Plagued with doubt
Guilt and shame
You carry the weight
You shoulder the blame.

Memories clouding
Your days and your nights
Nothings feels good
Nothing feels right.

No chance to explain
One sided and cold
The story’s been stated
The version retold.

Defamed and ignored
Shunned and judged
Why haven’t you felt
That enough is enough?

Locked in and self poised
Viewed from afar
Shut out and condemned
No door left ajar.

You’ve suffered
You’re hurt
Your dues have been paid
Stop feeling alone, stop feeling afraid.

The walls are in place
There’s no room for you
It will never change
Not a thing you can do.

Time to give in
Stop fueling the fire
Your wasting each day
Each minute, each hour.

We all make mistakes
You’ve tried time and again
Now it’s time to let go
The torment must end.


Image from Google Images: quotespics.net

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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