via Daily Prompt: Torn


The loss is too much
The memories too many
My world’s come apart
I no longer have any…

Any hope or belief
Any faith in myself
Stripped of my pride
I know, I need help.

Each day passes by
I try to believe
Once time has passed
I’ll no longer need…

Need your attention
Or your company
I will stand on my own
I will finally be free.

Depending upon
The opinion of others
The need to belong
To need one another.

Is smothering, incapacitating
Cruel and unfair
Why did I listen?
Why do I care?

I remain captive
I need to let go
Forget what you’ve said
Stop stooping so low.

All of the power
That, I gave it to you
How foolish I was
Who knew, what you’d do.

Tattered and torn
I’ve fallen apart
You’ve broken my spirit
You’re broken my heart.


Image from Google Images: genius.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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