Distract, Deflect and Divide
I’m afraid that’s his M.O.
No thought or care for others
I’m afraid he needs to go.

The damage to our nation
Disregard for common good
Does whatever he feels like
Never doing what he should.

Embracing a false ideology
Abandoning the constitution
Disregard for the law
Practicing overt exclusion.

A racist and a bigot
Dictator wannabe
Would rather be with Kim Jong Un
Than defend democracy.

Slander, lies and ridicule
The values he accepts
No honor, truth or loyalty
No kindness or respect.

Families held against their will
Children taken from their mothers
Siding with white supremacists
No regard for those of color.

No way he should be president
He’s a liar and a thief
It’s time to take our country back
He needs to be impeached.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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