Gum drops and cookies
Hot chocolate and snow
Sprinkles and icing
Fun places to go.

Sledding and sitting
On Santa Claus’ lap
Wearing my snowsuit
My gloves and my cap.

Finding a tree
At least, six feet tall
Tying it up
On top of dad’s car.

Watching the snowflakes
Fall from the sky
The moon and the stars
The night passing by.

Rudolph and Santa
Know, where I live
I hope they’ll bring toys
And, my sister’s new crib.

My brother wants crayons
An X Box and shoes
I’d like an I pad
For just me, to use.

Decorations are up
We spent the day skating
Now, I watch from the window
Might fall asleep waiting.

Hoping, Santa’s big sleigh
Can land on our roof
And, remembers my brother said
“Shoes” and not boots.

So many children
Such a long list
I wish I could see him
If only a glimpse.

Rudolph’s my favorite
I watch in the sky
For a small red ball
Before, closing my eyes.

His nose is so bright
He’ll lead the way
You can see them flying
You might hear their sleigh.

Jingle bells ringing
Spreading good cheer
When you hear, “ Ho Ho Ho”
You’ll know, they are near.


GUM DROPS & COOKIES …reblog 12/24/17.

Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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