The struggle we face everyday
The pain that’s ours alone
No one can slip into our shoes
It’s meant for us to own.

Isolated and separate
Afraid of the unknown
Feeling pain in every muscle
Every nerve and every bone.

Strength has since escaped me
I fall easily to the ground
I feel the cool tile on my cheek
There’s no one else around.

The panic in their voices
When they come into the room
Their efforts to retrieve me
The smell of urine and perfume.

Sitting there beside the bed
Carefully they change my clothes
They readjust my pillows
Brush my hair, button my robe.

The look upon their faces
Their gestures and their stares
As they try their best, their very best
To provide comfort and care.

The blue light screen from the TV
Suppose to brighten up my day
But, I’ve lost track of time and place
Most of my time I use to pray.

All the should’a, could’a,  woulda’s
Are now part of the past
None of  them seem to  matter now
Time has slipped away too fast.

I can’t seem to find  the words now
Names and faces are eluding me
There for a fleeting moment
Then they vanish completely.

Confused and agitated
Don’t know what I can do
Once so independent
Now,  I must depend on you.


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I’ll come down to the river
You won’t have to wait too long
I’ll bring the sandwiches and coffee
I’ll be there just before dawn.

Don’t forget to bring your jacket
It might be cold that time of day
The sun will just be coming up
The sky will still be grey.

We’ll head down to the inlet
They’ll be bigger boats out there
We’ll stay within the channel
The weather should be fair.

By noon the sun will be out
The current won’t be strong
We’ll head out to the point
It won’t take us very long.

A day out on the river
There is no better place.
The ripples in the water
Feel the breeze upon your face.


The file  is too  big!
The file is too small!
I can’t get it right
Am I doomed, after all?

I can’t understand
The instructions they  list
I’m not giving up
I will try and persist.

The size of the pages
The appearance, the cover
One file won’t fit
So I try,  yet another.

The time passes by
I wait patiently
Wondering what’s wrong
What the hell’s wrong with me?

So many are published
They’ve  already moved on|
I wait for the proof
What else can go wrong?


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Bewildered, misguided
Confused and ignored
Can’t find my way out
Just can’t find the door.

Trapped by emotions
Insecure and unsure
I can’t find the potion
I can’t find the cure.

Walking in circles
Out of my mind
Can’t see what’s ahead
I’ve run out of time.

Two steps taken forward
Three steps taken back
Guess my days are numbered
The deck had been stacked.

Thought I’d get somewhere
That I would go far
But, I’ve come back around
Right back where you are.


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Frustration persists
I can’t get it right
I do what I can
But, my efforts are trite.

I whine and I cry
I pine and I wail
But, no matter what
I continue to fail.

I’m blocked and I’m thwarted
I continue to try
But, I can’t budge the needle
And, I just don’t know why.

My efforts unnoticed
My plight is ignored
Pushed to the limit
Want to lay down my sword.

But, my inner voice
Won’t let me quit
Though I am weary
And, so tired of it.

I continue to push
I  continue the fight
Gotta give it my all
Until,  I get it right.


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Disheartened, disillusioned
Devastated  and forlorn
Plagued with pain and torment
Consumed with hurt and scorn.

The memories are haunting
No way I can erase
The sound of your voice
The recollection of your face.

Drowning out the memories
Unworthy of remembrance.
No escape from my mistakes
A day to day encumbrance.

Forgotten and dismissed
The smallest grain of sand
Insignificant, inconsequential
Just a small part of your plan.


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They closed down the local bookstore
Packed up and moved away
I loved buying and perusing books
Having coffee in their cafe.

The quiet of the bookstore
The bonding and comraderie
Meeting friends for a cup of coffee
How I loved the company.

Books read “on line” … just aren’t the same
I want to hold them in my hand
Check out the pages one by one
Is this so hard to understand?

Always looking for that special book
The one unlike no other
I look through all the interesting ones
Checking them out from cover to cover.

Who wants to read an ebook?
Can’t touch the pages on a screen
Everything is automated
Like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Farewell old friends on bookshelves
Hope those  jackets keep you warm
I will miss our time together
Your  quaint appeal, your musty charm.


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