via Daily Prompt: Inheritance


Counting on an inheritance
May not be, what you should do
There are several considerations
Before, deciding what to do.

Counting on the money
May be more, than just a crutch
Fighting with your siblings
Can prove to be too much.

Dividing up possessions
Be it jewelry, books or cars
Can prove to be so hurtful
No matter who you are.

You try your best, to get along
With your motives, still in question
No matter how fair you try to be
You still face cold rejection.

Family may not stick together
They may turn their backs on you
It won’t be very easy
But, you’ll have to see this thru.

As court appointed executor
Your role is to follow the law
The end result is not your choice
It was never your last call.

Your parents did whatever they could
Looking out for the three of you
There’s no reason to quarrel, or to get mad
Or, to blame their loss on you.

An equal split, divided three ways
Sounds pretty fair to me
No reason to be resentful
It’s just the way, that it should be.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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