Happy Halloween

Happy, Happy Halloween

To scary ghouls, who make us scream!

With terrifying sights and sounds.

Such horror lurks, below the ground.

Arise, prepare to shock and scare

The unsuspecting, if they dare

To walk alone from door to door

To beg for candy, treats and more.

The witches wait, beneath the moon

For kiddies who will pass by soon

The cauldron bubbles, the night is young

All Hallow’s Eve has now begun.

Looking for the perfect treat

A small one passes on the street

The smell of candy’s in the air

A traveler yes…. without a care.

Snatch him up, don’t let him go!

The moon shines bright, on those below

The ambers burn, so hot the cauldron

So sweet the flavor…. of little children!

A thankless boy, you best be not

For fear, you’ll end up in the pot!

A little boy makes, such fine cuisine

For goblins, freaks and other fiends!

Best to learn, to stay in groups

Don’t wonder off, your neighbor’s stoop

Say “thank you”, when a treat is given

By the dead, or those still living.


Image from Google Images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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