Nothing more than a predator
We’ve heard it all before
Playbunnies and pornstars
Secretaries and so many more.

Such a lowlife actor
Pretending that you care
This country deserves more than you
This simply isn’t fair.

A pathological liar
An illiterate babbling fool
You should get what you are due
You’re a narcissistic mule.

Praising Putin, a murderer
A dictator, an unopposed assassin
Congratulating him on the election
How in the hell could this have happened?

Just because you say it’s so
Doesn’t make it true
Everyone should know by now
We have no faith in you.

Sex, lies, and video tapes
They’ll catch up to you
You’ll be caught with your pants down
Before the court’s are through.

Taking full advantage
Of your money and your fame
In the end you’ll be nothing
Just a number, not a name.

You need to be in prison
That’s where you do belong
After Mueller finishes with you
You’ll sing a different song.

They need to have you put away
Then throw away the key
You don’t belong in society
You should never be set free.

You’ve hurt so many people
So many in your wake
But one day soon, you will finally see
You’ve made your last mistake.

Behind bars is where you’ll be
Your debt long past and overdue
No one will care what you have to say
We’ll be free of the likes of you.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “LOCK HIM UP”

  1. Its a bit surreal really … that so many voted for him. I remember The Simpsons laughing in a very old episode about the possibility of him being President. Little did they know ….

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