Whatever it takes, you can be certain
I’ll be the one standing right by your side
No matter what, thru thick and thin
I’ll tell the truth, you know I won’t lie.

Buckets of bullshit might come your way
But you’ll never receive any from me
I’m a straight shooter, always forthright
I’m the one you can always believe.

Sick of betrayals, friends turning their backs
When you least expect it, he’ll walk out the door
He doesn’t really care, he never did
You ’ve been down this same highway before.

Hoping he’s changed and things will be different
Is an illusion that’s not gaining traction
There’s no mistake, he’s laughing at you
Open your eyes, and see his reaction.

A hater, a fake, a jester, a fool
Can’t you see he crossed over the line?
There’s no mistake, he’s goofing on you
He’ll make a fool out of you every time.

He’s got your number, he knows your address
He’s got “missile lock” on you
You can’t escape his wrath and his reign
He knows exactly what he wants to do.

He’s gonna use you, he knows how to play
He’ll turn your whole world upside down
Before he’s finished, you’ll be on your knees
You’ll be meek and won’t utter a sound.

The master, the king, the bully, the devil
You’ll be crying before he’s through
He’ll make sure you know how he feels
He’ll never be in love with you.

Stick with me, I won’t let him hurt you
I’ll be standing right by your side
We’ll be together he won’t stand a chance
To break down your reserve, or your pride.

He’ll walk away, he will be gone
He’ll disappear right before your eyes
Once he knows you’re onto him
That you see thru his alluring disguise.

You can start over, don’t need his permission
You’re somebody all on your own
He’s not for you, you don’t need him
Don’t let him hear you whine or moan.

You’ve got this, girl ….take it from me
You don’t need a guy like him
Guys like him are a dime a dozen
All you need is a really good friend.


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Don’t think you have a future
Cause you’re going to get hurt
Don’t read into what she’s saying
Don’t hang onto every word.

You’ll be gone by morning
Don’t plan to stick around
You’re just a mere distraction
A new shiny toy she’s found.

She has no depth or feelings
She’ll use and she’ll abuse
She’ll take complete advantage
She’ll get the best of you.

Don’t dare to start believing
Think this is any more
Than a simple late night hookup
That’s all she’s looking for.

She’s gonna leave you crying
You’ll be begging her for more
But it won’t do you any good
Once she’s done, you’re out the door.

She’s got no time for small talk
Doesn’t care what’s on your mind
Not interested in knowing you
Not going to waste her time.

Always looking for her next fix
The climax and the high
Someone better to spend time with
Then it’s time to say goodbye.


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YouTube: Don’t Believe In Love


I feel my heartbeat inside my chest
My head pounding harder and harder
My heart is racing faster and faster
I think I need a glass of water.

I’m starting to sweat, feeling diaphoretic
My first thought is to get back home
Everyone’s talking, talking at once
Wish they’d all just leave me alone.

I have no idea what is happening
I’m feeling a pain in the middle of my back
Is this what it’s… suppose to feel like
When you’re having a heart attack?

The end is near, this is it
The day of remorse and regret
My time has finally come to an end
I am facing the ultimate…..death.

EMS arrives, EMT’s on hand
With blankets and tanks of O2
I feel weak and oh so helpless now
There’s nothing I could possibly do.

Sirens wailing, lights flashing
I wake up in the ICU
I’m feeling confused and thankful
Looks like I made it, I finally came to.

My family was there, with tears in their eyes
I was lucky to be alive
So many thoughts running thru my mind
I was grateful that I survived.

* This is fiction.


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YouTube Video: Queens County Maryland EMS


via Daily Prompt: Parallel


When I watch the elite gymnasts on the parallel bars
I marvel at their talent and agility
So much work, so much dedication
Such amazing, strength and versatility.

They start when they are very young, a lifelong ambition
They are committed, focused and driven
Hard to believe, such little ones
Are so fit and incredibly conditioned.

Day to day with total focus, they will go to the gym
No matter what they feel or what they want to do
They continue to strive, with all they have
Hoping their goals and dreams will come true.

Thru disappointment, rejection, and all of the pain
Their concentration’s there for sure
Heartbreaking to know, the grief and the sorrow
That such young children must endure.


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YouTube Video
Gabby Douglas


Some people only like you
If you fit inside their box
Their box is filled with prejudice
Their condemnations never stop.

They’ll judge you and ostracize you
If they think you don’t fit in
They’ll make you feel inadequate
That’s where it all begins.

Who made them judge and jury?
Why are they sitting on the throne?
Who gave them all the power?
They need to change their tone.

They have no right to judge you
To make you feel so bad
They think they’re so above you
It’s all so very sad.

You musn’t let them hurt you
You‘re worth more than that
Stand up and value your self-worth
Come on, you must fight back.

They are just small minded
Hate and fear is all they’ve known
They lack true compassion
Because their hearts are made of stone.

* Please watch video below….


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TRY …. YouTube.


via Daily Prompt: Genie


Rub the lamp and you will see
A genie will appear
She’ll arrive in a cloud of smoke
She will soon be standing here.

She will grant your every wish
And all you’ll have to do
Is call upon her and rub the lamp
She will come to you.

Fame and fortune, money or gold
She will be on a mission
You can have whatever you want
It’s your own decision.

What would you wish for? What would you do?
Where would you like to go?
What kind of trips would you be taking?
Would you like sunshine or maybe snow?

We all know that money corrupts
This fact has been proven true
If you get greedy and ask for too much
Something bad may happen to you.

So… best to be humble, less prideful and fair
Ask the genie for her advice
Don’t lose yourself over power and greed
Remember to always be nice.


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We met at a local coffee shop
It was about a month ago
You know when you get that feeling
And you think this one’s….”a go”?

You think your life’s about to change
You’re sure this will be fun
But three weeks later, you’re over him
You’ve had it, you are done.

What started out as perfect
Now feels so mediocre
You see he lacks ambition
And you know, that it’s all over.

He’s busy making lots of plans
Wants you to meet his mother
But, you are now onto him
You’re starting to feel smothered.

He doesn’t read or meditate
Would rather play video games
He isn’t into politics
But, is the first one to complain.

He has no sense of adventure
Unless engaged on his computer
Isn’t into dining out
Unless it means a fast-food burger.

He has no class or appealing charm
Often frowns and frequently smirks
Drives a beat-up, old, used car
Wears jeans and old t-shirts.

In the middle of his living room
There’s an old man’s plaid recliner
He often sits there watching TV
While ordering “take out” from the diner.

His apartment is a filthy mess
He throws his clothes down on the floor
His bed is never, ever made
Is this…what I signed up for?

I told him it was my fault
That I was feeling so confused
Didn’t know….just what I wanted
And, didn’t want him to feel used.

I didn’t mention his messy apartment
Or his lack of sophistication
I left out all of his childish ways
And, his need for maturation.


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