You don’t have a million dollars
Or a brand new, red Jaquar
You’re not going to be on TV
You’ll never be a movie star.

You’ll never be a model
Don’t wear extra small or a size three.
But you are oh so beautiful
So beautiful to me.

You are there when I’m in trouble
Feeling down or out of sorts
When it comes to compassion
You will never come up short.

The perfect friend and confidant
You’re the one that I turn to
Couldn’t find a better companion
I’m so glad that I found you.


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Don’t stand so close to me
Don’t whisper in my ear
Don’t put your hands on me
Then up and disappear.

Don’t tell me that you love me
Your words are meaningless
Don’t put your arms around me
Don’t lean in to steal a kiss.

I know where this is going
It never does end well
You’re not to be trusted
You will always kiss and tell.

You reach out to hold me
Then I push you away
Though I’ll always love you
Don’t believe a word you say.

Slow dancing to the music
The wine is being poured
If I’m not real careful
I could easily be lured.

But, I think I’ve learned my lesson
I am on to you
You are quite the charmer
But, not a word you say is true.

Please leave me with my memories
Of the days I spent with you
You were everything I dreamed of
Made my fantasies come true.

When I realized that you lied to me
There was so much I didn’t know
But I knew that it was over
It was time to let you go.


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I walk around in circles
Not sure…what’s up or down
Confused, not motivated
My mojo can’t be found.

It’s been suppressed, it’s hidden
Left somewhere in my yard
I try to “make do” without it
But afraid it’s just too hard.

Too hard to get up and out of bed
Comb my hair and wash my face
Put on my trousers and my t-shirt
I feel like such a waste.

I’m totally unproductive
All I do is play my game
Sitting home alone at night
I’m feeling so ashamed.

I wish I had a girlfriend
But I don’t have a job
No one wants to date me
I look like such a slob.

Can’t pull myself together
Need some psychotherapy
Guess I should try and contact her
So she can work on me.

I know I’m feeling sorry
Oh so sorry for myself
I know that I must reach out
Since I’m needing so much help.

I don’t want your pity
Don’t want your sympathy
Guess what I need is a friend
To spend some time with me.

It’s time to get a shovel
Start digging up the yard
I’ve got to find my mojo
Before it gets too dark.


Skipping stones across the water
Walking miles to get to town
To buy some penny candy
Piece by piece or by the pound.

Climbing up the oak tree
To sit up high upon the branches
Spending everyday we had
Taking risks and taking chances.

Walking on the railroad tracks
Across the railroad bridge
Running to the other side
That’s what we often did.

Swinging out, holding on
Dropping down into the river
The water cold, the current swift
On the bank, we’d stand and shiver.

Nothing like a summer day
Lying on the grass
Looking up at the sky above
Wanting this day to last.


Fascinated by your tattoos
All the colors and the names
Inscribed upon your body
A means to stake your claim.

What started as a heart and arrow
Your name written in ink within
After you two breakup
The heart will get filled in.

The tattoo artist with gun in hand
Projects your every dream
There it is…. permanently drawn
Drawn upon your skin.

Animals, dragons, castles and fauns
Your every wish is his command
When you get an inkling for more
Just go and see “The Man”.

A pricey desire or habit
Like chips … not satisfied with one
He knows that you’ll be back for more
He waits with his loaded gun.

Full back coverage or an ankle draw
You become obsessed and greedy
Looking for the perfect pic
You have now become quite needy.

A cult, a fad, a true addiction
The artful needle and the pain
You derive a simple pleasure
You go back… again and again.

A symbol of your feelings
A statement or a cause
Think about it carefully
Consider and do pause.

The ink that’s used is permanent
No second chances, once it’s drawn
No matter how hard you scrub it
It will never be all gone.

Considered a badge of honor
Like a sparkling, shiny star
An extension of you and you alone
A testament of who you are.


Tattoo by James Richardson…. “THE MAN”.
Courtesy photo.


Not getting any younger
Time to get out and have some fun
Wear that purple t-shirt
The one with stains? Yes, that’s the one.

Flip the bird, smoke some pot
Stay in bed all day
Wear your pajamas to the grocery store
Who cares what people say?

Buy a sport’s car, date a guy
One twenty years your junior
Cougars know how to live
They enjoy being a senior.

Skinny dip at dawn and dusk
Drink beer and wine for breakfast
The rules don’t all pertain to you
Be somewhat wild and reckless.

Speak your mind, don’t hold back
Get yourself a bold tattoo?
Don’t let life pass you by
Do what you want to do.

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“Just a stray”, that’s what they say
Whenever you come around
Somewhat unkempt and disheveled
You’re known all over town.

They judge you, but they are wrong
I know you a whole lot better
You are charismatic, an offbeat guy
An eclectic kind of fellow.

You play the flute and violin
You speak seven different languages
You spend your time reading books
Your neighbor’s spend theirs languishing.

They watch you from a distance
You make sculptures in the yard
They wonder what the metal’s for
Don’t think you work that hard.

Degrees in engineering
Psych and philosophy
You qualified for Mensa
And two different PhD ‘s.

We’ve been friends for over two years, now
You’ve been my inspiration
I totally look up to you
Despite your reputation.


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