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A notable occurrence
Had nearly passed me by
I wasn’t paying much attention
Then all at once she caught my eye.

She was slender, quite appealing
In her scarf and light blue dress
I was hoping she didn’t see me
I looked like such a mess.

I hadn’t bathed, I looked a sight
I wasn’t feeling right
I just got home from working out
I’d been up so late at night.

We lived near one another
Down the hall on the same floor
Right in the same old building
Practically, living right next door.

Why had I never noticed?
She was awfully sweet and kind
Was a mystery of the ages
I was wishing she was mine.

I asked her out for coffee
Remarkably she said, “yes”
We sat and talked for hours
I was smitten, so obsessed.

I called her in the morning
We met for breakfast half past ten
I asked her out that evening
We got together once again.

I wasn’t out to stalk her
She was feeling the same way
We had finally found each other
And had bonded the same day.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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