Comparisons can be harmful
If you’re lacking self esteem 
Don’t worry about what others have
Things are never what they seem.

The grass is not always greener
As it appears on the other side
If you knew the naked truth
It would surly make you cry.

Don’t focus on greed and  envy
Be happy with yourself
It will never do you any good
Wishing you were someone else.

Be the best that you can be
Aspire but don’t be jealous
Make the most of your life
Being  passionate and zealous.

Put your best foot forward
Take a chance …. take a risk
Life is filled with challenges 
If you will just persist.

Don’t waste your time or efforts
On what someone else is doing
Spend your energy …. try harder
Change your focus …. stop assuming.

No one’s  life is perfect
No matter how  it seems
We all have our ups and downs 
Our plans,  our hopes,  our dreams.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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