake.


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