via Daily Prompt: Calling


Calling out for help
Can’t you see, I’m drowning?
The walls are caving in
The pain is so astounding.

The darkness closes in
I can’t see the light
I can’t find my way out
Nothing’s turned out right.

Blinded by my past
Immobilized and down
No reason to even try
No hope left, to be found.

Tethered to mistakes
Unable to break free
Judged by my past actions
Has proved too much for me.

Reaching out and desperate
I’ve tried to find a way
Holding on and frantic
I’ve watched hope slip away.

It’s faded in the distance
It’s lost forever more
No chance to be recaptured
The lock’s now on the door.

Facing the finality
I’m lost, no chance remains
Stripped of all I valued
Left with only guilt and blame.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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