What can you possibly expect from him?
A man who refused to serve
Who five times told the government
He regretfully had bone spurs.

He scams, he’s lied, he’s cheated
All his life…. to get his way
There’a method to his madness
You’re so easily led astray.

There’s no regard for rules or norms
He admires a scam, a scheme
He’s lied his way to the very top
He’s cruel, evil and mean.

He grits his teeth, hisses and smiles
When reading his Teleprompter
Blind support from his base
You should know…. that’s what he’s after.

Repeats his lies, loud and clear
Repeats them again and again
He knows they have the desired effect
You want to follow him.

Like sheep, being led to slaughter
Never doubting or asking why
You’ll do anything that he says
Convinced he never lies.

Another sip of Kool-Aid?
He knows just what to do
A dictator, a wannabe
He’ll take control of you.


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Beware, the spider’s web
Unsuspecting, caught, exposed
Your secret…. buried deep
Doesn’t need to be disclosed.

Embarrassed, feeling weak
Cold and naked in their eyes
Reflections of your past
The question’s always…. why?

They begin to pry
The conversation…. way too serious
The lamb that’s led to slaughter
Now must satisfy the curious.

You have been deposed
Lay your faults out on the table
Let them be the judge
They’ll decide if you are stable.

The mistakes that you have made
Buried somewhere deep within
There they should remain
No need to bear your sins.

No good will come of this
Another trip down memory lane
Never leads to anywhere
Once you’re done, you’ll feel ashamed.

Not every question needs an answer
Learn to stagger, learn to stall
Hold back, learn to protect yourself
Don’t feel compelled to tell it all.


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The spirit of our nation
Is hanging by a thread
With a madman at the helm
We’re under constant threat.

The fight for honor and morality
For freedom at any cost
The true meaning of democracy
Cannot be shunned or lost.

The hatred and the cruelty
The ignorance, the shame
It’s not just one man, by himself
His supporters are to blame.

Obliterating treaties
We’re now in harm’s way
He’s cavorting with our enemies
More empowered every day.

The man who bailed on serving
Is now The Commander – in – Chief
Can’t you see what’s wrong with this?
He’s nothing, but a thief.


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Up all night
Unable to sleep
I close my eyes
The pain’s so deep.

I toss and turn
Change my position
But, can’t escape
My thoughts or visions.

I see your face
I hear your voice
I don’t want to
But, have no choice.

You come and go
You’re in my dreams
Most every night
Or, so it seems.

The door is closed
It’s locked and sealed
No concern
For how I feel.

Off to sleep
I close my eyes
It’s time to say
At last, goodbye.


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Cavorting with the enemy
In your face, right in plain view
He flirts with Un and Putin
No concern for me or you.

Murderers… violent, cold and cruel
He is so clearly being used
Too ignorant to see the truth
He remains dazed and confused.

Distracted by the shiny toy
Blinded by the light
Taken down a crooked path
No thought of what is right.

Emoluments, greed, power and lust
All for fame, and the attention
No one to stop this madman
We need an intervention.

Spiraling wildly out of control
What will it take to bring him down?
So many infractions of the law
Stepped over, tossed to the ground.

Democracy being ripped to shreds
Right before our eyes
Something has to be done right now
Put a stop to all the lies.

Children held in cages
Denied soap to wash their face
Separating families
It’s a national disgrace.


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My father’s life wasn’t easy
He had worked as a small, young boy
Bringing home milk and vegetables
No time for children’s toys.

He was only seven years old
When he started working at the church
Exchanging his toil for pennies then
He never shied away from work.

One of many children
Did his best to help provide
Never complaining about his life
Not one to whine or cry.

As a young man he joined the Navy
With goals yet to achieve
Learned as much as he could
Never doubting his beliefs.

The war took him far away from home
It was a sad day when he was captured
The Japanese had attacked Corregidor
His leg now badly fractured.

They kept him in a prison camp
Fed rice, seaweed and tea.
No sugar, cream, or fancy cups
No thoughts of being freed.

He saw his share of horrors
Worked hard day after day
Three years held in captivity
His life slipping slowly away.

When the war was finally over
Those captured were set free
Thankfully my dad…. still alive
Had been sent back home to me.

My dad, my inspiration
Never bitter, never sad
Always optimistic
Always grateful, always glad.

He exchanged cards and letters
With a guard he’d met long ago
The man who held him captive
He had actually gotten to know.

They wrote to one another
Sent letters, gifts and cards
My father never held a grudge
Though he was badly scarred.

A bonze star and a purple heart
Among the many of his medals
He really was one of a kind, you see
My dad was someone special.


Re-blog from June 2018.



A straggly cat
Appeared at my door
Obviously homeless
Beaten and sore.

Some dry kibble bits
A can of wet food
All that she needed
To change her foul mood.

Don’t dare approach her
She’ll hiss and she’ll scratch
Be wary, but caring
Or she won’t be back.

Hardly ever alone
She has a sweet beau
They travel together
In rain or in snow.

They needed a name
I call them…. THE HISSERS
There’s she and her husband
No brothers or sisters.

They come in the morning
Promptly at eight
They wait for their food
By the tree, near the gate.

No chance to connect
No pets or sweet purrs
I watch from a distance
It’s what they prefer.

They’re feral you see
Nothing more you can do
Hard to befriend
When they’re so scared of you.

They watch and they wait
They look and they stare
Deep down in their hearts
They know that I care.


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