She spilled her cup of coffee
Across the table top
It went all over everything
Almost landed in her lap.

I was sitting at my table
Down went her broken cup
It splattered nearly everywhere
I helped her clean it up.

I asked the shop’s barista
For a towel and a wet mop
I began to try and help her
As I cleaned she said, please stop.

I assured her not to worry
It was just an accident
We’ll clean it up in no time
A mere unfortunate incident.

I couldn’t help but notice
She was prettier than I thought
I asked what she was drinking
A Macchiato cold, or hot?

I handed her a coffee
She said, ”Thank you”, then she smiled
I asked if I could join her
She was leaving in a while.

Found out that she was working
At the museum round the corner
She was pleasant and easy going
Gave me her number, said to call her.

I asked her out for dinner
To an Italian restaurant
I was anxious, somewhat nervous
She walked in so nonchalant.

She looked stunning, really pretty
Didn’t think I stood a chance
She was everything I dreamed of
How I hoped we’d found romance.

Can’t believe that she was into
This old weathered casanova
Hope’d she fall in love with me
Before the night was over.

Got to know each other better
We got married one year later
She still works at the museum
And has become their new curator.


Image from Google Images: blogs.transparent.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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