Guilty Pleasure

via Daily Prompt: Guilty


Guilty pleasure
Led me astray
The look in your eyes
The words you would say.

I abandoned it all
I fell so hard
Wish I knew all along
Wish I knew from the start.

You played me and used me
Took all that I had
You left me ashamed
And feeling so bad.

Now I am plagued
I can still see your face
But, every thought and memory
If I could… I’d erase.

I heard you laughing
You bragged and complained
I’m now torn and wounded
Left hurt and maimed.

On to another
Who’s fallen for you
They have no idea
What you are up to.


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via Daily Prompt: Guilty


Guity as charged
The judge decreed
Though he was innocent
He wouldn’t be free.

Years imprisoned
Held behind bars
There was no justice
For him so far.

A young girl had lied
What she said wasn’t true
But her mother encouraged her
They had planned what to do.

Lies were told
He was aptly shamed
They laughed and celebrated
They’d won the game.

One year later
As he sat in his cell
He learned they were killed
But the truth died as well.

Karma will find you
No one escapes
Their fate had been sealed
Their lives were not saved.

The young girl was gone
No one shed a tear.
His life had been ruined
His name never cleared.


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via Daily Prompt: Assumption


You’re making an assumption
Sounds like prejudice to me
If you don’t have all the facts
There’s no reason to agree.

Keep your own opinions
Keep them to yourself
Voicing false concerns
Will be of little help.

If you don’t have all the facts
Best to wait and take the time
To figure it all out
You just might change your mind.

Being open and fair-minded
Is a better path to take
Being too presumptuous
Could be a big mistake.


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via Daily Prompt: Disappear


I watched you disappear from sight
I watched you walk away
I watched my world crumble before me
There was nothing left to say.

What happened to the two of us
The dreams I thought we shared?
How could I’ve been so clueless
To think you really cared?

You lied, you took advantage
You walked out on me
Now I feel so foolish
I have been set free.

I gave up my heart and soul
To prove my love for you
None of this was real for you
None of it was true.

Now you’re with someone new
Just another pretty face
Someone else to be with you
I have been replaced.

It saddens me to think of her
And what pain she will go thru
The day she gets left behind
The day she learns the truth.


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via Daily Prompt: Disappear


I watched you disappear
I sat there and I waited
You were never coming back
The memories now have faded.

Guess I always knew
You were never mine to keep
I knew it as I watched you
Lie beside me sound asleep.

No sense of guilt or shame
Kept you awake at night
I could never rest
Knowing something wasn’t right.

I never stood a chance
The money wasn’t there
That’s all you ever wanted
You never really cared.

From one place to another
Climbing one rung at a time
You knew where you were going
You weren’t about to change your mind.

The winner has the treasure
So easily bought and sold.
That’s all that satisfies you
The money and the gold.


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via Daily Prompt: Awkward


Awkward and scared
Embarrassed to tears
I did what you told me
Abandoned my fears.

Would’a followed you anywhere
Done anything that you said
You were my everything
Every thought in my head.

Obsessed and consumed
I fell for you
I fell so hard
Didn’t know what to do.

So carefully planned
You took control
I was your puppet
You took my soul.

Once you were done
And had taken it all
You walked out on me
I took the fall.

Battered and bruised
My life torn apart
Should’a known all along
Should’a known from the start.


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via Daily Prompt: Narcissism


They call it narcissism
A distorted sense of self
A sociopathic disorder
They can think of no one else.

They come first, their needs and wants
Their own selfish, lustful desires
They’ll show some interest early on, but
In time they’ll grow bored and tire.

It takes a lot to stimulate
To keep them satisfied
You’ll spend your life appeasing them
Forgoing your own pride.

No sincerity or loyalty
They’ll take all you have to give
They thrive on getting over
It’s who they are, it’s how they live.

An all-consuming sense of self
They crave attention and adoration
Obsessed and consumed with no one else
No concern for your reputation.

They’re charming and persuasive
You’ll be overcome and overwhelmed
You’ll fall so hard, you’ll lose yourself
Overtaken by their spell.


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