via Daily Prompt: Legend


He was sure that he was someone
Someone fine and quite good looking
He was the master in the kitchen
And, believed the best at cooking.

But, truth be known, he barely could
Even make a cup of tea
He was unable to follow recipes
A chef he’d never be.

He was sure that he had prowess
As an athlete, he excelled
He believed he was the best
That is, as far as he could tell.

But, when it came to running
Poor thing had two left feet
He was unable to ever qualify
Or compete, in a track meet.

He would sing while in the shower
All alone and in his car
He was sure he had the best voice
And, would one day be a star.

But, when he opened up his mouth
Breaking into song
The dogs that lived in his neighborhood
Began to howl along.

Having a way with the ladies
Made him quite the office flirt
He’d smile and wink, believing
He was their favorite, at work.

But, the crowd at the water fountain
Dispersed, whenever he walked in
Not wanting to be associated
With a misfit guy like him.

He really was quite special, though
Very sweet and always kind
Though not the best at everything
He remains ….A Legend in his own mind.


Image from Google Images.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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