I sit and wait
Still wondering why
The door had to close
Why love passed me by.

The loss and the torment
That I have been thru
Can’t change the longing
That I feel for you.

Though years have passed
It’s all still the same
I cringe with heartache
At the sound of your name.

I fall fast asleep
I dream of you
Can’t stop the madness
Don’t know what to do.

I’ve talked to the shrink
I’ve asked her for help
Placed your picture, up there
Up there…high on the shelf.

Out of my sight
And out of my mind
Why have I hung on
After all of this time?

Obsession, delusion
A broken synapse
A faulty connection
A possible mishap.

My heart has been broken
It’s shattered in pieces
It can never be fixed
The pain just increases.


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“Come for lunch”, the rabbit said
She’s making seaweed sandwiches
The mermaid and her friend the shark
Don’t mind the wand she brandishes.

No biting, poking or teasing
No reason to be afraid
You’ll enjoy the treats and drinks she makes
Especially the lemonade.

She will delight you with her magic
She is fanciful and fun
You’ll be sad when it’s all over
When the day is past and done.

Can’t be too careful, watch your step
There are snakes and spiders in the yard
No reason for you to wander off
No reason to go too far.

Everything you could want or need
Will appear before your eyes
Hardly a reason to be upset
No reason that you should cry.

Music playing in the background
A harp, a flute, a drum
She will be so happy
So happy you have come.


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Don’t look back
Don’t give in
Stay on track
Right to the end.

No regrets
You’ve moved on
What you had
Now is gone.

One door closes
Another opens
Forget the words
You once heard spoken.

Promises made
Have been broken
Time to change
Time to start hoping.

Better days
Straight ahead
No more lies
You’ve pulled ahead.

Don’t turn back
You have gleaned
An open heart
A chance to dream.

In open fields
Lush and green
Where everything
Is as it seems.

No false pretense
No cold remarks
No rolling eyes
No glib remarks.

Arms stretched out
Open wide
No need to keep
Your thoughts inside.

Fairy tales
Do come true
There’s something
Waiting just for you.


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Congratulations, take a bow
Your hard work has reaped reward
Let’s all come together
Even better than before.

Knock on doors, make those calls
Fill out all those forms
Be polite, say “hello”
Greet dems with open arms.

Bias, hate and bigotry
Will not win this war
Love, kindness, care and compassion
Are what we’re fighting for.

Give us higher wages
Better schools and better jobs
Up against corruption
We’ll succeed…. against all odds.

Gun reform, women’s rights
Those unlawfully imprisoned
Candidates with honor
Give rise to a new vision.

Money out of politics
Platforms built upon integrity
Caring about constituents
With a higher sense of morality.

Climate change won’t be denied
A plan to save our planet
Clean the rivers, save the fish
Don’t take clean air for granted.

Recoup, replenish…. then let’s go
Meet up and plan to gather
We can turn this state around
Let’s unite and stand together.


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I feel like a prisoner
Confined to this space
The memories binding
I still see your face.

I want to forget you
Get you out of my mind
You played me for a fool
You wasted my time.

I want to break free
Take my heart and my soul
But, after all of this time
You won’t let me go.

There in my dreams
And throughout the day
Your presence is haunting
I can’t get away.

This isn’t love
It’s evil and cruel
I need to erase
My memories of you.

Like a prisoner bound
I‘m going to break free
Of the ties that you have
That have held onto me.


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While walking along, I came upon
A tiny baby opossum
I said, “Hello!”, where are your parents?”
He said, ”Somehow, I’ve lost them.

“That can’t be, I assuredly remarked
They have to be nearby.
Why you are just a little lad
Come on now, don’t you cry!

I will help you find them
I’m sure they’re close behind
They probably stopped for a moment or two
Perhaps to rest or dine.

Let’s walk back the way you came
We won’t have to go too far
Look ahead, you’ll see them soon
I’m sure that’s where they are.

Sure enough, we found them there
Snacking on vines beside the water
The little one… happy to be back together
With his sister and his brother.

I made my way to the winding path
I was heading for the park
I hoped that I’d have time to play
Before it got too dark.

I climbed up on the monkey bars
I came down the slide
I played ball and ran around
It was fun to be outside.

Once again, I headed home
Before the street lights had come on
I didn’t see the opossums again
They had already been and gone.


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He laid his sword down
He prepared to take the fall
He was brave and honest
He was a hero after all.

He knew when to fold
He had been in battle for so long
He knew the end was near
Though in heart, he was still strong.

Sometimes it takes one to concede
To get your point across
Though it looked like he was quitting
Nothing had been lost.

He had sustained so many injuries
A sword right thru his side
Knives thrust into his chest
Once…. almost lost an eye.

Sweat dripping into open wounds
The sting of salt within
Blood oozing from every orifice
He was ready to give in.

The fight was almost over
He turned to walk away
The smoke from oil still lingered
Turned the blue sky into gray.

Both sides had seen the agony
The torture and the pain
No matter what the outcome
The cost remained the same.


Image from Google Images: The Armor of God. Thoughtcompany