Don’t reach for me
I won’t be there
Don’t call my name
Don’t stop and stare. 

We came so far
Not far enough
I wasn’t quite
So strong … so tough.

Thought what we had
Could transcend time
I had no doubt 
That you were mine.

But foolishly
I never knew
I missed the signs
Ignored the clues.

You carried on
I sat at home
You knew that I
Was all alone.

I wanted you 
At any cost
Though knowing I’d been
Double crossed.

With blinders on
I muddled through
Told myself
I could trust you.

All the while
The end was near
There before me
Crystal clear. 

Found you with
Somebody else 
No thoughts of me
Here by myself.

It’s over now
Time to move on
Things will be better
With you gone.

No point 
In trying anymore
Let me show you 
To the door.

Here’s your coat
Please take your hat
Don’t want you here
Don’t want you back.


I watched you from the window
Watched you walk across the street
I knew that it was over
Though you tried to be discreet.

The bill sent from the florist
The excuse when I asked why
I smelled her sweet perfume
Did my best ….tried not to cry.

The candles …  and the flowers
No longer meant for me
I had to let you go
It was time to set you free.

The late nights …. way too often
I knew what you would say
I tried, but I just couldn’t
Couldn’t make you want to stay.

I couldn’t make you happy
There was just no pleasing you
You said that you were sorry
Can’t you see “it’s me” …. not you?

My heart was badly damaged
It was broken, cracked in two.
No way that we could fix it
Even though I still loved you.


That total empty feeling
That’s taken over me
A void so deep within my soul
Has drained my energy.

Quietly without a sound
No whistles and no bells
You had sadly given up
It was over… I could tell.

A spark that set my world on fire
Ignited every flame
Now had lost its amber glow
Each day was just the same.

No arguments, or unkind words
Just a sad  and empty stare
No parting explanation
You simply didn’t care.

No passion left , no tenderness
No twinkle in your eye 
Anxious to walk out the door
You simply said, “Goodbye”.


Looking for that special someone
That sparkle and that shine
Always on the prowl
Never know just what I’ll find.

Keeping my eyes open
I will do it all  again
No concerns or worries 
Now that we’ve become “just friends.”

Maybe at the coffee shop
Or cruising at the club
Waiting for that feeling
When you think that you’re in love.

The chemistry … the energy
What I once felt for you
You’ve been down this road before
You know just what I’ll do.

It won’t be  long, till she’ll be mine
I’ll whisper in her ear
Tell her what she wants to know
Just what she wants to hear.

I’ll rock her world, make her feel
Like she’s never felt before
But when I’m done, I’ll move on
I’ll walk right out the door.

The high can’t last forever
She’ll cry when I  move on
I’ll drop her like I did with you
In a heartbeat …. I’ll be gone.


There you were…. so beautiful 
Hair glistening in the sun
Knew my day was shot to hell
So much for summer fun.

A thousand people filled the streets
Yet, I ran into you
One in a thousand ain’t good odds
Not much that I could do.

Told my friends that you’d be here
Just my luck…. I’d see you, too
The stars, the planets all aligned
Directing me to you.

Time stood still … the waters parted
Our eyes met ….  like before
A wrinkle in time ….  A blip and a nod
Then you opened up the door. 

Pandora’s box …. A rabbit hole
You know this won’t end well
Seeing you …. too much for me
A vision straight from hell.

The same hot rush… Can’t help myself
I trembled in your arms
Even after all this time
I’m spellbound by your charm.

How you been? You look good
Words spoken in slow motion
Mesmerized … yet, terrified
Overwhelmed with raw emotion.

I’ll text you my new number
Let’s get together … we’ll catch up
Inside I  shouted to myself
Are you crazy? What the fuck?

Though anxiously …. I forced a smile
Then walked on down the street
Hoping this was the last time 
That we would ever meet.


Love sleeping close beside you
In the morning before dawn
See your head upon the pillow
Your skin so soft and warm. 

I’ve counted every minute
Every moment spent with you
Fearful you might walk away
Then leave me sad and blue.

I saw you at the coffee shop
Through the window sitting there
I saw you touch her face …. her lips
Then  stroke her long blonde hair.

Did you meet somewhere by accident
“On line” or in the park?
Was she someone that came on to you?
Did you meet there after dark?

Why can’t we talk about it?
Is she someone you just met?
What about the plans we’ve made?
Did you simply just forget?

What bothers you about me?
Are you  bored …. want someone new?
I can change my hair …. my clothes …. my nails
Please tell me what to do.

HOLDING ON (re-write)

You were never truly mine 
I held on way too tight
Too much, too soon …. I should have known
I should have seen the light.

I couldn’t breathe …. I couldn’t see
Nothing made much sense to me
Wished that we had never met
Wished that you had let me be.

Love lost …. denied .… then cast away
You were …. as cold as ice
You set your sights …. then followed thru
Your aim was quite precise. 

Such easy prey .… so vulnerable
A mere open invitation
The warning signs were clearly there
Was lured into temptation.

Foolishly…. yes, I gave in
I couldn’t pull away
Hung onto every single word 
Everything you had to say.

Now time is up… you’re on your way
You’ll find somebody new
Someone naive and innocent
Who’ll fall in love with you.

That’s your game…your M.O.
You’re quite the lone contender
A player heartless through and through
Who thrives on sweet surrender.

Wild Begonias

Whatever you have done before
Won’t matter much to me
When there is something that I want
Desire or maybe need.

I don’t remember yesterday
I focus on today
Cravings must be satisfied
You have to find a way.

Drop what you are doing
I am your priority
Forget what matters most to you
Your focus should be me.

Make me  a cup of coffee
Wash my clothes and mop the floor
Sweep off the porch and mow the lawn
That’s  what I need you for.

I’m tired of watching TV
Take me out and buy me lunch
Pick me some wild begonias
Not just one …. pick me a bunch.

No one  to take me shopping
Guess I’ll have to go with you
Make sure that you’re available 
Pick me up at half past two.

JUST LIKE THAT (re-write)

I should have known
Things never last
Now I am just
Part of your past.

How many lovers
Become …. “Just Friends”
When you decide
Things need to end?

Another crush
A pretty face
So into her
You love the chase.

What can I do?
My number’s blocked
You changed your mind
Then changed the locks.

Here’s your coat
Grab your hat
Pushed out the door
Just like that.

You turned on me
This can’t be real
There’s no concern
For how I feel.

I never thought
You’d be like this
There’s no remorse
No farewell kiss.

It won’t be long
She’ll learn the truth
She’ll get to know
That side of you.

It’s not forever
Who knows how long
Till you decide
It just feels wrong?

Here’s your coat
Grab your hat
Pushed out the door
Just like that.