Get him off the stage
Somebody get the hook
Time to remove this guy
He’s nothing but a crook.

Skimming, cheating, lying
What are you waiting for?
This guy needs to be removed
We can’t take it anymore.

Mueller’s got the power
Only he can take him down
The republicans are dead and blind
They won’t make a sound.

He’s burying our country
All that we hold dear
He’s ruining our reputation
Get him out of here.

His decisions are destroying
Our democracy and freedom
He tries to hide behind the scenes
Anytime that we might need him.

A coward and a bully
A childish excuse of a man
Doing what he wants to do
Taking every chance he can.

Toying with our safety
Aggravating hostile leaders
Anything he feels like
He ‘s a low life bottom feeder.


Everyday for hours
She practiced playing her violin
The day of her audition
Juliiard didn’t let her in.

Crushed and devastated
She began to cry
Wondering after all that work
She didn’t know just why.

She hadn’t been accepted
She was sadly turned away
She didn’t give up though
She practiced everyday.

The symphony held auditions
One evening in open session
She was determined to try again
This time was the exception.

The orchestra was everything
She had ever wanted or hoped for
The maestro gave her an unplanned solo
And the audience begged for more.

Sometimes one door closes
And another one lets you in
She could have given up, but
Thankfully was ready when.

The Philharmonic recognized
She had talent and ambition
She was granted a first chair seat
And was unanimously commissioned.


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A rapid sudden change in course
Has made all the difference
Improving your outlook, your attitude
Will help improve your appearance.

Address the needs you’ve put off
Pay attention to detail
Stop your excuses, your alibis
Your rhetoric has become quite stale.

Wake up and start the day off right
Look alive… put your best foot forward
If you want to be taken seriously
Get your life in order.

Organize, prioritize
Get your ducks all in a row
No one’s interested in your complaints
Stop saying, “I don’t know”.

Get things done, do it right
You’ve got to make things happen
Stop putting off, and whining about
The things that you are lacking.

You can change, you’ve got control
But time is running out
Make a change if you want this
This is what it’s all about.


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CALL 911

via Daily Prompt: Rapid


His rapid pulse, his pounding chest
Was this a heart attack?
He suddenly was brought to his knees
He felt a sharp pain across his back.

His mind was racing, out of control
He feared his own demise
He grabbed his chest as he went down
He lost the vision in one eye.

Someone called 911,
EMS was on the way
The ambulance was heard in the distance
He thought he heard someone say.

“He won’t make it, it’s over now”
He watched them look away
He wanted to cry out for help
EMS was on the way.

He layed there helpless, unable to move
There were tears falling from his eyes
He knew now… the end was near
He was in pain and paralyzed.

Transported to the hospital
With IV, and O2 mask
Leads in place, paddles charged
It all happened really fast.

He never thought he would survive
He woke up in the ICU
His wife was there to hold his hand
She whispered, “I love you”.


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He sold drugs on his doorstep
So many people came around
Some drove a distance to get to him
Some came right from our town.

Some came by foot or motorbike
The money was rolling in
You’d think the police would be watching
That they’d be on to him.

But years had passed… he did quite well
He drove a fancy car
He made friends with everyone around
They came from near and far.

We lived across the street from him
I often worried there’d be trouble
A drug deal that had gone awry
Could end up in a struggle.

Bullets flying, knives and chains
I often worried about the danger
But still, no one would call the cops
No one dared to be a complainer.

He was such a friendly, likable guy
Like Willie Wonka, he had had the candy
He distributed the pills they needed
Was always accessible and quite handy.

Downers, uppers, tranquilizers
Just to name a few
Muscle relaxants, opioids
He’d sell them all to you.

Then one day a mother came by
She was incensed and looked quite crazed
She took out her 357, fired it once
Leaving the dealer dazed.

Down he went on the porch
Just like her son who had OD’d
Justice had now… finally been served
She took him out so easily.


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via Daily Prompt: Flaunt


Don’t flaunt your wealth and arrogance
It doesn’t suit you well
Get down from that high, high horse
Step off that carousel.

Come down to earth, breathe in the air
Remember your family, your roots
Stop thinking you are so much more
Cause you’re wearing an Armani suit.

Money isn’t everything,
You’re no better than any other
Stop looking down your nose at us
We all bleed the same red color.

Be kind to those who have less than you
Use your wealth to make a difference
Show the world that you are better than this
By helping others thru love and kindness.

Lend a hand, be the first to say
“Let me help, don’t worry I’ve got this”
You have the means to change the lives
Of the poor, those in need, the helpless.

The feeling this will give to you
Is worth more than any treasure
It will make you feel so good inside
It will surely bring you pleasure.


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via Daily Prompt: Mentor


Everything about you
Inspires and delights me
You’re a mentor and a poet
Your art and philosophy.

Brilliant and charismatic
You foster and exemplify
The height of creativity
It makes me want to cry.

Aspiring to greatness
You seem to set the stage
Tempting and teasing
As we try to make the grade.

Captivating and interesting
You leave me completely dazed.
You take my breath away
As you dazzle and amaze.