Head over heels
Right under my thumb
I bought you a drink
Coca Cola with rum.

Under my spell
Consumed with desire
You’re going to go down
In a blazing, hot fire.

No second thoughts
No caution or care
All that it takes
Is a wink and a stare.

You’re going to be sorry
That we ever met
Before it is over
You’ll surly regret.

I’ll wine you and dine you
With soft candlelight
I’ll make love to you
From morning till night.

All my attention
I’ll give only to you
Till I become bored
Then baby, we’re through.

Your tears and your sorrow
Will fall on deaf ears
I’ll walk out the door
You’ll be crying for years.

I never look back
I don’t really care
I don’t ever think
I left you sitting there.

It’s all about me
I’m number one
I use and abuse
Play around, just for fun.

I take what I want
I take what I need
I stand here before you
While you beg, while you bleed.

It won’t ever matter
I simply don’t care
They’ll be no exceptions
I never play fair.


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She lived all alone
No family to call
The last one standing
The last to fall.

She spent her days
All by herself
Can’t imagine just how
How bad she felt.

Her parents gone
No children or friends
A neighbor stopped over
Every now and then.

The church brought by
Lunch , served cold
A cup of tea
For the feeble, the old.

She didn’t complain
Always smiled, was polite
She dreaded the end
The end of daylight.

So afraid of the dark
Being all by herself
No one to call
If she needed help.

No one would be there
To comfort console
She was all alone
A timid, sweet soul.


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Why be so unkind?
Why snub and ignore?
I’ve been around people
Just like you, before.

You fabricate stories
You lie and extoll
Your account and excuses
Of the facts….getting old.

You’re given a pulpit
You’re given the stage
You rattle off tales
That garner, amaze.

The attention and stares
Of your group of friends
No concern for my feelings
This abuse has to end.

Won’t submit to your cruelty
Won’t be coming back
Find someone else
To mistreat and attack.

I’m standing tall
No need to cower
Taking back my pride
My strength and my power.


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Though light years away
You are close in my heart
I cherish your memory
I have from the start.

So hard letting go
Like grains of sand
That pass through my fingers
Right out of my hands.

I try to hold on
Can’t bare losing you
I miss you so much
What am I to do?

So many tears
The heartache, the pain
Reliving the memories
Again and again.

The smile on your face
The look in your eyes
But, why…..why you?
I keep asking why.

How can I go on
Day after day
Without you beside me
Being so far away?

I look to the sky
To the moon and the stars
Believing I know
Where you went, where you are.

Beyond the clouds
In heaven above
You reside with the angels
You are cherished and loved.


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A scoundrel, a thief
Should’a known from the start
That you’d be the one
To walk off with my heart.

I fell from the ledge
While in free fall
Only seconds to think
Before, hitting the wall.

The lies and the stories
That you told to me
Convincingly charming
I chose to believe.

Would have done anything
That you told me to do
Obsessed, overtaken
So in love with you.

That boyish grin
That handsome face
You won me over
No time to waste.

The shame and remorse
I feel to this day
Will haunt me forever
It’s here to stay.

So foolish, so innocent
So hard to believe
Never thought you would go
Never thought you would leave.


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She couldn’t explain
What went wrong, what had happened
Why after they parted
He had completely forgotten.

The promises he made
The plans that they shared
After all of this time
He just didn’t care.

It was hard to imagine
That he’d just walk away
But, he closed the door
He had nothing to say.

He never looked back
Just got out of bed
Had no second thoughts
No guilt or regret.

He had met someone new
So easily replaced
Any memory of her
Was gone, was erased.


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Let’s go to the beach
It’s a perfect sunny day
Leave your cares behind
I will gladly lead the way.

The seagulls and the osprey
Found at the water’s edge
Often nestled in the dunes
Now, seen flying overhead.

The children building castles
So many grains of sand
Washed back into the ocean
A part of nature’s plan.

The ghost crabs scurry by
Move about with ease and purpose
They quickly run, they hide
Disappear below the surface.

The sun so hot above us
Sunscreen to block the rays
Getting under the umbrella
A needed respite in the shade.

A sandwich, a cup of lemonade
Some chips, pretzels, and cookies
A perfect day to spend with friends
So happy you are with me.


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