Why leave me here
All by myself?
Can’t walk the halls
Cry out for help.

I’m not that strong
They make a fuss.
I make them angry
It’s  strenuous.

My legs can’t move
Can’t walk at all
I’m so scared
I’m going to fall.

They say I’m weak,
Tell me  to try
They keep pushing
I start to cry.

I am so tired
Can’t fall asleep
In such pain
I moan and weep.

I hear voices
In the night
I am afraid
They shut the light.

I lay here frightened
Confused, alone
Wanting you
To take me home.

The smell of food
The  scrambled eggs
The tray is cold
For goodness sakes.

A cup of coffee
No flavored cream
I feel like I
Am in a dream.

Breakfast served
Orange Juice and scones
I miss my wife
I miss my home.

Now old and weak
I have no choice
They speak for me
I have no voice.

Do what they say
It’s best for you
But,  I am scared
So sad, so  blue.

Please hold my hand
I’m all alone
Don’t leave me here
Please take me home.


Image from Google Images:    Alamy stock photo


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

7 thoughts on “REHAB”

  1. This made me think so much of my husband’s last months in the hospital. He wasn’t old, 60, but even though he tried his hardest to walk and had a lot of pain they just kept saying, “Try harder, work through the pain.” as if they thought he was being lazy. They would leave his things where he couldn’t get them. Sometimes he’d call me in tears. Over three years have gone by since he died and I still can’t forgive the staff at that hospital.

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    1. I’m so very sorry to hear what your husband went through! Thank you for sharing your story. My sister is in a rehab facility, right now. She is the reason I wrote this poem. No one knows the pain that others have to endure. I had a dear friend named, Charlie. He died this past year. I often spent time with him in the Rehab Facility,
      where he was treated, as well. Sometimes the staff can be very cold and insensitive. Sad, but true.
      Blessings to you! 💙 Thank you for responding to my poem.


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