Talk to me
Tell me the truth
I’m trying hard…to get over you.

Forget the spin
Forget the lying
I can’t stop …. myself from crying. 

Stop touching me
Don’t say those words
Don’t leave it open ….   don’t infer.

You don’t love me
Why did you lie
Knowing you would ….. say goodbye?

You go to her
Lie in her bed
What have you told her? …. What have you said?

No empathy
Bold face lies
No problem looking …. into my eyes.

Believing you
The trust …. the shame
Knowing it …. was all a game.

How could you
Let me ….. bear my soul
How could you be…. so cruel, so cold?

So intimate
I let you in 
What you’ve done…. a crime , a sin.

Callous, harsh
No feelings of love
You took what you wanted…. till you had enough.

The charm and the smile
I fell  hard for you 
I did what you wanted …. what you told me to.

Embarrassed, ashamed 
Complete devastation
Drawn into your web of greed and deception.


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I had to face the bitter truth
That I was not enough
It was always you and her
It’s never been just us. 

Too much time has come and gone
No idea what happened
I simply fell out of grace
So easily forgotten.

Tried to find the words to say
Tried to make it right 
But you were having none of it
You left me …. that same night.

You took your stuff….
You packed a bag
I heard you close the door
I heard you walking hurriedly
Across the wooden  floor. 

Just passing time 
While waiting for something better?
I was just a place holder
Till the day you met her.

What was I
Just random sex? 
Something fun to do?
I never thought you were so cruel
I blindly fell for you.


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(A Song)

She’ll walk away
She won’t be back
No second thoughts
No time for that.

She’ll write you off
Done this before
She’ll take your pride
Then close and lock the door.

She’ll shut you out
No strings attached
Think she’s in love
Don’t count on that.

The trap’s been set
Watch for the wire
Don’t trip and fall
She’ll set your heart on fire.


Don’t take a chance
She doesn’t care
You’ll fall apart 
She won’t be there.

She’ll do it again
Till she’s had enough
She likes to play games
She likes it rough.

There’s someone new
You’ve been replaced
Another fool
A change of pace.

She won’t need you
She’ll turn and smile
Then ….walk right out the door.


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KNOCKING (a song)

Why the hell are you calling me?
We’ve been down this road before
You don’t really want me
So why are you knocking on my door?

Said you’re feeling so lonely
But you said that we’re through
Now you want to come over 
So what am I supposed to do?

What the hell do you want from me?
Tell me what you’re looking for
You know you don’t really want me
So why are you knocking on my door?

I don’t need no booty call
If that’s what you’re looking for
Head back home to your lady, baby 
Don’t start knocking on my door.

Can’t you see what you’re doing, to me?
None of this is fair
We both know you’re just cruising
That you really just don’t care.

What is it you’re looking for?
You said that we’re through
Don’t keep on knocking, baby
Let me get over you.


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Comparisons can be harmful
If you’re lacking self esteem 
Don’t worry about what others have
Things are never what they seem.

The grass is not always greener
As it appears on the other side
If you knew the naked truth
It would surly make you cry.

Don’t focus on greed and  envy
Be happy with yourself
It will never do you any good
Wishing you were someone else.

Be the best that you can be
Aspire but don’t be jealous
Make the most of your life
Being  passionate and zealous.

Put your best foot forward
Take a chance …. take a risk
Life is filled with challenges 
If you will just persist.

Don’t waste your time or efforts
On what someone else is doing
Spend your energy …. try harder
Change your focus …. stop assuming.

No one’s  life is perfect
No matter how  it seems
We all have our ups and downs 
Our plans,  our hopes,  our dreams.


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WALK AWAY ( a song)

It’s taken me a lifetime
To get over losing you
It took everything I had 
To forget what I’ve been through.

All the lies and promises
You played me for a fool
You promised me everything
But,  none of it was true.

You were out there cheating
Making plans to walk away
I knew I couldn’t change your mind
There was nothing left to say.

I don’t want to see you again
If our paths should ever cross
Keep walking , baby …… don’t look back
What we  had is gone …. it’s lost.

It’s taken me a lifetime
You took everything from me
You left me here alone
You cut me loose …. then set me free.

No second thoughts …. it’s over
Don’t stop to say, “Hello”
I moved on ….. just like you
Cut the ties and let you go.

So walk away…. don’t look back
There’s nothing here for you
Keep going, baby ….. move along
I’m finally over you.


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NOT ENOUGH (a song)

All of the nights  …:. that you made me cry. 
All of the times ….. that you lied.

Your mind was always …. somewhere else. 
Your thoughts were always …. about somebody else.

Not about me.

You couldn’t tell me …. tell me why.
You couldn’t bear …. to watch me cry.

I tried to believe …. that we were in love.
But, we both know …. I was never enough.

Enough for you.

What was I thinking?  I really don’t know. 
I was afraid …. afraid to let you go.

Your mind was always …. somewhere else.
Your thoughts were always …. about somebody else.

Not about me.

You led me on …. thought I didn’t know.
I knew,   but …… couldn’t let you go.

What was I thinking? I really don’t know.
I should have ….. should have let you go. 

Hold me, please hold me tonight.
Stay with me, stay with me …. if only tonight.

Tell me what you feel for me ….. is love.
Tell me just once …. that I am enough.

Enough for you. 


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Can’t go to the movies
Can’t go out to eat
Have to stay separated
At least …. by six feet.

Wearing our face masks
Everywhere that we go
Can’t spend time together 
With people we know.

Afraid of the virus
The droplets …. the germs
Some schools are not open
At least …. not this term.

No groups to be gathered
We can’t get too close
I ‘m feeling so lonely 
I miss you the most.

We Skype on  our laptops
We use our cell phones
Can’t see one another
Time spent home alone. 

Our jobs are on hold
What are we to do?
I ‘m feeling so bad
So sad and so blue.

How long will this last?
Tired of watching TV
Wish you could come over
And spend time with me.

We need a vaccine
And we need it quick
Too many are dying
Too many are sick.


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My heart cries out
For your loss
Now that he’s gone 
You  feel  so lost.

Hold on…. be still 
He’s there with you
His soul …. his spirit
Still rings  true.

His energy 
Will live on
It can’t be taken
Its force is strong.

Hold onto to love
To memories
Within your heart
He’ll always be. 

No one can change
The way you feel
Your thoughts and dreams
Though so surreal.

Can give you hope
Can give you solace
A lasting love
He always promised.


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Underneath the old stone bridge 
We played most everyday
That’s where he shared his story
That’s where I heard him say.

He wished that he  could fly
Get  up and fly away
There he  prayed for a miracle
He prayed and prayed each day.

It wasn’t  a sworn secret
That I was pledged to keep 
I shared his  story that same night
Before I fell  asleep.

I told my dad about him
Before I went to bed 
He said some things are private
Some things better left unsaid.

In the morning after breakfast
I headed to the bridge
I sat there waiting for him
Along the water’s edge.

The kids at school were vicious
They talked behind his back
They said they didn’t like him
Because the boy was black.

I skipped stones for hours
I waited patiently 
But he never showed up
Wish he had  come with me.

They found him in his bedroom
He had hung himself
Telling me his secret
A desperate cry for help.


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