via Daily Prompt: Identical


The prints were identical
That’s what they said
How could this be possible?
The suspect was dead.

No way this could happen
It seemed so bizarre
They had dusted throughout
The inside of the car.

The car that was used
Was a rental, not owned
By the suspect, his family
Or anyone they’d known.

The suspect had died
Ten years before
No way he had touched
The inside of the door.

The little girl’s body
Was found in the woods
The police did their best
They did what they could.

They searched the records
Read the reports
Upon further pursuit
It was determined in court.

That the suspect’s fingers
Had all been excised
Along with his organs
Upon his demise.

It was never determind
How he had actually succumbed
But two fingers were missing
His right and left-thumbs.

Cleverly placed
The crime had been done
The murderer made use of
The fingers and thumbs.

Up on the dashboard
In the trunk in the back
He placed all the digits
To establish the facts.

Somewhat confused
The police worked the case
The real culprit’s prints
Had all been erased.

Turns out the ME
Was a man named….Earl
He was somewhat peculiar
Fixated on girls.

He took the digits
For his future use
He was quite sly
He knew what to do.

An unthinkable crime
To hurt a little girl
Our suspect found innocent
Our murderer was Earl.


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via Daily Prompt: Blush


You’re making me blush
You’re embarrassing me
I want to crawl in a hole
Please let me be.

I’m feeling so fragile
So vulnerable
So foolish, so blind
So miserable.

Feeling exposed
Stripped of my pride
The moment you spoke
Should have known that you lied.

I feel so ashamed
To have ever believed
That you really cared
That you needed me.

I was one of so many
Who fell for your line
You played a role
You committed a crime.

A creep and a thief
A robber, a bandit
You stole my heart
And now I’m abandoned.

Call the police
Sound the alarm
Don’t let him escape
He twisted my arm.

I was coerced
You flirted and charmed
Now I am wounded,
I have been harmed.

You belong in a prison
For thieves in the night
Who break and steal hearts
For pure selfish delight.


Buddhism brings me solace
Helps to slow me down
Flying high above the clouds
It brings me to the ground.

Grounded and serene
I know what I need to do
Relax and stay focused
My anxiety subdued.

Mindful meditation
Purposeful and kind
Helps to ease my burden
Helps to ease my mind.

Awareness of others
Deliberate concentration
Karma, our destiny and fate
Helps me focus on direction.

Three different Buddha teachings
Sila, Prajna and Samadhi
All are about kindness,
Wisdom and morality.

I am new to Buddha’s teachings
I am humbled and I’m grateful
For the opportunity to learn
To be joyful and ever peaceful.



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I feel you walking next to me
I hear you whisper in my ear
“I am not very far away
I am with you, I am here”.

Is it just an illusion?
Wishful thinking on my part?
Have you come back to be with me
To help mend my broken heart?

I fantasize about you
I pretend we’re holding hands
I tell you about my worries
Because I know you understand.

I take a walk down to the beach
But it’s lonely without you
There’s no one that I can talk to
No one I want, but you.

I look out onto the water
I watch the dolphins having fun
They swim in and out beneath the waves
Beneath the rising sun.

The osprey and the sand cranes
Come close, fly near the shore
I can share a day like this, with you
The way we did before.

You sing to me in the ocean breeze
Wish I knew just what to do
Softly, I can hear your voice
So warm and oh so true.

We loved spending time together
Every minute that we could
Walking along the shoreline
Finding pieces of old driftwood.

Like shells that line the beaches
Some big and some quite small
The children building sand castles
Theirs soon to crumble and to fall.

The ocean’s tide keeps coming
No matter what we do
I can’t hold back my thoughts and dreams
The thoughts I dream of you.


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How have you survived
Years of living with a liar?
Isn’t listening to him
Akin to walking thru a fire?

Promises are broken
Like glass beneath your feet
Look a little deeper
What is there underneath?

Deception and diversions
Strategically spread around
Meant to distract and confuse you
The truth, nowhere to be found.

Words…. mere sustenance and power
Fuel to sustain the lies
Watching for signs of deception
It’s enough to make you cry.

Like an actor on a stage
Promoting his agenda
He’ll play you at every turn
You can’t help, but surrender.

All the twists and turns
Meticulously careened
Meant to foster doubt and fear
Do you question what they mean?

Years of living with deceit
Aren’t you tired of all the lies?
Have you ever simply asked
The simple reason, why?

Is it just a game
An uncontrollable affliction?
Is he just a child
Crying out for more attention?

Whatever way you see it
Guess there’s little you can do
You’re never going to stop him
He will always lie to you.


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via Daily Prompt: Patience


I’m asking for patience
I’m falling apart
It’s going to take time
To fix my broken heart.

It shattered in pieces
When you walked out the door
I’m down on my knees
Pieces down on the floor.

How did this happen?
What could I have done?
Could I have stopped this?
Have you met someone?

Why can’t you tell me?
What can I do?
This can’t be over
I’m in love with you.

There was no warning
I should have known
I should have seen it
I feel so alone.

I thought you were happy
All the romance
Candlelight dinners
Vacations in France.

All of the passion
The champagne, the wine
Intimate moments
All intertwined.

No reason to doubt
To fear or mistrust
The love that you gave me
The feelings, the lust.

It’s going to take time
Not sure what to do
To pull myself together
To get over you.


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via Daily Prompt: Incubate


It took time to incubate
For things to finally sink in
Years of thoughts percolating
Evolving from within.

The shell was cracked, flaws magnified
So clearly out of proportion
Years spent on remorse, in pain
Self-inflicted consternation.

Nursing insecurities
Feelings of self-doubt
Depending on that one person
You thought you could never live without.

Time wasted on unrequited love
Getting nothing done
Sitting alone, frozen in place
Feeling paralyzed and stunned.

What’s the point? What are you waiting for?
Waiting and hoping for someone
Who never really cared about you?
When it was over, it was done.

Waiting for the phone to ring
Years spent sitting, staring into space
Waiting for a miracle
When you’ve simply been replaced.

Nurturing thoughts, feeding the fire
Keeping memories alive
Hanging on, believing in
A feeling that has died.

What’s the point in hanging on?
Photographs and trinkets saved
Is it really your intention
To take them to your grave?

Wake up, come to your senses
Don’t waste another day
She isn’t really worth it
She left, she walked away.


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