Scattered thunder showers
The raindrops start to fall
Filling up the puddles
Running down the walls.

Don’t forget your umbrella
Or those shiny rubber boots
Your raincoat or your hoody
Hope your clothes are waterproof.

The lakes and all the rivers
Slowly start to rise
Too much water in your garden
And the shallow plants will die.

It’s always feast or famine
You have more or you have less
Hard to make predictions
Sometimes better just to guess.

The rain has stopped, the sun is out
Let’s spend the day outside
Let’ go out to the country
Let’s go out for a ride.

Water slides and waterfalls
A perfect summer day
A hike into the forest
A magical getaway.

Why not go skinny dipping?
There’s no one else around
Take off your shoes, your overalls
Just lay them on the ground.

The water cold, but so refreshing
Clear and so pristine
You could see right to the bottom
It was amazingly so clean.

A frog nearby kept watch on us
Not sure that we belonged
Patiently sitting on a log
Hoping soon we would be gone.

Time to go, it’s getting late
The sun is going down
Time to start the drive toward home
Make our way on back to town.

What started as a rainy day
Turned into an adventure
With lots of laughs and lots of fun
A memory to treasure.


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