SAME M.O. (Part 2)

They had found another body
Yes, it was the same M.O.
Stabbed six times in the back
Something the press was not to know.

Her body had been set on fire
Only the M.E. was aware
Of the stab wounds that were discovered
He was able to find them there.

Bound with light weight silver wire
Her feet and hands tied together
The evidence was being pooled
And would ultimately be gathered.

All the murders had taken place
In close approximation
All were in the general region
Of Brooklyn and surrounding locations.

Always found in an isolated area
With no one else around
Grassy fields and underpasses
Where the bodies would eventually be found.

Who could commit such a violent act
Had to be a sick deranged pyscho
The police were building their profile
And had already determined his M.O..

Spaced apart every 30 days
He would find a willing victim
Maybe, someone he’d given a ride to
He had a well-executed system.

All of this, just pure speculation
It would take time to gather the clues
Did he have any familiarization?
Were the victims anyone that he knew?

The method of murder had been established
The same weapon was used each time
It was an eight-inch blade with a serrated edge
It was always the same, the same kind.

The detectives were working round the clock
But they seemed to be running out of time
This guy had such a well planned means
Of committing these heinous crimes.jn


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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