CALL 911

via Daily Prompt: Rapid


His rapid pulse, his pounding chest
Was this a heart attack?
He suddenly was brought to his knees
He felt a sharp pain across his back.

His mind was racing, out of control
He feared his own demise
He grabbed his chest as he went down
He lost the vision in one eye.

Someone called 911,
EMS was on the way
The ambulance was heard in the distance
He thought he heard someone say.

“He won’t make it, it’s over now”
He watched them look away
He wanted to cry out for help
EMS was on the way.

He layed there helpless, unable to move
There were tears falling from his eyes
He knew now… the end was near
He was in pain and paralyzed.

Transported to the hospital
With IV, and O2 mask
Leads in place, paddles charged
It all happened really fast.

He never thought he would survive
He woke up in the ICU
His wife was there to hold his hand
She whispered, “I love you”.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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