Looking for that special someone
That sparkle and that shine
Always on the prowl
Never know just what I’ll find.

Keeping my eyes open
I will do it all  again
No concerns or worries 
Now that we’ve become “just friends.”

Maybe at the coffee shop
Or cruising at the club
Waiting for that feeling
When you think that you’re in love.

The chemistry … the energy
What I once felt for you
You’ve been down this road before
You know just what I’ll do.

It won’t be  long, till she’ll be mine
I’ll whisper in her ear
Tell her what she wants to know
Just what she wants to hear.

I’ll rock her world, make her feel
Like she’s never felt before
But when I’m done, I’ll move on
I’ll walk right out the door.

The high can’t last forever
She’ll cry when I  move on
I’ll drop her like I did with you
In a heartbeat …. I’ll be gone.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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