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When I hear our favorite song
I break down and start to cry
That’s when I do my best
To remember all the lies.

Memories are haunting me
Why remember the good times?
You cheated and you broke my heart
Gotta get you off my mind.

You’re not worth my thoughts, my time
You’re a scathing psychopath
I need to remember how I felt
When you looked at me and laughed.

Taken down and ridiculed
The nights you made me cry
Waiting for you to come back home
Your countless alibis.

Why lead me on, why take me down?
I was so in love with you
All the empty promises
There was nothing I could do.

Change the station, turn it off
Don’t want to hear that song
I hear it on the radio
It’s playing all night long.

I hear it in the car
While shopping in the stores
I can’t escape the lyrics
Just can’t take it anymore.


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YouTube:  Rature… Anita Baker


So hot outside, I wandered off
Made my way to the coffee shop
Parked my car right out front
Right there in the parking lot.

Once inside with drink in hand
I looked down at my cell phone
Started to check my messages
When I received a call from home.

My girlfriend said she was sorry
We had had another fight
Said she hoped I’d change my mind
And, would be coming home tonight.

I didn’t want to talk to her
But couldn’t ignore her call
She and I had been fighting a lot
She was ready to end it all.

I told her that I’d be back
Though she was going to break my heart
I knew she couldn’t help herself
She was ready for us to part.

I built my world around her
But, she felt cornered and imprisoned
I couldn’t make her understand
I tried to explain my reasons.

This wasn’t going to work for us
I was feeling so much pain
She wasn’t going to give us a chance
She didn’t want to try again.

I had to face the bitter truth
We weren’t going to be together
She had met someone else
Things weren’t getting any better.


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via Daily Prompt: Deplete


This is just a feeling
Hoping it will pass
Don’t want to get caught up in
Something that won’t last.

Clearly, I can feel it
On an ego-driven mission
Looking out for me
I’ve made the right decision.

They come on, oh so smooth
Like they are into you
Then they turn and walk away
They leave you black and blue.

That ain’t gonna fly now
Not gonna play this time
I’m taking care of me first
Hanging on to what is mine.

Tired of being played
Like a well-tuned violin
If they mess with me
They won’t be seeing me again.

I’m looking for that someone
Who’s not wearing a disguise
Someone who tells the truth
Not some feeble alibis.

Their efforts to deplete me
Take my strength and my reserve
Won’t get them very far now
I will have what I deserve.

I have my own criteria
Set up for my protection
Intended to maintain
My heart’s care and preservation.


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She got away,
Slipped thru your fingers
Thoughts of her
Will forever linger.

Once in a lifetime
Never again
You’ll never hold her
It’s come to an end.

So many encounters
So many women
Lasting friendships.

But, that special someone
The love of your life
Is with someone else
He made her his wife.

You’ll go to your grave
Your heart on your sleeve
They’ll be regret
You’ll cry and you’ll grieve.


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Lured by you
Caught in your trap
No way to break free
To find my way back.

I should’a known
When you came on to me
That this couldn’t be real
But I couldn’t see.

I was blinded by lust
Overtaken, consumed
Tricked into falling
Falling for you.

Always on cruise
For something better
You had no intentions
Of us staying together.

You take what you want
You watch your prey bleed
You get what you want
Whatever you need.

I learned too late
You weren’t going to stay
You walked out on me
I learned the hard way.


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via Daily Prompt: Glimmer


She came out of nowhere
You knew from the start
One look at her face,
And you came apart.

You broke down and told her
You came unglued
It was too soon to say it
But you said, “I love you”.

Fixated, overwhelmed
You fell head over heels
Was this a mere fantasy?
Was this for real?

The glimmer, the glamour
When she entered a room
You were caught in her spell
Once you smelled her perfume.

The sound of her voice
The touch of her hand
The way that she held you
Too dizzy to stand.

She laid down beside you
Her touch made you weak
Excited and shaking
Your life was complete.

The moment you met her
You knew it won’t last
She wanted too much
She came on too fast.

Too good to be true
Should’a known from the start
That she would leave you
That she’d break your heart.


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YouTube Video: PULLING ME IN


Don’t disrupt the flowers
Don’t wake up the leaves
The wind is gently blowing
Don’t disturb the bees.

The butterflies are sleeping
The Dogwood is taking a nap
The weeping willow is resting
With its head in the yard’s lap.

The dew is moist and sprinkled
All over the limbs and  flowers
The large oak’s looming over
Like a tall, protective tower.

The sun up in the sky
No rain or clouds in sight
By evening they will shelter
As they make ready for tonight.


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