Christmas is coming
It soon will be here
A time for rejoicing
For holiday cheer.

Cider and holly
Pumpkin and spice
Pine trees and gum drops
Those cold winter nights.

The music, the lyrics
The smell of the tree
The presents and candy
For those who believe.

The cookies, the fruit cake
The parties, the stores
Shopping for presents
Decorations and more.

Family and friends
Who love to sing
Stop in for hot chocolate
When out caroling.

The fireplace, the glow
The laughter, the snow
The joy of the season
Wherever you go.

The lights and the tinsel
Families now gather
Blessed by the memories
Of days spent together.


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Lurking in the shadows
Slithering through the door
Always an agenda
What are you looking for?

Never paying forward
Ready to attack
Waiting for a victim
One who can’t fight back.

Ridicule, a pastime
The game you love the most
You thrive on callous insults
As you brag and sadly boast.

Not one to be relied on
Not one to look up to
You always have a motive
It’s always about you.

You stand there with your hand out
“What can you do for me”?
An underlying mantra
Of selfishness and greed.

The weak and the defenseless
Mere putty in your hands
Unable to stand up to
Such a cold and evil man.


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The look on his face
The tears in your eyes
Reflections of years
Ending in goodbye.

Little was said 
To soften the blow
Wanting to leave
So anxious to go.

What’s left, what remains?
Confused and unglued
No reason, no rhyme
Nothing you could do.

She waits in the car
How long should it take
To end an affair
To admit a mistake?

You watch from the window
The car pulls away
You wonder what happened
Why? Why, today?

You drop to your knees
Slumped over to mourn
A picture of heartache
A woman now scorned.


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No second chance
You let me go
No turning back
The answer’s… no.

The flame was gone
The amber glow
Had slowly left
Where did it go?

Bitter sweet
The tears, the sighs
The day was done
You said goodbye.

To start again
Begin anew
I’d make my way
Just not with you.

No sparks or fire
No heat, no flares
But, something more
Someone who cares.

No fear, no lies
No mistrust
Pure of heart
The two of us.

Better off
I know I’ll be
With someone kind
And… good to me.

No blame or shame
Between us two
No doubt that I
Am loved by you.


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SONG: I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams.


Under the bus
You’ll find me there
Kicked to the curb
So meek, so scared.

I don’t know what
You want from me
Why do you like
To watch me bleed?

No self esteem
I stay with you
So damaged
Always black and blue

I can’t get up
You push me down
You tell me not
To make a sound.

A blackened eye
A broken knee
I’m begging you
Repeating, PLEASE!

Too many shots
Too many beers
I’ve got to get
Away from here.

Someone please
Call 911
I can’t escape
No chance to run.

No place to go
I need some help
Can’t make it out
All by myself.
The cruelty
Blantant abuse
Can’t make him stop
There’s just no use.

I pray to God
Try to believe
That I will find
A way to leave.


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SONG: NOWHERE TO RUN. by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas


Time passing by
Like a train on a track
Speeding along
No time to look back.

The sights and the sounds
Blurred in the distance
One blink and they’re gone
Gone in an instant.

The conductor calls out
“ALL ABOARD, here we go
Please take your seats
Stash your luggage below”.

Some wait at the station
They never leave
Content with their lives
Or so one believes.

Others amazed
Intrigued and allured
They long for adventure
Signing up for the tour.

So many faces
So many sounds
So much to do
In each city and town.

Don’t wait to be asked
It might be too late
So much to explore
Control your own fate.

So much to see
Take in the view
Make the most of your life
It’s all up to you.

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Spare me your pity
Don’t try and help me
Don’t need your attention
Please go, let me be.

Don’t walk beside me
Don’t stand in my way
There’s no explanation
There’s nothing to say.

Don’t wait in the shadows
Just leave me alone
Don’t need your advice
I know my way home.

No need to converse
No words left to say
No chance to recover
The loss felt today.

The quiet, the silence
The cold heartless pain
The surge of regret
Coursing though my veins.

The loss and the suffering
Will never change
There’s no one to look to
There’s no one to blame.


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