There appears to be a monster
In my room…. under the bed
My parents don’t believe me
He’s from a book, one that I read.

He seems to be invisible
Anytime they’re in my room
I know that once they close the door
He’ll be back with me real soon.

He’s a friendly kind of monster
But he looks quite frightening
His hair is orange, his teeth are sharp
His eyes are emerald green.

He’s a lighter shade of purple
He has thick, dark, shiny fur
When he begins to fall asleep
I sometimes hear him purr.

His ears are big and pointy
His tail, not very long
He likes to play games with me
And sings my favorite songs.

His feet are big and furry
His hands like a cat’s paws
He has whiskers on his face
And like my kitty, he has claws.

He likes to be called “Robert”
Has no children of his own
Said he came to live with me
So I’d never be alone.

Guess I’m pretty lucky
The luckiest kid of all
My monster is quite friendly
He doesn’t bite, or scratch, or claw.


Image from Google Images: taecqui.blogspot.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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