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He sat in the study
Waiting for the call
He knew she wasn’t coming back
There was no chance​ at all.

He tried not to lose it
Was trying not to cry
But, knew he couldn’t trust her
He knew that she would lie.

She asked him for some money
What was this all about?
What was she really up to?
So hard to figure out.

Told her that she needed
To stop wasting so much time
To try to get her life on track
To get herself in line.

He made her an offer
Come back, I’ll pay for school
I’ll get you an apartment
But, she was such a fool.

He told her that he loved her
Begged her to reconsider
But, she was just too angry
Too resentful and so bitter.

She had all the answers
She simply wouldn’t listen
No matter what he did or said
Knew she’d end up in prison.

After hanging up the phone
He grabbed his chest in pain
His heart was truly broken
He’d never speak to her again.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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