Let’s sit and chat the day away
Would you like a cup of tea?
I’ve made some scones and macaroons
Please come and sit with me.

We can converse out in the garden
Underneath the canopy
Let’s spend some time together
Alone just you and me.

I have so much to tell you
It’s been quite awhile
Since we’ve had time to talk
I have surly missed your smile.

We’ve shared so many secrets
So many treasures one by one
We have known each other for quite sometime
Since we were very young.

Now that we are older
Though our hair is turning gray
I know inside we’re still those girls
Who loved going out to play.

When I think about your mother
I can still see her sitting there
She was always fun to be around
I knew how much she cared.

Miss Sunday dinners at your house
Our walks thru the local park
The fun we had on holidays
Playing “hide n seek” till dark.

Our children all have grown up
They have children of their own
Time seems to pass by so fast
We both now live alone.

So glad you stopped by for tea
Let’s enjoy this afternoon
Please pass the cream and sugar
Have another macaroon.

Though we’ve had our share of heartache
Let’s try not to forget
The importance of our friendship
Since that first day when we met.


For…. Chris!

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Scavenging for bits and scraps
I wandered round the town
Nothing much to sniff or scratch
No food or water found.

One day I met an angel
Who gave me a loving wink
A bowl of tuna, a few sweet nods
And a cold, clean, tasty drink.

She bent down and picked me up
She was kind as she could be
She held me close, touched my head
And said that she loved me.

Not allowed to go inside
I followed close behind
She walked towards her front door
Our steps now intertwined.

“No, no sweet kitty, you can’t come in
You can’t come in this time”
I purred and got up close to her
Hoping she would change her mind.

If she would just give me a chance
I’d never scratch, or bite
I’ll cuddle up with her each day
And…each and every night.

For : Randi


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Plagued with doubt
Guilt and shame
You carry the weight
You shoulder the blame.

Memories clouding
Your days and your nights
Nothings feels good
Nothing feels right.

No chance to explain
One sided and cold
The story’s been stated
The version retold.

Defamed and ignored
Shunned and judged
Why haven’t you felt
That enough is enough?

Locked in and self poised
Viewed from afar
Shut out and condemned
No door left ajar.

You’ve suffered
You’re hurt
Your dues have been paid
Stop feeling alone, stop feeling afraid.

The walls are in place
There’s no room for you
It will never change
Not a thing you can do.

Time to give in
Stop fueling the fire
Your wasting each day
Each minute, each hour.

We all make mistakes
You’ve tried time and again
Now it’s time to let go
The torment must end.


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It was late on a cold windy night
I walked the beach alone
No one was there waiting for me
I was in no hurry to get back home.

The wind was blowing, the water rough
I walked along the sandy shore
My head held down, I covered my ears
But, could still hear the ocean roar.

The ghost crabs scurrying, running about
The sky was dark, the moon was hidden
All the stars gone from sight
Their sparkle for now, forbidden.

I saw a light in the distance
A fisherman sat huddled in a chair
He threw his line out in the dark
Tended it with loving care.

He had a bucket of white fish
Sitting by his side
Said he had better luck at night
When fishing in high tide.

I walked about two miles before
Deciding to head on back
I was cold and started feeling tired
The sky now turning black.

Slivers of silver lightning
Igniting the clouds in the sky
The thunder beginning to rumble
The sky was about to cry.

A few raindrops fell upon my face
It was time to head back home
I started to feel cold and damp
Chilled right down to the bone.

When I got back, took off my jacket
It’s the one I always wear
I poured a cup of coffee
Then sat back in my easy chair.


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Grab your board and flip flops
Meet you at the beach
No time to waste, the surf is up
Wake up, don’t go to sleep.

I’ve never seen waves like these
Nothing like this before
Paddle out, it won’t be long
You’ll be standing on your board.

Riding high, zig and zag
Flying thru the air
Those of you back on shore
Can’t help but stop and stare.

Fear of sharks and sea creatures
Keeps you safe on land
Our fearlessness and risk taking
You’ll never understand.

Every wave we can surf
Is a wave to be grateful for
We sit on our boards paddling out
Waiting for just one more.


Image from Google Images: iphotostock.com


Seashells and castles
Found at the beach
Clouds and rainbows
Just out of reach.

Umbrellas and coolers
Lawn chairs and surfboards
Shovels and buckets
Sitting down by the shore.

The ghost crabs make tunnels
Disappear underground
The children are playing
Seen running around.

The waves rolling in
The tides high and low
The wind picking up
The creatures below.

Seahorses, turtles
Starfish and crabs
The thought of them all
Makes you smile, makes you laugh.

A day on the beach
Under the sun
Spent swimming and playing
So exciting… such fun.


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He walked into the cafe
I’d seen him there before
He slowly looked around
As he came walking thru the door.

Dressed in jeans and a blue t shirt
His hair long, pushed to the side
Looked like he was a surfer
His shirt had been tie dyed.

He was tan and thin, though muscular
He stood up straight and tall
His cell phone rang a couple of times
Made no attempt to take the call.

Blonde hair, blue eyes… good looking
Seemed independent and quite confident
Found out he owned a gym in town
And cared a lot about the environment.

Donated to saving the turtles and fish
Taught surfing on the side
Hung out a lot at a bar I knew
Downtown called “The Rising Tide”.

Had broken up with a local girl
He was with her quite awhile
He looked over at me sitting there
Surprisingly, he smiled.

I was drinking a cup of coffee
Never expected him to talk to me
He asked if I’d mind if he sat down
Did I want some company?

I felt my heart skip a beat
I tried to remain calm
He quietly introduced himself
Said his friends all call him , Tom.

After awhile it was time to go
He asked for my cell number
I gave him one of my business cards
He was surprised I was a drummer.

My band played at “The Rising Tide”
On Thursday nights and weekends
Said he’d stop by on Saturday
Hoped he’d get to see me then.

That day was the beginning
We’ve been together ever since
A chance meeting at a cafe
Who knew we’d be best friends?


Image from Google Images: theworldtreetop.com