We wait, quietly together
As the hours pass us by
I sit alone here waiting
I grieve, try not to cry.

You slowly walk across the room
I pray that you won’t fall
You… once so fierce, and oh so strong
The bravest of them all.

Now weak, can’t hold your head up
One step, one at a time
Hard to move, harder to speak
The words so hard to find.

No appetite for breakfast
No juice, coffee or tea
The end is near and we both know
You’ll soon be leaving me.

You sit in your recliner
Your face so drawn and pale
Each breath so hard to take in
You look so thin, so frail.

So hard to watch you struggle
So little I can do
I bend down to kiss your cheek
I whisper, “I love you.”.


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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