I’m sitting in the parking lot
At a franchise of MacDonalds
Signing on to WiFi
So I can save my hard earned dollars.

Sipping on my iced tea
Chewing on those crunchy fries
Waiting for a friend of mine
Who I know so often lies.

I’ve been in the car all day
Been driving him around
He moves about from place to place
Knows everyone in town.

He was quite the catch in high school
Had a cute, sorta devilish grin
But, now he’s going nowhere
No one has time for him.

All his friends are now successful
They have achieved and they’ve moved on
Most are married or divorced by now
While he still sings the same old song.

“Remember when”, he often says
Recalling the good old days
“When we were back in high school”,
I’ve heard him often say.

Basketball on Friday nights
Dances in the auditorium
Those were the highlights of his life
That’s all that matters to him.

No interest in an earned degree
Or starting a new business
No real plans of getting ahead
Have seemed to spark his interest.

He could have gone to college
Had a four-year scholarship
But didn’t want to study
Now his biggest and worst regret.

He lives behind the trailer park
Drinks beer and smokes cigarettes
Spends most of his time getting drunk or stoned
In an effort to try and forget.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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