via Daily Prompt: Communal


They share the communal library,
The pool, the grill and the patio
The community room, a germ fest
Of old books, magazines and videos.

Time spent talking with neighbors
Sun bathing in “out of date” swimsuits
Sipping their afternoon cocktails
While eating their melons and grapefruits.

Playing Canasta and Bingo
Passing the time of the day
Gossiping, cackling and lollygagging
Laughing the hours away.

They arrive every year, around Christmas
To escape the snow and cold weather
Often referred to as “Snowbirds”
They love spending time, altogether.

They call their homes “condominiums”
They’re buildings that all look alike
They line the beaches of Florida
They bask in the sun and moonlight.

Their jewelry, and gaudy nail polish
Will more than draw your attention
Their ardent display of zirconium
Can’t help, but flaunt their pretension.

Missing New York and New Jersey
Time spent, sitting out on their stoops
They eat their fair share of our grouper
Their balconies, a mere substitute.

Gathering poolside for parties
Cookouts, picnics and more
They love sitting down by the ocean
They love living close to the shore.

They’ll head on home, before summer
Bags of oranges and suitcases in hand
They may have added a few wrinkles
But won’t care, as long as they’re tan.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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