I’ve caught a cold and feel so sick
I wasn’t even trying
Now I’m suffering in bed
I feel so bad, I’m crying.

I didn’t try to set a trap
No use of bait or lures
I don’t want any part of this
It’s not my cold, it’s yours.

Sneezing, sniffling, blowing your nose
Shoulda figured, what this was about
Though you tried to cover your mouth
The germs were still slipping out.

Bendaryl and codeine meds
Kleenex and Tylenol
Haven’t really done too much
To stop this cold at all.

Catching a cold, is not playing tag
You don’t want to catch your prey
You hope the germs will pass you by
And not get in your way.

Please get me a drink or two
Perhaps some chicken soup
What I really need right now
Is a glass of fresh squeezed juice.

Parties, fun and gatherings
Are going to have to wait
Don’t want to spread my germs around
Not in this infected state.


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Umbrellas and chairs line the beaches
An array of colors everywhere
Bikinis and shorts, flip flops and sandals
Even suits that you wouldn’t dare wear.

Bellies and thighs, muscles and six packs
Some are stacked and some are bulked
Children are running from water to shore
From the Pacific right down to the Gulf.

The sun shines down upon their faces
It can scald and leave a nasty burn
If they don’t use a number 50 sunscreen
Soon a lesson will be learned.

The water makes it’s way to shore
Along with jelly fish and seaweed
The surfer doesn’t care too much
A wave is all he’s needing.

Coolers filled with ice and drinks
Sandwiches and chips
Everyone wants to eat some lunch
So glad they made the trip.

Snowbirds, locals and visitors
Make their way to the beach each year
From January to the end of April
They’ll park themselves right here.

Brown and white, short or tall
They will end up all together
Basking in the afternoon sun
The perfect place for them to gather.


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via Daily Prompt: Fact



Sorry that you’re feeling sick
You’ll have to stay at home
You’ll have to play your video games
The ones on your cell phone.

I’ll bring you tea and chicken soup
You can watch your favorite shows
It will be so hard on you
To have to take it slow.

All your books and class assignments
Can be done on your computer
You can just lay back and relax
You won’t even need a tutor.

Nothing like getting time off
To be in your bed at home
Getting to sleep and taking it easy
Just to be left alone.

No more fights in the cafeteria
No gossiping or bullying
Taking a break from all of the noise
Can be invigorating and renewing.

The doctor says to get some rest
He says that it’s a fact
That drinking lots of fluids
Will get you back on track.


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Waves wash up and over the rocks
Piled up by the docks so high
Men are fishing from dawn to dusk
They like spending time with the guys.

Buckets, bait, whiskers and beards
Line the docks from bow to stern
Baseball hats and fishing poles
Their faces getting burned.

The sun shines bright from up above
Their hats and glasses fight the rays
The seagulls and the pelicans
Show up for lunch each day.

Lines and knives, pliers and rods
No needs are overlooked
Lines thrown out far and wide
Soon a fish is on the hook.

Radio plays the oldies, but goodies
Sub sandwiches and chips to share
Coolers overflowing with soda and beer
They’re so glad to spend time there.

They pass the time out on the water
Waiting for the next pull on their line
They reminiscence about days gone by
While they sip their beer and wine.


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via Daily Prompt: Branch


The long branch of the law
Extends beyond both me and you
Let’s hope it is inclusive
And that Muller knows what to do.

Takes his time, meticulously
Gathering all of the evidence
Hoping he can build a case
Against our gluttonous, bullying president.

Taking them down, one by one
Indictments and subpoenas
Let’s see who has the last laugh
The lying pack of hyenas?

Let’s hope not, fingers crossed
Hope he puts them all in prison
I can’t see any other way
It’s the way that I now see em.

Behind bars, in orange jumpsuits
Still clamoring to be heard
But in time we’ll turn away
And not listen to a word.

Who cares what a vicious bully says
When he is destroying our democracy?
What in the world has he been doing?
He exemplifies hypocrisy.

First we must, put down the vile
Dishonest “sell out” politicians
Replace them with some honest men
Men who are above outright suspicion.

Our government has come apart
We need a better coalition
Hopefully, we can rebuild
Rebuild a stronger, better nation.


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via Daily Prompt: Typical


It’s so typical of you
To leave me standing there
Don’t know why I believed you
You never really cared.

You left me alone
You turned and walked away
You left me with nothing
I’ve got nothing more to say.

Wish I never met you
Can’t believe I fell for you
You turned your back on me
Now I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want you to call me
Don’t text or Instagram
Just forgot that you knew me
I’m better off, I know I am.

My heart is completely broken
I will never be the same
I hope I can forget you
And the way you spoke my name.

You’re nothing but a charmer
With a heart made out of stone
You left me feeling worthless
You left me all alone.

You never looked back, not once
Never gave me a second thought
You found what you were after
This one’s on you, it’s all your fault.

I did my best to make you happy
I gave in though you were wrong
All I ever wanted
Was a sense that I belonged.

But you were always cheating
Any chance to get over on me
Now all I want is for you
To get out and leave me be.

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via Daily Prompt: Fabric


What constitutes the fabric of your being?
Is it your quest for power or your need for justice?
Is it lying greed or
The fear that funds us?

Take a good look inside yourself,
Rely on your conscience, rely on your self
Look for a reason, some moral ground
Maybe, at last, you may have found.

That truth and honor outweighs the past
If you’re remembered, memories will last
Stand up and be counted, be kind and be strong
Learn to be forthright so you will belong.

Standing alone is isolating and cold
It wears you down and soon will get old
Stand up and be counted, raise your head high
Let everyone know your reasons why.

Why in a moment, a moment of time
You found yourself, your rhythm and rhyme
Now balanced and stable, you stand on your own
As a man of honor, you found your way home.


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