Cavorting with the enemy
In your face, right in plain view
He flirts with Un and Putin
No concern for me or you.

Murderers… violent, cold and cruel
He is so clearly being used
Too ignorant to see the truth
He remains dazed and confused.

Distracted by the shiny toy
Blinded by the light
Taken down a crooked path
No thought of what is right.

Emoluments, greed, power and lust
All for fame, and the attention
No one to stop this madman
We need an intervention.

Spiraling wildly out of control
What will it take to bring him down?
So many infractions of the law
Stepped over, tossed to the ground.

Democracy being ripped to shreds
Right before our eyes
Something has to be done right now
Put a stop to all the lies.

Children held in cages
Denied soap to wash their face
Separating families
It’s a national disgrace.


Image from Google Images: bbc.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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