Hanging out… sitting here
Alone inside my crib
What you want? What you saying?
What you think I did?

I be packing …. always wrapping 
Wrapping up my shit
Don’ be  thinking I be raising
Raising up your kid.

You be calling…. you be sniffing
Looking to find me
You be hoping ….you get lucky
But you’re wrong, Baby.

You be pretty….. you be tasting
Tasting mighty fine
But that BB you be having
Honey, it ain’t mine.

Gotta go ….. the clock is ticking
Getting kinda late
Meeting up with someone later
Got a special date.

Here’s your coat …. get your purse?
I’ll help ya…  walk ya out
You’ll be fine … I’m sure ya will
Don’t worry…there’s no doubt. 

Have to wonder …. what the fuck 
What is coming next?
Will I have to see a doctor?
Maybe get a test?

Ain’t about to be a daddy…..
I know that for sure
Gonna have to fix this problem ….
Better find a cure.

You be coming round for something
Coming late at night
You be wanting me to hold ya…
Hold ya really tight.

But like I said … I wrap it up…
I wrap it really good
I take no chances…pretty careful
I wrap it like I should.

Ain’t so quick ….to let you tell me
That I am to blame
Cause I’m the one… who rocked your world
The night you said you came.

Call my lawyer …. call my shrink…
Then take another pill
Gonna need a tranquilizer….
Yes, I think I will.


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You were emboldened 
Felt so secure
I was so doubtful 
Felt so unsure.

I begged you …. I pleaded
Got down on my knees
You said to speak louder
To say, “pretty please!”

Sadistic ….. unfeeling
Hateful and cruel
I fed the fire
Supplied the fuel.

Needed some backbone
Some nerve and some balls
To stand up to you
To get over that wall.

You didn’t respect me
I was a fool
You were a bastard
A bully….. a tool.

I mixed you a cocktail
Added lime…..just a squeeze
Gin over ice
With some blue antifreeze.

You started to shiver
You started to gasp
You fell off your chair
I started to laugh.

Your nose starting bleeding
There were tears in your eyes
You laid  on the floor
You had started to cry.

I waited an hour 
Before calling for help
I dialed 911
Cleaned the glass out myself.


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There were no warnings
No red alerts
Had no idea
That I’d get hurt.

My heart and my soul
My body and mind
I was all yours
Thought you were all mine.

Not once did I doubt
No questions were asked
I should have known better
It just couldn’t last.

Way too much passion
So much sex and lust
Before too long
There was “her”and no “us”.

No mystery here
You found someone new
She caught your eye

It’s sad …. but it’s true.

Money and fame
Allured by her status
That’s what turns you on
For you …. it’s what matters.

The shiny trinkets
The gems and the jewels
So very fancy
I was …. such a fool.

Guess you have to go
Where the money will lead
It’s what makes you happy

It’s just what you need.


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Broken….. crushed beyond repair
Facing that ….. you just don’t care
Devastated… badly bruised
Realized that ….. I’ve been used.

Hard to accept …. the bitter truth
I was duped …. got played  by you
Can’t let go ….. of memories
Never dreamt ….. that you’d hurt me.

Thought that we ….. would be enough
Thought that we ….. were both in love
You got bored …. you needed more 
You pushed me out…. right out the door.

Met her at a local bar
Was close by…. it wasn’t far
After work ….. on your  way home
I sat waiting …. home alone.

You turned on …. that sly sweet charm
Didn’t have to twist her arm
She was easily seduced
How well I know …. that side of you.

Unsuspecting ….. easily led
You took her …. took her to bed
She held on tight …. you made her come
You like em skinny … you like em young.

From left field…. how could she know?
She had no clue… you’d up and go
You led her on …. showed no remorse
You simply closed …. then locked the door.


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Karen … such a busy body
Can’t keep things to herself
Why can’t you mind your business?
Who’s asking for your help?

Butting in and looking on
Always on patrol
Can’t manage when you’re not in charge
Always in control. 

Eavesdropping ….. intruding
Always adding your two cents 
Who asked for your opinion?
This behavior has to end.

Too quick to pass judgment 
Without knowing all the facts
Surmising and concluding
You lack couth and have no tact.

Surveillance is your pastime
Spying is your game
You keep tabs on everyone
You know each one by name.  

You are a true Budinski
A snoop …. a peeping Tom
A  wolf wearing sheep’s clothing 
Always knows what’s going on.

You need to watch your manners
You’re offensive and quite rude
Stop being so damn nosey
Find something else to do.


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A new start, a new beginning
A time for peace, a time for forgiving
Open the door, let go and be free
The weight will be lifted, it’s time to believe.

Shed all of the old burdening feelings
Of anger and pain, begin to start healing
Life is short, a mere fleeting moment
Rejoice and enjoy, the bliss of atonement.

Holding a grudge, casting blame
Will only bring heartache, will only bring shame
Open your heart, open your arms
Step into the sunlight, away from the storm.

Farewell to the bludgeoning, cruelty and crazies
A New Year begins, a chance to show mercy
To those who deserve it, to those who may not
Give all that you can, and all that you’ve got.

Banish the demons, shed the black clouds
Open your heart, remove the dark shroud
The New Year is here, a new day beginning
A time for peace, a time for forgiving.


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Reblog: DECEMBER 31, 2018


You look away
It’s apparent …. it’s true
There’s distance between us
Can’t get close to you.

The look in your eyes
The change in your voice
What more can I  do?
I don’t have a choice.

I’ve begged and I’ve pleaded
I’m down on my knees
You won’t reconsider
You won’t forgive me.

For you …. all that matters
Is that I have lied
You’re passing judgement
While I sit and cry.

Hardened and cold
You turn your back 
I should have known
How you would react.

Please can’t you show mercy?
Let go of your pride
There’s strength in forgiveness
I’m sorry …… I lied.


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That night on the beach
Didn’t know I was sober
Till I looked in your eyes
I knew then it was over.

The sudden shock
When I realized
Things weren’t the same
You cheated … you lied.

I wanted to run
Didn’t know what to do
Couldn’t believe
That I had lost you.

Wanted to cry
Didn’t know what to say
Wanted to tell you
You fucked up my day.

Spent our vacation
Diving for shells
You played it straight
Thought I couldn’t tell.


But I knew…. yeah, I knew
You had found somebody new.

It was clear …. it was real
It was over  …. with  you.

That slight hesitation
When we kissed good night 
Before turning over
You said, “Not tonight”.

You kept your phone close 
That familiar sweet smile
When you got a text
After waiting awhile.

Somebody new…
The thrill of it all
That anxious response
When you got a call.

On the plane home
You read your book
I knew it was over
Over for good.


Yeah, I knew…. yes , I knew
You’d found somebody new.

It was clear …. it was real
It was over  ….  with  you.


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Back of the line
You never come first
You’re second choice
The one who gets hurt.

The brunt of his jokes
The one standing by
The one who’s deceived
With bullshit and lies.

You need to be strong 
Be sure of yourself
He’ll leave you behind
He’s out for himself.

Why sit by the phone
Hoping he’ll text?
When all that he does
Is use you for sex.

Show him the door 
Tell him to leave
You’re not what he wants
He’s not what you need.


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The dimples  and folds
Are painfully stark
They can be seen 
Even felt in the dark.

The smell of perfume
Like dents in your car
Can’t cover them up
Can’t hide all your scars.

Weathered and worn
In need of repair
A few lumps and bumps
Could appear anywhere.

Don’t pay any mind
To a  few imperfections
Any dreaded remarks
Or hints of rejection.

All of your wrinkles 
The unwanted hairs
The freckles …. the lines
That have appeared there.

And what about you?
Once you take off your clothes
Do you have any blemishes
Or bumps on your nose?

A clump of back hair?
A pimple or two?
Maybe a mole
One that’s black …. or that’s blue?

Maybe you do
Or maybe you don’t
It won’t make a difference 
It can’t and it won’t.

The heart and the soul
Resides deep within
Not measured by blemishes
On the surface of skin.


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