via Daily Prompt: Mild


They said he was mild mannered
Lived just down the road
Always waved, as we walked by
Always did, what he was told.

He was only five then
Just a little boy
Often seen in his front yard
Quietly, playing with his toys.

Then one day, when he was ten
I looked outside my window
That’s when I realized
He was born to be a hero.

His sister who was 4 year’s old
Was playing in the yard
She wandered toward the roadway
I could see the nearing car.

The driver who was speeding by
Was carelessly on his smart phone
He didn’t see the little girl
Or, where she might have come from.

The little boy looked over
His sister walking toward the street
He jumped up and grabbed her
Before, she fell right underneath

The wheels of the screeching car
That were heard from miles around
He had saved his little sister,
But, his head had hit the ground.

I immediately called 911
Before heading out the door
Once I reached the little boy
I knew what destiny had in store.

His words have echoed, thru my head
During countless days of doubt
He had the answer, knew what was right
He had life figured out.

Just before he closed his eyes
He reached out to hold my hand
I smiled and reassured him
He said, “I did the best I can”.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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