The waves keep coming, one by one
From the ocean to the shore
They keep repeating , over and over again
Across the ocean’s floor.

Sometimes harsh , sometimes fierce
The water churns and tumbles
The rhythm always constant
The sound, a resounding rumble.

The sun beats down upon my face
The blinding direct glare
The sandy beach, the seagull’s screech
The smell of salty air.

Memories, like ocean shells
Scattered, sometimes out of reach
Millions of tiny particles
Make up this sandy beach.

Your memory fades with the sunset
Like an old worn photograph
I try to remember things you said
And the times you made me laugh.

Walking along the shoreline
What fun we once had
I try to remember the good times
I try to forget the bad.

Now we’re no longer together
You’re just a girl that I once knew
But I cherish all of the memories
Of the times I spent with you.


Image from Google Images: tinybuddha.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “A GIRL I ONCE KNEW”

  1. You are a strong woman who knows how to use rhythm and rhyme to share her journey and inner workings. I used to tell people time heals…but now, I know that time helps put life into perspective. Find balance through writing and moments found around you. Hugs.

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