He almost fell off the wagon
He had poured himself a drink
But, then came to his senses
And poured it down the sink.

He struggled each and every day
With an obsessive, cold addiction
The lure was fierce, a battle of wills
But, he had made a strong commitment.

He was trying his best, trying so hard
He wanted and needed so much
To reach out to gently hold her
He longed for her sweet loving touch.

The longing and the wanting
The need to fill the void
The need that he had struggled with
The craving for alcohol.

Overwhelmed, it had implored him
To walk away and abandon it all
He didn’t want to give in or give up
He had managed not to fall.

Back into the cavern so far below
Into the madness that awaited him
Away from his family, away from the love
He understood, he truly needed them.

He grappled to hold on and fight
He continued to be strong
He knew that he could make it
He had been trying for so long.

As he watched, the drink he was craving
Now circling the drain
He remembered all he had struggled for
And was not going to go there again.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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